Experience | Brazilian Carnival @ Park East Re-Cap Print
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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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The night was already charged. The excitement of having Angels Playpen newbie model Chloe Q. and my Argentine ride or die chic Lexi with me had me giddy with anticipation. The night would prove interesting if nothing else. When I pulled up in my intermediate rental (I rarely drive), I received a call from another model that I had recently become a fan of; Fia Khalid. Yes her name is Khalid; ironic. Her company was welcomed and I really appreciated her laid back demeanor. She was cool. She brought with her a friend who I later learned was named Camille. Our hosts for the evening, Park East Restaurant and Lounge along with Twylife’s Yao Huang saw fit to provide a reserved seating area and table upon which sat a bottle of non-descript vodka. It was all appreciated. Security kept tight watch over the girls, this too was greatly appreciated. Some say I am a little over-protective of the girls, but I say that’s silly. They are the night’s main attraction and a valued commodity to HTM. We love our angels.





The night progressed heavenly. As we drank and danced, Lexi managed to get my chain around her neck. This chain is as dear to me as the Native American grandmother it represents. A 1909 $5 Gold Coin - America’s original currency - acts most convincingly as a pendant. The pendant swayed and lay ever so seductively over and in her exposed Sisa adorned cleavage. Sisa Designs was ever so helpful in providing the costumes fitting the Brazilian Carnival theme. Lexi was indeed a sight in Sisa’s Designs, I felt blessed. A miscommunication of sorts gave way to the event’s moment of danger and suspense resulting in my being whisked away by Lexi and Chloe. Never a dull moment in this life. I am the first to admit to being much more of a lover and less a fighter. I’ve actually never been in a fight in my life; too cool for that. Nevertheless there comes a time in a man’s life where physical confrontation is unavoidable, it’s these times I give thanks to my much storied past; training grounds for survival. Though my exit was tumultuous and abrupt, I unquestioningly enjoyed my night with my angels. How else do I experience heaven on earth? Angels Playpen. HTM.