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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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The trip to NYC was oddly ritualistic. Fashionably late, I was certainly looking forward to seeing Simone Rodriguez of Sisa Designs. I wonder if I’d fallen in love with an angel… again. This Brazilian fashion designer, her creative spirit and unrelenting stride towards success are both as attractive as she.  She is a wonderful lady so for her I will try to be on my best behavior. The last thing I want to do is embarrass the classy owner of Sisa Designs; a fashion boutique nestled in Union Township, New Jersey.



The event took place in the Room Mate Lounge at the Room Mate Grace Hotel in New York City. As I walked through what appears to be a maze of sorts, past a pool that immediately reminded me of my inability to swim, the dj perched strategically atop the pool room’s seating area, I felt comfortable. Twists and turns abound, and it seemed around every corner appeared an angel. I was in heaven. Somehow, though the Grace Room was a maze, the layout lead to the bar effortlessly. Cognac ordered, I waited patiently to see Simone. Soon I’d wandered back to to the pool area where I met an adorable stylist named Ashley Rose. We chatted as best we could amongst the cacophony created by the combination of multiple conversations, music and movement around us. However, I heard her clearly and liking her was inevitable; our words exchanged naturally as if rehearsed. Then as if by magic, Simone materialized with her beautiful models conducting interviews and taking pictures with various media outlets. Once again I was impressed.




As the night progressed and the well made drinks added spice to my already saucy thoughts; many an opportunity presented itself to meet interesting folks from the entertainment and fashion world. Simone even tried to introduce me to Jersey shore’s Jeff Miranda...  so clueless. I spend so much of my time writing and working that I’m somewhat of a caveman when it comes to television and pop culture in general. Nevertheless I do wanna meet Snooki; I think I could be of assistance.  I had the great time of meeting the beautiful Miss New York Belleza Latina 2011: her eyes spoke words only my soul could hear.



I had lost sight of Simone but every once in awhile I saw one of her angels and sought to pose for picture after picture. The event was a pleasure to attend, working my way around the venue I found myself face to face with talented people whom I’d love to one day work with. A performance by an up and coming artist rapped to a crowd who seemed mesmerized by such a pretty girl with slightly aggressive posturing: A mild surprise to say the least.



Though I’m no swimmer I was attracted to the pool area due to two beautiful girls who managed to allay my apprehension to hanging out poolside. One was a fashion designer whose eyes and smile commanded my every move. By the pool I stayed, cautious of the water and its threatening existence. The girls somehow made me feel like a child. I laughed and joked with them until it was time to go…  On the way to my resting place I was reminded of why this night took place when I received a thank you text from Simone. She’d graciously thought enough to say thanks. I smiled again for what felt like the millionth time.  But this smile was different. It was a smile my soul was in… I felt Simone’s appreciation and this was more important than anything else. Lastly I began to think of ways to show my appreciation in return. Tonight I had a great time being a minor part in the aspirations of a fellow artist…  Till next time. Angels Playpen.  HTM.


Visit Sisa @ http://www.sisadesigns.com/