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Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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When you have ambition and become fearless in the pursuit of your dreams, things can get lonely out on the road to success and to further compound the issue, the world can be downright negative at times. “Even though there is so much negativity in the world,” Alexus Untied begins talking of her own personal circumstances; “the people on my life bring me joy daily. They are very supportive and I always have someone to go to for anything.” It’s a blessing to have such a support system; so many of us artists do not. It's the people that make up your inner circle that you eventually come to rely on for strength and having people who genuinely wish to see you succeed is amazing.



When everything seems unbearable and drama has reached seemingly insurmountable odds, we all could use a place to ourselves to escape, a little heaven on earth. “My bedroom is where I can go and relax and forget the rest of the world,” Alexus says. “My idea of heaven on earth is when I can simply relax and not having to worry about anything.” Heaven can come in the form of a relaxing ritual after a hard day’s work. Alexus has four jobs so this is an important part of her well-being. “After a hard day of work, the ritual that relaxes me,” she outlines, “is a candle-lit bubble bath with whatever music I am in the mood for.” Sounds heavenly to me.



Working four jobs has to be daunting, yet Alexus is currently planning to go back to college with further plans of becoming a dental hygienist. She’s danced for ten years and now she is looking to be a published model and reach predetermined goals. “I would love to work with Maxim, Hollister, Abercrombie, Victoria’s Secret and Monster,” she says, with Maxim and Monster being at the top of her list. “There are so many great outcomes to modeling. I really love being able to go to shoots. I always get my makeup done and I am able to just relax and be myself.” These things that she loves so much about modeling only makes the hustle much more appealing. “To succeed in the modeling industry it take a really goal driven person. Also, a person that is not afraid of putting themselves out there and will devote time.”



“Inspiration got me into modeling,” states our angel. “I always wanted to become a model growing up. I am very goal driven and decided to chase my dreams.” From the time when said inspiration hit, she has come very far and much has changed. Thinking back to the first time Alexus ever modeled, shy and incredibly inexperienced, she recalls being coached throughout the entire shoot. “Since becoming a model,” she says considerately, “I have changed in various ways. But the ways I have changed were always for the better.” Much more confident these days, Alexus is outgoing and loves to socialize. “Growing up I was very shy,” she retains. “Modeling has changed that completely.”



I don’t have any tattoos; I have a fear of needles that, though I have grown to endure it to an extent, still prevents me from committing to a permanent piece of art etched into my body. This is not the certainly not the case with Alexus. “My first tattoo has seven stars [in] all different sizes and swirls,” says a very sexy Alexus Untied of her tattoos. “The tattoo wraps all the way around one of my hips. I randomly decided I wanted a tattoo and went and got it that very day.” This took balls which surprises me when she says she wish she were more “outgoing.”



Same as with everything else that concerns her, Alexus is quite sentimental with her choice in men. “The most attractive thing about a guy is when they have respect and they treat you good,” says the girl who’s guilty pleasure is being kissed on the neck. “Also their eyes; the eyes always have a story to tell.” Eyes certainly do tell tales the mouth can’t deny or rescind. “The most unattractive thing about a guy is when they’re rude, lie and hit things.” As beautiful as she is, this doesn’t protect her from the jerk-offs, still it can be an advantage… sometimes. “So many people are wrapped around their idea of how people should look,” responds Ms. Untied. “Beauty as an advantage is not necessarily a good thing though. In some ways I could see it as giving a person a special treatment but I also believe you are not truly beautiful unless you have the personality to go with it.”



Alexus’s own personality is what makes her brand of beauty all hers. It’s the very core of her, powering all that she is made of and making it impossible to confuse her with any other pretty girl. “I am very polite and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.” When she says this I am inclined to believe her, she has been very forthcoming in this heavenly interrogation. “Beauty,” she offers, “is someone with a wonderful personality. Someone that inspires others to be their best and treat others with respect while doing so.” She also has a special affinity for fashion. “I am very creative when it comes to fashion. The way I dress expresses my personality.”



“I love fashion,” reiterates our angel. “I like to wear a lot of accessories and scarves. I enjoy the whole jeans and tee-shirt look or getting really dressed up.” Her favorite accessory is undoubtedly her black shimmery scarf. The fashionable girl can be seen in the three C’s of her dining and party destinations; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, preferably wearing one of her beloved scarves. “I enjoy the whole jeans and t-shirt look,” she says, “or getting really dressed up.” In either look, her travels also include Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. “I love the ocean,” she says with visible excitement. “Also, I like traveling to Switzerland; the scenery is gorgeous.”



Alexus is from Frazeysburg, a little village Muskingum County, Ohio. Presently she calls home ten minutes away in Trinway, where she enjoys the quaintness of the town, the closeness of the community, the fact that everybody knows one another. I’m a big city kind of guy, loving the anonymity that comes with it but also I love a great sense of community that comes with living in small towns. Where we come from has its effects on the person we eventually become. For the Irish and German beauty, becoming the person she wants to be is her passion. “My biggest fear in life,” she exclaims, “is never achieving my goals and not becoming the person that I want to become.” And with that we leave her to blossom, success in her future, we wish nothing more than heaven on earth for an angel.



Photography: Chris Epp - Epphects Media