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Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Welcome to Angels Playpen. A place of pure joy and ethereal enlightenment: where pleasures are common and discomfort a distraction. Today we are visiting an angel by the name of Courtney Suder.  A sweet small town girl from Somerset, PA.; “The city I live in is fairly small,” she says, “So I guess that would be one of the perks.” In Pennsylvania now, her beauty comes from “Germany, Ireland and Czechoslovakia.”



Everything under the heavens is Angels Playpen; a person can jump from city to city enjoying the sites, tastes and partake in the celebrations sure to be found in all parts of the world. “My favorite place to be is New York City. There is so much to be had there, and it’s simply beautiful. As for partying, I have yet to find a favorite.” Wherever she travels there is one thing she couldn’t live without. “The one thing I couldn’t like without… I would have to say my cat,” she responds to my question. “He means a lot to me, and I never have to worry about him leaving me.” Not sure who would ever leave her but… shame.


One activity that brings Courtney joy is playing bass guitar in a rock band. “I love getting up there and seeing the crowds expression when a chick walks on stage with the guys,” she recounts. She has been with the band for two years now, and keeps fairly busy outside of modeling. “Other than modeling, I am very much into sports, hitting the gym and playing in the band of course.”



“I never thought about modeling,” she says describing her start in the industry. “But a girl from Jennerstown found me on Myspace and asked if I would be interested in modeling; and that’s how it all started.” I’m glad the girl from Jennerstown found Courtney and started her on her way to Angels Playpen and HTM. “Tyra Banks is my main influence, her entire career has been successful and she continues to do what she loves.” She is different than most models. “I am not the normal six foot model who wears a size one,” admits Courtney. “I am average height and I have curves... surprisingly people like that.” No surprise here: I know angels come in all shapes and sizes. As you can beauty holds a different meaning for her. “My definition of beauty,” she explains, “is something that comes from the inside. A true soul and kind heart makes for a beautiful person.” Well said.



Courtney was not always such an angel. “I was a super tomboy,” she tells me. “I was constantly outside, in the woods playing with the boys.” Slowly she became the beauty we see today. “I was never really pretty until I realized what I truly looked like to others. Then I got my act together and now what you see is what you get.” Few of her childhood friends remain. “Even though most are away at college, we still keep in touch.” She has found support from her friends in loads. “Some never thought I would do something like this, but no one has been discouraging yet.”



As a Sagittarius, Courtney says there is one thing about her sign that fits her perfectly; “I confront my fears and problems head on.” Oh…The face of angel with the heart of a lion. “The main thing that motivates me is just being able to show everyone I am not who they thought,” she declares valiantly. “I am always transforming myself into who I want to be and not what others expect.”



Guys have the capacity to bring her great moments of an unforgettable love or ruin a perfectly good date. While lying with her boyfriend one night, her ‘moment’ transpired when she turned to him to ask “’could you ever find yourself loving me?’ and he answered…. ‘I already do.’” However on a date… “The worst thing that could happen on a date is if the guy were a complete tool.” Courtney doesn’t believe guys are intimidated by her yet she has some advice if you’re looking to seduce her. “Just being you is key; forcing something is not going to get you anywhere.” And yes it’s ok to notice her body, she works hard to maintain it however she admits, “I workout every day because it makes me feel good.”



Living the life I live, it’s understood that everyone needs to take a vacation. In this light I ask where Courtney would like to go if I offered a free trip. “The beach would be my ideal getaway,” she confesses. “That is the one place where nothing matters and sometimes it’s good to just forget about everything.” I agree knowing this is something I have yet to master; my mind besieged incessantly by thoughts. Maybe in the company of an angel this is possible. Sounds like heaven to me.



The best compliment she’s ever received she says was… “I could just get lost in your eyes.” We consider it’s a compliment to have Courtney become a part of HTM tradition, finding treasures is what we do. Courtney is a treasure for many reasons but her ideals for the world are what make her a true gem. “The world is a hateful,” her expressing deep sentiment “and that is the one thing I would love to see change. I know world peace is what everybody wants, but I can’t stand to see others judging others without a chance.”


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