A Beautiful Bully - Mandy Monroe | Toronto, Canada Print
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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She is here; exotic features and all. Bill Maher is on the flatscreen, his political satire as controversial as ever. Mandy Monroe is our subject. We proceed in a manner befitting Angels Playpen, pleasure first. Since it brings me pleasure to introduce you to seductive angels from around the globe, from Toronto I deliver the lovely Mandy Monroe. Not sure if she descended from heaven but paradise must certainly be an angel wing’s breath away. She is from Toronto, as my memory serves, still lives there and proud of it. “The best thing about living in Toronto,” says the exotic beauty “is the diversity. Here not all models have to be six feet tall and ninety pounds. It’s great!”



A little bit put off by the vision of a six foot tall ninety pound woman, I wonder about her idea of beauty. Mandy goes on to tell me that beauty should be natural, an extension of the person; beautiful inside and out.  “You can be hot,” she adds, “but once a shitty attitude shines through, that hotness goes out the window.” I couldn’t agree more though I fall for the bitchier type all too often. Maybe I just like the challenge. “I am a straight up bitch,” Mandy says jokingly explaining the quality that separates her from the crowd. “But I am beyond nice to people who are nice to me. I don’t take shit. I am proud of who I am.” I am proud of who she is as well. I like a pretty tough girl. Perfect for those dark alleys, rocky roads and steep valleys. “I am curvy, tattooed, ethnically mixed and I have a ‘don’t give fuck’ attitude. That’s what sets me apart from all those boring models.” Shit… I think I just fell in love.



A cultured angel appears when I ask her favorite cities to dine, dance and shop. “The place to eat is Serbia,” she says proudly, “irresistible, real, natural foods.” She admits to not having been too many places but figures she could enjoy these simple pleasures in any city. A lover of animals she has a Great Dane, two Toy Pomeranians and a cat. “I also love to read biographies, memoirs and true crime.” This pleases me to hear. Guess we will have to send her an autographed copy of the New York Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards by John "Red" Shea in which I appear and actor/produce Mark Wahlberg provided the introduction. She should love it.



A ‘go with the flow girl’, Mandy doesn’t find it too hard to balance her personal life and career. “I have always wanted to be a model,” she tells me. “Since I was little I’ve been an attention-whore [laughs].” She confesses that she had no influences weighing in on her decision to start modeling; nevertheless Pamela Anderson was discovered along the way. “She definitely had an influence on me.” Wanting to become a model, dreams are an integral part of ambition. “I would die to work with Playboy,” Mandy admits. “But I have given up that dream. Many attempts have been made and it is very clear to me that I am too tattooed and too fat for them.”  I feel bad that they missed out on working with this exotic beauty but no worries, Angels Playpen is here and she will always be welcome.




Growing up, Mandy says she was a bit of a bully. “But I was a good bully,” she adds. “By that I mean I would protect the kids getting bullied by beating the shit out of the bully,” she delivers with a laugh. She also experienced a punk phase, and never strayed too far from her tomboy ways. “Nothing has changed,” she says since becoming a model. “But I do feel a tiny bit more pressure to look good all the time which is not possible for me.” I wonder at this then she clarifies. “I love to eat, I love to dress down and I don't like wearing make up... so yeah, me normal and me modeling is very different.” As a model she has certainly acquired quite a few admirers. “Girls I would say they admire that I am not your typical model! I definitely don't make them want to be anorexic,” she jokingly declares. “Guys love my edge, my tattoos, and my exotic features.”



When it comes to guys, Mandy expresses a mildly alarming violence when discussing one of the things she hates most; guys who cheat. “Nothing gets me more than men that cheat,” her words punctuated by hatred. “I think they should have bullets put in each of their limbs.” I’m suddenly thinking the last thing I’d want to do is get her mad. If I should happen to and then sought her forgiveness through gift, her gift of choice is a $5,000 shopping spree where she’d probably return with a handbag. And for her, the worse she imagines could happen while out on a date is during its course she were to find out she were a just a bet. Not sure who would gamble in such a way but if her got her out on a date, does that mean he won the bet?



When asked about her exercise regime or whether she is just naturally toned and curved in all the right places, Mandy simply answers, “Nope.” Her quickness in admitting this shows a humble side despite how gorgeous she is.  “I am lazy girl,” she adds, “naturally sexy I guess. But I do require maintenance.” She goes on to admit men are sometime intimidated by her natural beauty yet claims they shouldn’t be. “I am a nice girl; I don’t like cockiness or conceited bitches.”  A nice girl with a bitchy side should an occasion warrant such behavior, Mandy is my kind of angel. Her exotic features offer keys to regions around the world. “My mother is a Russian Jew from Moldova, Russia,” she says, “and my father is Chinese.” She wisely keeps her treasures hidden much to my dismay, I so want to know what lurks behind that pretty face. Nevertheless I am glad to have learned the things she did divulge and I wholeheartedly welcome Mandy Monroe to Angels Playpen.