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Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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From a small town in western Massachusetts, we have Aubrey. “I have lived here all my life,” she mentions offhandedly. I sit in a public library, city, and state I will keep secret. Aubrey is with me, her essence the reason for these words. Aubrey loves traveling, as do I. A trip is always an adventure for me, however random or planned they may be. “By far the best thing about my city is that everything is only an hour or so away,” Aubrey talks more of the town in which she resides. “The best ski resorts, some awesome beaches, Vermont in the fall is amazing. There is always something right around the corner to be exploring and doing!”



Travel should always involve stimulating elements creating a more memorable physiological connection to the event. “I love NYC,” says Aubrey of her favorite places to visit. “I love the hustle and bustle and the twinkle the city itself seems to have. I also love Nantucket and the whole calm beach life they all seem to have out there. Oh, how I wish I could live by the ocean and track sand into my house every morning.” I imagine knocking one bright morning, at her front door I look down in anticipation noticing the crystals in the sand the disappeared beneath the door. Aubrey loves the traveling that modeling affords her. “…and the people I meet,” she adds. “I love seeing how people work and even stretching my own talents and expectations every shoot.”



She plans to take her modeling to its borders, traversing its landscape, enduring all it involves. “I am competitive and hungry,” Aubrey imparts. “I am always trying to better myself and push farther up on the ladder. My ultimate goal is some kind of published work in a magazine I can pick up at my corner store.” For the most part, she knows what it will take to make this all happen. “Drive, stubbornness and thick skin,” she says. “You keep on pushing no matter what. Hard work pays off. And a pretty face doesn’t hurt either.” Yes, having a pretty face certainly doesn’t hurt. “I wish that I could say that this isn’t true but I can think of hundreds of times that I think being an attractive woman has helped me; especially when it comes to speeding tickets…”



Boston and Northampton, both in Massachusetts top her list of best cities she goes to for a night full of dancing, drinks, and good food. Providence, Rhode Island makes the list as well with the very popular New York City making another appearance. Aubrey enjoys shopping at stores Guess and Forever 21; an apparent favorite for many of the angels. “I am very laid back with a twist of chic I would call it,” she says describing her style. “I love boots and heels and fancy sweaters and blazers. But in the summer I’m a flip-flop and tank top kind of girl.” Accessorizing is a small but large part of a person’s fashion and style. “I love scarves and dangly earrings,” says our current angel. “They always instantly dress up an outfit.”



Regardless of where she is headed, Aubrey never leaves home without her “cellphone, lip gloss and my little lemon change purse with my debit card and cash.” Coming from a small town, she grew up just being herself, nothing more. “I was just me I guess,” she reflects. “I didn’t ask for Barbies or makeup, I asked for paint and crayons; I was very artistically inclined. Always getting into trouble and making messes. I had braces and weird haircuts; I loved working on cars with my dad and laying outside in the grass poking at bugs I found.” No longer the little girl with braces and weird haircuts, as a model these days, a few things have changed. “I’ve noticed a lot of changes, especially with how people see me and how I see myself. It’s really weird when I go to car shows and people recognize me and ask for pictures. In my head, I say, ‘Really? It’s just me guys… nothing special.’ I guess I have to get used to it; it’s a good feeling.”



Aubrey is special whether she likes it or not. It’s not just her beauty that makes her special. “Beauty is nothing you can ever see on the surface,” she says personally defining beauty. “Beauty is what makes you, you. Beauty is the little things that make people love you for who you are.” But what is it about Aubrey that makes her… her? “My quirkiness,” she answers thoughtfully. “I’m definitely a dork and a very animated person.” She also has a few hidden treasures about her, things we may not have expected. “I am a very smart and artistic person. I’m currently applying to nursing school! I paint and draw and do photography for other model’s portfolios and for my own general pleasure.”



“Helping others,” she says of her dominating passion in life. “I constantly volunteer at shelters, the soldiers’ home, children’s programs and even church programs.” Modeling itself came as a result of helping out a friend who needed images for his photography class. “When he had gotten such amazing feedback on his model, me,” she says, “It was kind of a kick-start for me.” She has certain brands she’d love to work with. “Guess and Victoria Secret,” Aubrey declares. “I wear those two brands every day. I would melt at the chance to work with them. I’d also love to work with Roxy or Billabong; I love that surfer vibe.”



Outside of modeling, Aubrey enjoys, “Shopping, boys, cars, FAST CARS, boys with fast cars, racing, late night dancing, beach bumming traveling, cooking, drawing, painting, running… oh, I could go on and on,” she says. I love everything; really.” A “quiet confidence” attracts her to a guy with a decent height and broad shoulders. “Man I’m a sucker for that.” It’s okay for a man to cry in certain situations she decides. “But you shouldn’t be crying at the puppy commercials on Oxygen,” she says bringing a slight smile to my face.



Being a mix of reserved and outgoing, Aubrey embraces the challenge of modeling but still finds solace in the sweetest things. Touting her “side porch” as her favorite room in her house; “It’s so warm in the sun” she says. And after a long day at work, she quickly slips into her “Jammies”, coffee in hand “snuggling on my couch.” A perfect picture if there ever was one. There is one thing in her life that makes all the drama of the world bearable; her puppy. “He loves me unconditionally and is always happy to see me with his little wiggly butt,” she praises. She could talk business for hours on end if given the chance. “I love new projects and ideas and making them reality.” Honestly, she admits an area she would like to improve on. “Not being so hard on myself,” confesses the delicate beauty.


Her beauty is a potpourri of influences. “My family is a big mixture of all kinds of things,” Aubrey talks of her lineage. “Half of me is Canadian or ‘ethnic French’ which means someone had relations with Indians somewhere in my bloodline, which would explain my dark features…” she trails off before continuing,  “The other half me is Scottish-English-German. I am American and my family comes from Nebraska and Quebec mostly.” Maintaining that exotic-mix beauty take a healthy approach to living. “I would say my healthiest habit is running,” she offers. “Whenever I have a bad day or just feel like crap I go for a run and I always feel better.” She and I have this in common; running is a form a release for me. Maybe we can get together someday for a good run. Till then…



Photography: MTM | EAS

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