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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, but I believe it can also be an angel’s playpen; a space of infinite creativity and imagination. Just look at our current tatted angel Vany Vicious. “To be honest,” Vany says, “what got me into modeling was strictly boredom.” A moment of inactivity, a beautiful girl, a cool apartment and a camera were just the recipe for a successful modeling career launch. “My old roommate had a camera and we had a pretty cool looking apartment,” recalls the multi-scribed model, “so we decided to set up a mini photo shoot and from there it took off.”  So it would seem, an idle mind combined with an honest heart can lead to some truly heavenly inspirations.



Vany admits that few models actually influenced her and none in particular. “Anyone who was tattooed,” she says, “and brave enough to put their face out there for the world to see always inspired me.” Having worked with popular companies like Dirty Shirty and Ink Addict Apparel, whom she loves, she now looks to model for Rebel 8 and Urban Outfitters but doesn’t want to limit her range to tattoo-related work. Same as my work is motivated by someone special in my life, her work and ambition are mainly motivated by the thought of her little brother. “I want to make it in this life to be able to give him the life he deserves… and by life I mean I want to buy the kid everything he wants,” she details with a laugh.



Since beginning her modeling, she has both learned lessons and sacrificed personal value. “Experience has taught me to not take everything so seriously or personally,” she tells me, “including hater comments… block it from your mind and keep it moving.” Among other things, Vany has lost friends to her career choice, something I’m sure took its toll; “Jealously is not a pretty thing people.” Nowadays she has “a lot more online stalkers,” she says, a byproduct of being in this industry. “I think what separates me from other models is that I always stay humble.” I like when she says this, she could have said something superficial. “No matter what magazine  I’m in, how many fans I have on Facebook or Twitter followers… I always stay grounded,” she says emphasizing always. “’I respond to every email, comment, fan mail I get…. I don’t think I will ever be one of those people that is too busy to respond to people who like and respect what I do.”



“Outside of modeling,” Vany talks of other interests, “I’m really a homebody. If it were up to me, I’d stay home all weekend eating chips and watching movies [laughs].” Not only is she a canvas for body art, Vany is also a tattoo artist and body piercer who truly enjoys her work. Makeup and fashion top her list of interests and a love of animals fills her heart. “I’m not much of a party animal,” she says of leisurely activities, “I don’t like clubs. I prefer having a beer at a lounge but that’s about it. I like more down-to-earth places like Club Eve in downtown Miami, where you can go in jeans and sneakers and no one will look at you twice.” A sucker for a “good bargain,” she jokingly admits her favorite places to shop are “definitely thrift stores.” And “anywhere with pizza” meets her criteria for dining. Addicted to junk food, obsessed with Lunchables, and further not denying these twisted pleasures makes her one of the realest angels. “I know! It’s gross.”



Miami, a city I love for both obvious and not so obvious reasons, Vany happens to call home. It is the city she’s known since birth, the city she played in dirt as a child, fought and climbed trees. “I was a huge tomboy,”  she confesses. “The best thing about Miami is the weirdos,” she continues laughing, “Only in Miami can you go out to ‘people watch’ and be entertained.” Uhmmm… try New York my love. The thing is, weather-wise, Miami is much better suited for ‘people watching’ without the seasonal restrictions. Living where so many go to vacation, she seeks out adventure for leisure. “I’m not the unwind type of girl, I’d go where the action is! New York, California, Italy!!!”



Rocky Road ice cream, with its history of bringing pleasure during the Great Depression, continues this tradition by being one person’s ‘heaven on earth;’ Vany Vicious. But this isn’t all she cares about, junk food as we know is just an obsession. “I would love to see more people helping each other,” her wish for the world put to words before adding humorously something about haters. “I would like to see haters stop hating.” Me too dear. Speaking of all that she loves, her kittens are another story. “I know its mean,” she says, “but one second I want to cuddle with them and as soon as they get all hyper and mess with my shoes I want to launch them across the room.” Is that animal abuse if she actually does it?



As much as it hurts to find out that Vany has a boyfriend, I am just as happy she has someone that makes her laugh and draws a loyalty that is only equal to that of her dear friends. “No matter what happens, I will always have their backs.” Loyalty is a quality I like in a girl or anyone for that matter, so having her as a friend would make me proud. Male-female friendships can prove complicated sometimes, but I believe true friendship is always possible. “As long as you are friends from the beginning and nothing more,” agrees Vany, “you can for sure have a friendship.” Ohhh… that’s where I always go wrong. Haha. Anyway, she would still make a cool friend, I’m well known for my self-control so I would respect the nature of our relationship. However I can be a bit of a jerk, my mental filter doesn’t stop me from saying certain things. If we were to become good friends and I made her upset with my insensitivity, something I would hate to do, a gift is my custom. “You can’t buy my love,” laughing she counters, “but a Mini Cooper would be nice.” What are friends for?



Pretty with an edge, I find charming, others may find intimidating. “I think guys are intimidated by my bitch face,’ she quips, “That’s what they call it. People always tell me, ‘I thought you were so mean before I met you!’” Still, mean mug and all, there is much to admire about Vany. “I think guys admire my looks. I’m basing this off Facebook comments alone,” she admits with another laugh, “I think girls admire the fact that I’m an individual. I do what I want and have a ‘love it or leave it’ type of attitude.” This attitude maybe the one she refers to when I ask her to describe herself in three words. “Attitude, loyal, awesome,” she chooses and I realized I knew these three things about her already. We share a similar idea of beauty, both finding it in the most unlikely places.



Vany doesn’t like people who act like their “shit don’t stink,” and neither do I. She loves a confident person, of course, tattoos, great teeth, and a great smile. “My eyes are always drawn to people’s smiles.” She says she has a thing for “funny, dorky guys.” Sunday morning in an oversized tee is when she is sexist, it’s when she is the most comfortable. “The key to seductions,” she says, “is having a genuine connection with someone.” I agree, especially when loves happens to bloom from a friendship. The day she and her boyfriend met is a moment full of love she will never forget. “It was so corny! I loved it!”



And for me, this will be an interview I won’t soon forget. She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a fact, a treasure actually that surprises me. Vany studied this and other forms of martial arts for the better of ten years, meaning she is no stranger to discipline. Born in Miami, her heritage further surprises me. “My mother is Cuban, my father is Dominican and my grandparents on my father’s side are Italian,” she says, “I know, you would have never guessed.” The disciplined model and tattoo artist regrets little in her life including a tattoo she got when she was fourteen, “which we won’t talk about right now.” As I set to bid farewell to the Leo, envisioning a future where I again get to report on her angel ways, we leave off with a compliment she has received before: continue to inspire us all to be ourselves and not give a f**k what society thinks. Thanks for being an angel.




Model Mayhem

Photography: Mentel Candy