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Generous, Feisty, Independent - Champa Ashlee Thao | Charlotte, North Carolina PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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From the mountainous regions of Thailand and Laos, beauty descends. Named Champa, an angel of Hmong descent has decided to bless us with a momentary look into her spirit. Born in central California, she is now a Charlottean living in Charlotte, North Carolina. “This,” she says, “makes me a Southern Valley girl.” The bold beauty that now lures us in with her sex appeal isn’t the same girl from Cali. “I was definitely a shy girl but now,” Champa admits, “not so shy!”


Champa gives “kudos” to Steve Jobs with Apple. “Best invention… ever,” she says with significant favor. The world could use more love she says, Apple can’t help with that, yet it’s still a wish she has. “I’d love to see more happy people.” Being happy is a characteristic she has that separates her from other models. “Not saying that other models aren’t always happy but I look at modeling as having fun,” she explains. “Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening. I do it!” She describes herself as “A firecracker,” and I’m inclined to take her word for it. “I genuinely laugh every day, literally,” admits the bubbly angel. “Smiling and laughing is good for the soul.”



Loyal to a fault when it comes to business and family, Champa says the best thing about living in Charlotte is that her family. “They come first,” she says. Business and a new modeling career came at the expense of school. “Balancing both was just not an option at that time,” the Asian beauty insists. “When an opportunity came knocking, I took it and ran. In order to get to the top, you have to take chances.” Motivated by nothing less than success, she took a chance at modeling, trading in her brushes and liners as a makeup artist. “Honestly,” she reflects, “modeling was never really something I thought about doing but considering I worked with photographers I figured why not get in front of the camera instead of behind the scenes… after that, modeling life began.”


Champa grew up watching her parents work very hard and this, in turn, supplements her motivation to succeed.  “I want to give back,” she says of her parents. “Great success comes from hard work which is determined by motivation that leads to happy unstressful endings.” Modeling helped her feel more confident, not too cocky, as she is still very humble. The industry has come with lessons learned from working in such a competitive environment. “Be humble, smart and you’ll get what you want… eventually.”



I recognized the angel in her the moment she spoke of the best compliment she’s ever received. “[The] best compliment [I] ever received,” she says, “was to see the smile on cancer patients, thanking me for making their day by taking the time to make them pretty and teach them about makeup; priceless.” She, herself, describes an angel as “someone who is kind, courteous and helpful.” So far I think she fits the bill perfectly. For being such an angel, my offer is to send her on a free mini vacation to a place of paradise of her choosing. “Cozumel,” she excitedly exclaims, “Never been [there], but heard it’s beautiful… you said free so I’ll take that!” Maybe we can throw in a little heaven on earth which she says is “coconut ice-cream with caramel drizzled on top with some sliced almonds.” That actually sounds really good except I’m not a fan of coconut.


As par her zodiac sign, Champa feels she is indeed generous, feisty and independent; the distinctive qualities of a Leo. There is something this lovely Leo cannot live without, her precious iPhone. However, there are things in life she will forever remain loyal to; business and family.  “Mr. Pasta Carbs,” she cryptically announces and something she has a love-hate relationship with. “I hate him sometimes but can’t live without him.” Butterflies and feeling like you’re on cloud nine, her words, not mine, is an unforgettable moment of love.



That love-hate relationship with “Mr. Pasta Carbs” makes a bit more sense when Champa tells me her favorite places to eat, party and shop. “I love, love, love to eat. I eat just about almost anything, keyword… anything,” she says with a laugh. “One of my favorite places is the Cowfish in South Park and Pieces Sushi in Metropolitan Charlotte. As for the party life, when I do party, I’m usually out of Charlotte and back in South Beach! Oh and shopping I shop everywhere I go, I don’t have a specific place.”


Adorable she is, I could imagine no one who wouldn’t like her. “I think guys like my smile most,” she says, “I’ve been told it lights up a room!” Girls, on the other hand, admire her humility. “Just because I model doesn’t make me better than someone who doesn’t.” Her attitude alone is admirable, I like her. She has even been told that she intimidates some men. “Just say hello,” she admonishes. “Staring isn’t nice.” I wouldn’t stare. I’d walk up to her; make eye contact, running various plays in my mind to break the ice in hopes of making her blush. Since I am able to ask what makes her blush, I do. “I am not spilling my beans,” she teases me jokingly. You have to find out!” Glady, I think to myself.



From what I’ve learned, Champa likes a great smile with great teeth, good hygiene, dimples and confidence in a guy, while all the exact opposites turn her off including a deep-seeded hatred of “super, super deep V’s.” She first recognizes his shoes, if they’re dirty then most likely his chance has come and gone. She admits if she’ll take advantage of sleeping male, his loss and gain I surmise. If all this is off then a chance for an enriching seduction is nonexistent; it has to be the right person. She tells me she believes in male-female relationships bringing a slight smile to my face. There is nothing I would love more. If I ever became a close friend then stupidly got her mad at me, I would want to give her a gift to forgive me. “If you did something to make me upset,” she warns and I take heed, “I wouldn’t expect a gift but the gift of you being honest to yourself and me.” I think I could handle that. Thanks for being an angel.