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Beauty in Person with Michelle Eastman | New York, New York PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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The architecture of these interviews' foundations lay in the telling of a few tales. The honest response to inquiry, an angel inquisition if you will. We are rewarded with a better understanding of beauty and the souls of these precious angels who possess it. From your sexy girl-next-door to your refined and sophisticated beauty, stories of encouragement and words of wisdom build upon each other until we have a metaphysical metropolis of ideology and gorgeous philosophy. This ‘metaphysical metropolis’ would be policed by angels like Michelle Eastman whose beauty helps shape the world we live in and lends to an atmosphere of heaven on earth which is all we strive for in Angels Playpen.



Beauty is said to induce feelings of ‘satisfaction’ in others and it’s a combination of inner attractiveness and outer pleasantness that gives this impression; the very nature of an angel. “An angel is a person who makes a difference in someone’s life. It can be the simplest thing with a smile, saying hello, or unselfishly helping someone in need.” It’s these simple actions that bring light into the world, especially at the delicate hands of an angel. Quoting Sophia Loren, our current angel states, “Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” Michelle Eastman is this statement personified; she embodies the essence of these combined words.



The symbiosis between culture and beauty alters our understanding of beauty; testing it, expanding it. “My parents were born and raised in Germany,” Michelle says of her own lineage. “They came to the United States thirty years ago. Most of my extended family resides in Germany so I visit yearly.” She herself was born and raised in the city of angels; Los Angeles, California. “I currently live in New York,” she counters. Living in New York has its pleasures. “I live in New York, what’s not to like about fashion central.” And shopping just happens to be one of her vices with H&M topping her favorite’s list.



Michelle other vices include traveling, dancing, hanging out and enjoying great times with close friends. “I don’t party too hard,” she says, “if I do I usually have friends over or we all agree on a club to go to unless there is a special event.” When it comes to dining, Michelle has a pretty open palate. “I am not picky when it comes to eating but I do love Sushi more than anything.” If it’s just a quick getaway to unwind, an offer few would refuse and one which I love to extend to our angels for all their hard work and dedication, Michelle has her mind made up. “I would love to go to Fiji,” she tells me, her words pregnant with a bit of excitement. “So please offer me a free weekend getaway.” I believe I shall. How does one deny an angel?



Michelle’s love of H&M bridges her personal life and career, joining in one of their campaigns would be a dream. “I would love to do print ads for H&M,” she says. “I am willing to work with any company that both the company and I can benefit from.” As a child, she was already honing her modeling skills by participating in fashion shows. “I have always loved being in front of the camera.” Soon Michelle was being courted for photo shoots by photographers who no doubt fell in love with her look. Nothing felt better than being paid to do something you love. “I have always adored Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum,” she says of her brief list of influences.



A deep seeded incentive propels her. Acting, modeling, maybe one day directing and producing, all very real possibilities. “My dream to be successful motivates me,” Michelle explains. “I want to be at the top of [the] modeling and acting industry.” Along the way, she has been fortunate to have to sacrifice very little, if anything at all. “I haven’t had to make any sacrifices that I can think of,” she admits. “I moved away from my parents in California but visit them often and help them out when they need.” Michelle has amassed a ton of modeling experience in her absence. “I have done over one hundred photo shoots, participated in Fashion Week New York and Berlin with various designers and have been published in four international magazines.” All this accomplishment and success hasn’t gone to her head. “Not much has changed,” says the burgeoning public figure, “I will always be down to earth and humble as long as people respect me.” The industry has shown its ugly side and Michelle has endured. She has discovered who her true friends are and learned to deal with rejection. “You will get told no and people will reject you but take everyone’s criticism into account and work every day to make yourself a little better.”



Looking constantly for the good that can be found in a world that makes such a quest firmly a work of persistence, I wanted to know what she would love to see happen in this world. “I would love to see an end to struggle and violence,” she answers with a faintly detectable serious calm. “No one should ever have to struggle to survive and no one should have to innocently lose a loved one.” These points I totally agree on, though we are only as innocent as the world allows. Michelle refuses to compromise on her values and dignity. “If you can’t stay loyal to yourself and beliefs [then] you are disrespecting yourself.”



Michelle likes to start each day going over her day’s scheduled events. “I usually start running down my schedule in my head and figure out the best order for my to-do-list.” By the end of a particularly long day, there is only one thing on her mind. “My bed,” exclaims our angel, “it is heaven to me because after a long day of working hard, I crawl into bed and my body just relaxes. No worries, no stress… just heaven.” This, she says, is her ‘heaven on earth.’ To keep things light, even during a hard day’s work, laughter is important. “I laugh daily,” she says, “There is no reason someone should always be serious. If you surround yourself with good people you will always have a reason to laugh and be happy.”



Day by day, she works toward her dreams fulfilled, looking back at no decisions with disdain, each decision worth the choice. “I don’t regret anything but learn from my mistakes and misjudgments,” says a reflective Michelle. This is good to know, as was all else that we learned about the bi-coastal angel. Growing up she was a “daddy’s girl” and today she describes herself as “confident, well-grounded, determined.” Through it all she says, life would be and would have been intolerable without “my family’s love and support, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Also my truest friends who are down for me and help me when I need that extra push.”  We are just glad she chose to share her inner and outer beauty with us here in Angels Playpen. Much appreciated.