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An Angel's Welcome - McKenna Ashenbremer | Saint Louis, Missouri PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Well. The time has come for our newest angel to introduce herself. “My name is McKenna Marie Ashenbremer and I’m from Saint Louis, Missouri,” she says rather energetically, it’s all in her words. We are of course proud to have such an angel amongst angels. Fresh and delightfully spirited, she is most welcome here in Angels Playpen. A jokester, her candor, and wit are the type of baggage we like our angels to have. “I like to look at the funny side of everything.” This shows a positive nature, a refreshingly upbeat disposition that should make her the life of any party, especially one where she gets to dance, provocatively I hope, all night long.



Culturally, McKenna’s heritage has its roots in the Czech Republic and Germany; two countries with a connected history of war and a common theme of dissension. From this, we get a little heaven in the form of a dark-haired angel. She reminds us that beauty is everywhere, one only need to look around a bit. Saint Louis, Missouri, a city in a region that represents American expansion and change, is where she calls home. “I still live in the same place,” she admits, “all my life.” A city where she was the ultimate tomboy, active and adventurous, riding bikes and playing basketball; all this done in the company of the boys from her neighborhood. A city she has lived in her entire life, where she suffered growing pains to become the angel that we see today. Today she is before us regret free, a lovely way to be. “Everything happens for a reason,” she says, “whether good or bad.” St. Louis is also known for its sports fans. “The Cardinals baby,” she so proudly exclaims I almost join her in chorus.



I can truly appreciate a woman with much-grounded interests. “Well I love to shop and hang out with my friends,” says tells me and I you, “and as weird as it sounds I like to work.” Doesn’t sound weird to me at all. McKenna has no reservations about shopping at Target; surprising to me they do have some cool stuff. Guess she could show me a thing or two about shopping. Forever 21 is another of her favorites however Victoria’s Secret she adores above all.



A girl like she, so prone to bouts of laughter and jokes, making her smile and blush would be my pleasure as I’m sure it to be quite infectious. She says if she is overloaded with compliments, the result is indeed ruby cheeks and a smile. The best compliment would be telling her how beautiful she is, an easy undertaking for anyone in her presence. Thankfully she endorses male-female friendships as I’d hope to count her as a friend someday. I am a bit of a prankster myself, so on occasion, a prank may not end in a desired fashion and I cause my new friend discomfort instead of elation. Therefore in my mind, a gift of apology is required. “Pretty much anything,” McKenna says of what gift would ensure forgiveness. “Anytime I receive a gift it makes me super excited and I will appreciate anything.” This I am glad to hear, I love giving gifts.



McKenna is a Capricorn. “It describes me to at,” she says. “I don’t like to show my feelings and I am a very relaxed person until someone messes with me.” When asked to choose three words that best describe her, she wisely chooses “funny, loyal and confident.” I wanted to know what in life demands her unshakable loyalty. “Any promises that I make,” she answers quickly, “you can depend on me to keep it.” It’s her personality she believes, that everyone is attracted to the most. “I get along with anybody and I’m easy to talk to.”



Though she is admittedly easy to talk, guys still manage to be intimidated by her sexiness and McKenna has seen hints of this. If you’re a guy interested in approaching our angel, bear in mind that if you have bad teeth, terrible shoes and long hair, chances are you should be intimidated. But, if you’re in a good pair of shoes, it’s a fair start. Add in some muscles, a great personality and a sense of humor and we may have a winner. If you’re out on a Friday night and see her in a sexy little black dress, she is just as sexy then as she is on a lazy Sunday afternoon in an oversized tee-shirt. Suppose you’re lucky enough to be the guy she chooses, don’t worry yourself over late-night sessions after you’ve fallen asleep, McKenna is merciful. She will allow you to get your rest.



An angel who yearns for world peace, McKenna’s heaven on earth is “being on a beach without a care in the world.” Looking to unwind, I would love to send her somewhere far away. This time it would be because she deserved it not as a form of apology. “Anyplace that has a beach and is always warms,” she tells me is her ideal destination. Surrounded by scenes of paradise, she would look like nothing less than an angel. She says an angel is “someone that is admired for being who they are;” something she seems to do effortlessly. A beauty herself, she defines beauty as “being who you are and taking it for all that you are.” Love it. For us, individuality is beauty.



As a model, her look changes from frame to frame. The flash and natural light find something different in her each time around, giving her an awesome versatility. I’d think it a good match between her and desired company of choice, Ford Models. They provide a variety of models the world over, supplying campaigns with the faces needed to convey a brand’s standards. In her quest to work with brands such as Victoria’s Secret and be featured in magazines like Playboy, all McKenna has been called to sacrifice is a few days of work, nothing too serious. During shoots she likes to be herself, making the best out of each opportunity. And nothing much has changed due to her decision to model. “I’ve been noticed by a lot of people and it started getting me known in my area,” she affirms.



“I gotta go to the bathroom,” is how McKenna usually starts her morning. Suppose it would be just as cool to know how she usually ends her days. Next time I gather as I’m sure this isn’t the last time she will tell us what’s going on with her. We know she can’t live without her family, though her career will surely keep her away from them.  Music motivates her, which says plenty about what music does to her, affecting her as much as it does me. Wiz Khalifa tops her list same as mine; I’m just on some cool shit right now. Juicy J, Lil Wayne, Nikki Minaj or Drake will put her in a mood for adventure and fun. I would love to be there then same as I love that she is here now. Welcome to Angels Playpen.




Photography: Ashley Salazar