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Non-Material Girl - Melody Kaye | Houston, Tx PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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“Greetings everyone,” says our current angel with a smile as adequate punctuation. “My name is Melody Kaye.  I was born in Los Angeles, but raised in Sugar Land, a small city right outside of Houston. I currently reside in Houston, but travel all over.” Traveling has of course brought out a few favorites. “I love VEGAS, it seems overrated.  But I go almost 20 times a year, and I am still not tired from it. The food is also yummy there too and of course all your mainstream shops are all along the Vegas strip. I love Hong Kong as well.  Anyone that has been, cannot argue about that.  Best food, best bargains, all in one stop.”



Wherever Melody’s travels take her she cannot live without lotion. “I need to stay hydrated.” If it’s heaven on earth she seeks, all she needs is a place caring is the order and happiness is widespread. “I would love to get away to the Fiji Islands,” she says of her ideal spot to unwind. “I’ve never been yet but [I] love all the pictures.” In her city of Houston, southern hospitality is what she loves most. “We are really welcoming and passionate. Our city is not as fast paced as other major cities, but it really is a loving city.”



Goofy little girl she once was, she apparently became quite accustomed to getting into trouble with her teachers and staff at school because of her incessant goofiness. She was much more of a tomboy in those days; still Melody maintained her measure of girliness. Her humor is the one thing since she was little that caused both trouble and brought fans. “Making people laugh is my main power,” she says with another expected laugh. Funny is not the only attribute she would use to describe herself; ‘loving and passionate’ are two more she rightfully chooses.



Melody, full Chinese, grew up in a household where Chinese was spoken regularly. “I am glad we did since I can speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese,” she tells me. “Growing up in Houston, it was all about culture.  Our city is full of different nationalities.  I love learning about different cultures.”



“Every day I wake up, and I think about my supportive circle of family and friends, then it clicks; they are my inspiration,” she says discussing her motivation,  “always remember the people that stayed with you all through the bumps and wrong turns because they should be the only ones that matter.” In agreement, I find myself reflecting on her words. Her supportive family is whom she remains inexhaustibly loyal to. With such a supportive foundation, her foray into modeling has that much more potential. Since becoming a model Melody’s confidence has been boosted and her ability address large groups of people. “I use to hate public speaking in high school, but now I can handle it.”



“I first got into modeling, because my mom took me to Neil Hamily Agency in Houston for a workshop,” she says. “After that I fell in love with the industry and loved every bit of it.  But since my height became an issue, I soon became a freelance model and worked on my own.  In this industry, it takes dedication and hard work.  You cannot let anyone bring you down.  You just do you and stay true to yourself.” I felt like her advice was directed squarely at me. “I have sacrificed a lot of quality family and friends time,” says Melody of what comes with ambition. “I do so much traveling I miss a lot of birthdays and special occasions.  I try my hardest though to plan accordingly.”



“I would love to work with Women’s Health.” Excited, she speaks of the companies that she feels would be perfect for her. “I am getting into fitness modeling and that would be my goal to be featured in there,” she says. “Of course I would love to work with Maxim and FHM.  I can never dream too large but Vogue and Harper would be nice too,” she says laughing. Melody brings a lot to the table so any company would be fortunate to have her. “I am very reliable and punctual. I take directions very well. I love being critiqued because I learn so much; I never take anything offensively.” Regardless, Melody cherishes each goal reached, each hurdle leaped. “All my accomplishments are equally the best to me,” she says. “It makes me who I am today.  I will always be forever grateful.”



Beyond her modeling aspirations, Melody enjoys hanging out and finding time to relax. She also finds pleasure in yoga, Pilates, sewing and knitting. Her days usually start off healthy with a cup of oatmeal, food being the first thing to come to mind. Each day is a ‘hair’ gamble. Jokingly she states, “Sometimes it just doesn’t work right.”



At some point Melody has to date, at least I would believe so. She notices a guy’s poise first; loves smart, educated, classy guys while rude, troublemaking, mean guys with offensive body odor are simply a no-no. “Being too serious” and “taking things too personal” she feels is the worst to take place while on a date.  If you’re a Libra then perhaps you’re her match, she herself is a Sagittarius. If not and she wants to seduce you anyhow, she’ll do so with confidence. It’s all she needs. If it’s a Sunday, when she is dressed down in an oversized tee and shades, her preferred moment to bring out the sexiness, no man can resist especially late night, where she is known to take advantage of her sleeping man.



She keeps a regular exercise regime to keep her body in shape, a grueling schedule she wishes she could ease up on but what must be done must be done. “I wish I was naturally skinny.  I would eat all the food I love,” she states candidly. “I am seriously addicted to trying new food and new things. I seem really girly but I know I can try out for Fear Factor.” Overawe suffered by men in her presence wouldn’t surprise me. She, like so many others believe beauty comes from the inside more than anything. Great individual personality in itself is a beautiful thing.



“Stop the Violence... Reading the news everyday breaks my heart. I wish I could go and help out the world and really enforce safety and peace.  No one should be hurt.” This is reason enough to call her an angel, someone she says that watches over others, wanting nothing more than to protect them. I’d love to have a friend like her, telling her she is my favorite if just to make her smile. She does believe we could be friends, me being a guy and all. However, there are circumstances that would derail a man-woman friendship. None that I could see for us. If we were to get close and I carelessly made her upset, I would seek out a gift asking her forgiveness. But what could I possibly give her? “Nothing...,” she demands, “because forgiving is easy but forgetting is hard.  I also do not care too much for materialistic things from others.”