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Hands On with Jacey McAdon | Tulsa, OK PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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This angel, a contact sport playing doll, comes from a small town in North Carolina called Morganton. A town located close to the historic archeological site of Joara, a substantially sized Native American settlement for the Mississippians. Ironically the contact sport she plays, “I’m pretty good at playing Lacrosse”, is a sport with Native American origins. Her name is Jacey McAdon, a sweetheart with an innocence that belies her enticing photos. Parents originally from Laos, Jacey doesn’t live in Morganton anymore. “I am currently living in Tulsa, OK,” a city she proudly represents. With its concerts and “the fact that I live real close to Garth Brooks”, she laughs when telling what she loves about the city in which she lives. I’m just happy to have her in Angels Playpen.



“I am really photogenic and just makes me feel stress-free and I enjoy modeling,” she tells me. Modeling is not just a career choice, it’s her passion; it’s what she loves above all. Just the simple act of browsing through magazines, witnessing the beautiful and creative images of other models spurs in her the desire to do the same thing. Watching television shows like the Tyra Banks show taught her much about modeling and was also a huge influence. “I’d like to work more towards any import magazines,” Jacey explains. Still, there are the popular publications that most models aspire to work with like Glamour, Elle, Maybelline, and Maxim.



Having the impetus to accomplish one’s goals is perhaps the most important ingredient to success. Jacey loves the times she gets to spend with family; it’s a great source of motivation. “And these days it’s all about the money,” she comments. “So [I] pay my bills and spend a little for family time.” Impetus notwithstanding, a sacrifice of personal time was necessary for her pursuits. Regardless of what she does or what happens, she appreciates it all. “Everything happens for a reason,” she states, “and I like the person who I am today because of the decisions I have made.”



A social butterfly as an adolescent, becoming a model has only introduced her to more people. The more fans she accrues, coupled with the knowledge that her family is in support of her dreams, drives Jacey to succeed. Talking about what separates her from other models, Jacey sees her open-mindedness and just being her regular self as contributing qualities. “I don’t try and act like someone to fit in; if they don’t like me then oh well… next!” she says with a hard laugh.



A girl after my own heart, Jacey is studying to become a licensed Massage Therapist. “I give a great body massage,” she says with a laugh. I can practically feel her delicate yet strong hands kneading the stress from my tendons, plying the tension from my muscles, especially after a good workout or a long day.  I already see what I like about her, she says like other guys it’s her personality and I would have to agree though it doesn’t hurt that she sexy. She admits to working out to stay toned, being sexy doesn’t come naturally. Her demeanor puts guys at ease. “I’m really easy to get along with,” she says, “they seem to open up to me really easy.”



Jacey defines beauty as a person with a big heart. A person who puts others before himself. She sees personality as real beauty not “girls who hide under a mask of makeup.” “When I picture an angel, I think of God's little helpers,” with a laugh she gives her idea of an angel. “Caring, loving, helpful, makes people smile, attractive and not rude.” Speaking of angels, ours today has a very practical wish for the world that she inhabits. “I would love to see the unemployment rate go down.” See I told you… practical.



Heaven on earth for the angel would be, “On a back porch of my dream house looking over the beach or lake; a beer in my hand.” When it’s time to party, she could just as easily do so in her backyard as a nightclub. This actually sounds pretty cool. A trip to Las Vegas would be great for a weekend escape. The trip would be nothing if not shared with her best friends. Wherever her travels take her, Jacey admits she cannot live without her most loved and favorite pair of heels.



Jacey is a Scorpio, a girl who likes to think things out, puzzles over events and how they were created, requires special outlets to highlight her life without which proves problematic. As a Scorpio, there is an undying need to excel, a determination to do their very best. As for her own self-analysis, Jacey described herself as short, spunky and smart. She blushes whenever someone asks her to dance, requesting she prove herself. “I like it to just come out of me…” she says, “not when I’m forced.”



What attracts her to a guy goes beyond looks. “I can pass the fact that a guy is just dirty,” confesses the driven beauty, “but when he says something perverted it’s all over!” He needs to have a ‘personality’ and a big heart, two major turn-ons. She gets turned off by men who are unkempt and disrespectful. One of the few girls who doesn’t do the whole ‘sexy on Sunday in an oversized tee bit’, she knows she’s sexiest Friday night in a black dress; a good date is best for a great seduction.



Other girls, she says, always comment her hair while the best compliment she remembers receiving was, “I have the best sense of humor.” Her husband actually makes her laugh all the time. Yes, gentlemen, she is married. Married to a guy she never has to take advantage of while he sleeps unsuspectingly. [Laughs] “I think it’s more like he tries to take advantage of me while I’m sleep,” she admits. “I’m always busy and I crash when I’m tired.” Though she’s married, male friends aren’t taboo. “We all know the border lines for friends. Anything more is something different.” Glad to have gotten to know a little about her, I almost see us as distant friends. If I ever were to anger her and sought her forgiveness as I usually do with gift extended, what would she like? “A house,” she answers jokingly. “I would say the pair of heels I always wanted or just a gift card… I love shopping. What girl doesn’t?”




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