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A Dream Worth Every Sacrifice w/ Anais Zanotti | Miami - Florida PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Sacrifice has many meanings, but all share the point of surrender. In any sacrifice something is surrendered; something of value forfeited. What matters most is what’s on the other end of this sacrifice; it’s always something of equal or greater value. When our newest angel, the beautiful Anais Zanotti made up her pretty mind to spread her proverbial wings as a model, she surrendered herself to that dream, flew across the Atlantic and here we are. My sacrifice, what many consider a normal life, is well worth it when charged with the purpose of highlighting beauty wherever I should find it. My purpose and her dream, neither without sacrifice, have brought us to Angels Playpen.



“One of my biggest sacrifices was five years ago when I left France,” she tells me, “I came to the US by myself and didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know English either.” Anais’s sacrifice apparently was everything; she wanted to learn English and become an international model and actress. I can do nothing but appreciate her admission, partly because I would have never gotten a chance at this interview but largely on account of her courage. Anais is from St. Tropez, a former fishing village turned party town in the French Riviera. As of now she lives in another party town, Miami, Florida but it doesn’t compare to St. Tropez. “St Tropez really is the best,” her words soaked with excitement she continues, “I love to go to Les Caves du Roy to party! It's the best club ever! The DJ Jackie, [he] has been there for years and he is the King of the club! He is so damn good!” Nevertheless, the city she calls home today is not without its charms. “Miami has a wide variety of cultures,” she states declaring Miami’s preeminence, “and of course the weather.”



Becoming a model, especially for one as beautiful as Anais, has not been without its drawbacks. “Well,” she says before a short pause, “you can see who your real friends are.” True friends, she says, are there with you complimenting you for your work; showing their support. But she also endures the hate, “the more you are doing well, the more haters you get.”  This is exact for so many of us; we lose friends as success is achieved. And yes success is an ambition worth every sacrifice, even friends. To hone her acting abilities she attends Miami Acting Studio, acting is a passion not just an activity or job, where she has a ton of fun and there is much to learn. “I want to be an actress and also do some commercials on TV as well.” I personally think she needs to be on television and movie screens with her exotic charm.



We talk of her childhood; her hanging with boys, playing with cars and reenacting scenes from Miami Vice with her brother; toy guns and all. Then things began to change, fate took shape. At age fifteen while at Nikki Beach in her hometown of St. Tropez, she was approached by a photographer who asked her to participate in a photo shoot for a local magazine. Anais has been involved in the modeling world ever since, motivated by the “imagination and creativity” of the images she sees in photography books, inspiring her dreams of becoming a model and actress. Her childhood ways still persist. “I am not just beautiful,” she tells me, “I have a lot of male friends. I go skydiving every weekend, I love shooting at the range and now I am doing kickboxing. I don’t care if I get on the floor and get dirty.”



French and Southern Italian features shape her face; her mother a native of France, her father a product of Palermo, Sicily.  Her sexy frame is lingerie acquiescent, sleek black dress suited and ever bikini ready. “I love my body to be toned,” she says, “so I workout everyday and it makes me feel good and energetic for the rest of the day.”  Laying eyes on her I can see the occasional chap being somewhat intimidated. “Some are,” she admits, “but when they get to know me and how fun I am they just forget about that.” Being as attractive as she is, guys are probably intimidated or falling in love with her all the time, making it hard for the French-Italian beauty to have male friends. “I am always surrounded by men when I go skydive during the weekend,” says the thrill seeker, “they all treat me like a friend or [just] another skydiver. Well I never have the problem to find someone to jump with. It’s kind of an advantage to be a woman,” she finishes with a smirk. Yes beauty of any kind has its advantages… and compliments. Anais has gotten used to both, especially the latter. The best compliments are usually about her hair, questions about who did her non-existent extensions, wanting to touch and confirm its authenticity.



Nice guns are attractive to Anais, by nice guns I assume a guy’s arms. A gentleman with a sense of humor, beautiful hands and a nice voice rounds out what usually starts with the eyes and the smile. A foolish man with bad breath, yellow teeth and dirty hands is too much to handle. If you happen to be that nice gentleman but is completely self-centered, there probably won’t be a second date. “I hate men like that,” she says, “I was on a date once, and the guy just kept talking about himself, and all I wanted to tell him was to date yourself then!” We both laugh at this; I picture this all too well. If you’re looking to seduce her or make her blush, insist the two of you are compatible, a perfect match just do it with tact. “Number one key is class and the way you approach a woman,” instructs the dark haired angel.



The girl with the love-hate relationship with almond butter also loves listening to DJ Cedric Gervais when shooting, loves house music, R&B and old school hip-hop. With loves like these it’s impossible not to like her, impossible not to want to be close to her, to revel in her beauty, consume some small part of her being. It’s not just how she looks that’s attractive, it’s her venerable ambition; that go out and get it spirit; appeals to both men and women. “Beauty is the way you carry yourself,” she explains cautiously, “and being fashion aware.” Her self-analysis is “I am outgoing, fun and a little crazy.” A little crazy for jumping out of airplanes for fun, I think her assessment is accurate. As a Capricorn, she considers herself to be strong, ambitious and loyal; principally loyal to her friends and her word. “When I give my word, I keep it” says Anais stern and somber, “If I tell I am going to do something or be somewhere you can count on me.”



Disappointment briefly touches my heart when I learn she is married and her husband happens to be her angel. After dating for a matter of three months, he proposed and three years later that unforgettable moment of love is one of her fondest memories. We may all get to see her dressed up on a Friday night stunning but it’s he who sees her first thing Sunday morning, simply sexy in an oversized tee-shirt, no makeup. It’s he who gets taken advantage of when asleep and she’s up, frisky and wants to play; something she finds irresistibly fun.  Still, though she is married I would like to be someone she can count on, much like so many can count on her. Should we ever get close, I would regret any disagreement returning later, gift extended seeking forgiveness for my part. Anais tells me she has a thing for cute little bunnies. “Since I was little I always loved rabbits, so my nickname is Lapin, rabbit in English.” Her gift of choice; “The best would be a big bouquet of Roses with a lapin,” she says with a smilie face, “It happened in the past and it was very kind.”



Having made the decisive sacrifice to leave a place she knows for a land unknown, I’m happy to have her in Angels Playpen and hope she finds her heaven on earth. Anais has a place that does come close. A place she has come to know and love. A place to unwind. Occasional paradise. “Barbados,” she says; appreciation in every word. “It’s not too far from Miami. I went already twice,” she tells me excitedly, “and it’s so beautiful. The people and the food are amazing; great getaway!” We each search for personal peace, whether permanent or temporary, and make conscious and unconscious sacrifices along the way. For Anais, peace is useless unless peace can be shared by all. This would be heaven on earth to an ambitious and strong-minded angel who’s sacrificed much for her peace of mind and of course… for her dreams.




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