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Stop in Style: Bus Shelters Transformed into Living Rooms PDF Print E-mail
Arts and Culture - Culture
Written by Bless Bey   
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IKEA is at it again, filling select metro waiting areas with comfortable couches and interior design-themed wallpapers. The effect is both expected and surprising:  the spaces feel more cozy but also look less out of place than one might have guessed.


Glowing signs, bus plans and route maps are all fit into the surrounding designer themes and look like intentional wall art within each scene. While some of the elements are (by necessity) simply two-dimensional representations, the sofas are real and certainly a warm and plush alternative to a cold hard bench.

Unfortunately, for many reasons, this is not a full-time solution – weather being just one of them. Instead, it is a temporary holiday campaign focused on Paris and due to be dismantled this coming week.

Still, for those who have to sit and wait in the meantime, it is a nice alternative to the boring old city bus stops people sit in day in and day out on their way to and from work.

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