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Peace and Love with Janine Tyree | Philippines PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Love. Can it be a person's life motivation; the very reason for waking and working hard to make your dreams come true?  For myself and Filipino angel Janine Tyree, it is. Motivation keeps us on course, determines our behavior, propels us towards our destinies...  This is Angels Playpen and love is part of all we do, acting as a sort of binder for the ingredients that make us whole. And as life heats up, cools off and heats up again, love holds us together. Love is in these words I write, in the attention I pay to these angels, in my dedication to exploring heaven on earth. Its my love of beauty, art and design that gave birth to both Hidden Treasures Magazine and Angels Playpen. Welcome to my love.



Sharing this love, Janine and I touch on a few subjects surrounding this love of ours. She is a model and I a purveyor of beauty; we are a match made in heaven. Janine's modeling began with a self-indulgent click of a digital camera. After uploading pictures of herself to Facebook, an enthusiastic photographer she affectionately calls “Ate Charm” saw and no doubt fell in love with her, subsequently booking her for photo shoots and as they say... the rest is history and I am happy to be a part of her future. In her future, she hopes to lend her beauty and charm to endorse certain brands that she adores. “MAC makeup I would love to endorse or do a photo shoot or something for them,” she tells me. “Apple Inc because I love all the Apple products from the iPod, iPhone and MacBooks etc, Christian Louboutin because I’m a girl and I love shoes,” she adds jokingly. I expect her future to be full of the love that motivates her, achieving all she desires; it's an optimism we both share as well, she being the positive soul she's been since she was little.



Today, with her indomitable spirit, she is unshakably loyal to all those who support her efforts, having given her opportunity and always being there for her when she needed. Remarkably angelic, she is the only model I've interviewed thus far who is excited balancing her career with her personal life, even by the difficulties. “That's the fun in it,” Janine decides, “always expect the unexpected.” Her personal life includes spending time with the people whom she cares most about; her friends and family, going to the movies, shopping, clubbing or just staying home playing with her adorable niece Kai Kai.  She favors  Greenbelt for shopping, will eat anywhere food is good and reasonably priced and she actually doesn't do much clubbing anymore.



When I asked about anything she has a love-hate relationship with, I am thrown aback by her response. “I would say myself,” she confesses. “Sometimes I love myself and sometimes I hate myself [laughs] I'm my own worse enemy.” Janine's ambiguous self-diagnosis isn't shared by all that come across the lovely angel. “Guys like me,” she says, “because I’m a model and girls probably admire the most about me is I don’t look Filipina.” Yet with this ambiguity she still managed to describe herself in three words, “Janine is Awesome.” Yes she is... But what is it exactly about her that separates her from the rest of the pretty angels showcased? Again I let her tell it in her own words. “I don’t know honestly,” she says thoughtfully. “I think that is a question for the people to distinguish but I think it’s because I don’t look pure Filipina and that sometimes gives me an edge on modeling especially here in the Philippines.”



“I'm from the humble province of Masbate,” Janine informs proudly, “and I represent for all the gorgeous young girls of the Philippines.” I asked her what's the best thing about where she lives, her mind cornered a few thoughts, one being the likely answer. She says the fact that the beach is still pristine because tourists have yet flood the area. For such a sweet girl, time to get away to refresh her optimistic spirit is something I'd love to sponsor. It would be her decision on where she'd like to go; any place in the world. “Paris baby,” she exclaims, selecting her choice. I asked what her idea of 'Heaven on Earth' is and she was stumped for an answer. “I'm not sure how to answer this because I have never thought about it.” My suggestion? Give it some thought. Everybody has a set a circumstances that would be paradise; perfect.



Her tastes leave room for growth being that she's not so picky where she ends up disappointed all the time. “I have no turn-ons,” she says, “just be yourself and maybe we could get along. As for turn-offs people who brag about stuff that's irrelevant.” Around her I would be nothing short of genuine and maybe we would hit it off; even becoming close. She and I both see a friendship between a man and woman possible so I am hopeful. Should we become close and I do something to upset the Filipino angel, I wanted to know what gift I could give when seeking her mercy. “Louis and Gucci bags,” she says with a laugh. “Just kidding,” she adds, “just a simple apology would do it.”



Regrettably she's not singing Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'. She has a man and if he's smart he's definitely planning to 'put a ring on it'. She is a beauty, something she knows is more than physical appearance, admitting being beautiful on the outside to be a bonus. Guess she is one of the lucky ones. She doesn't even workout to maintain her sexy frame. “People always ask me how do I stay in shape and what workout procedures do I do to stay in shape,” she says, “and the answer is I don't do any workout but I dance a lot so maybe that's what's helping me stay in shape.” Hmmm... Pole dancing perhaps?



Somehow she has never been on a bad date so she can't possibly imagine what's the worse that could happen. She isn't an expert on dating and the art of seduction she believes start with “the eye contact thing”. She made a secret of her penchant for taking advantage of her man while he sleeps, looking to initiate  a love session. And what does she notice about a guy first, even though she's no longer looking. “An eye,” she says, “because he has to look at me and if I notice that he is eyeing me that tells me everything.” Janine isn't one to blush easily at the words of a petitioner, “I've heard everything already so I want actions.” Guys better step your game up. She admits to being sexy on a Friday night in a tight black dress or a Sunday morning in an oversized t-shirt. Sounds like a girl I could spend the entire weekend with.



For a girl whose wish for the world is “peace everywhere”, I pray for her prided Philippines, who at this moment, as I write this, suffers the aftermath of a storm and subsequent flooding where a thousand unfortunate souls crossed over. With  incidents like this occurring in the world, I see very well why her wish is as it stands and love is her motivation. She reminds me that life should be about necessity as much as desire when she tells me the one thing she couldn't live without. “Food,” she says, “I need it. I think we all need it and we can't live without it [laughs].” With this a smile materializes, along with a  final thought; she is funny and cute.




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