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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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The sun is rising after another restless night where my thoughts are relentless and demanding. They demand my time and attention, making sleep a hard-fought acquisition. On the flat-screen, CNN delivers both banal and impactful news, informing me of all that’s happening in the world. I need an escape… Angels Playpen. I head there mentally, searching for angels and a little bit of heaven when it dawns on me that there is an angel I made a promise to for her birthday. Her name is Taylor Brynne and as her birthday speedily approaches I only have one present to give… my gift of gab as I tell the world about her.



“I’m petite and have a Mohawk,” says the girl who has my complete attention at the moment; a hard feat indeed. She is telling me about what separates her from all the other angels. A non-traditional model, though petite, she has curves where necessary and is as cute they come. “To be completely honest,” she says, “[modeling] just sort of fell into my lap.” Her body belies the fact that she’s only worked out about five times since graduating high school in 2007, a fact I almost refuse to believe. What it does is confirm her 15 years of gymnastics. Growing up she was as she says a “tomboy country girl. I am and will always be one of the guys. I was also always a huge fan of country music”. A quick decision -just for fun- to do a shoot with a photographer who happened to be a friend blossomed into a career and lifestyle. Thankfully she had friends who were modeling before her, they became her main influences.



Volcom, Deadly Dames, Monster, and Iron Fist are a just a short selection of companies from a personal list that Taylor would love to work within the future. Her career choice has brought with it increased recognition and random photos with strangers. Oh the life of an angel can be most taxing at times. The times that are most taxing is when days go by and modeling has kept her from seeing her boyfriend and his two year old son; her two loves. It’s all worth it for Taylor who is motivated by the support she receives from family and friends. “That support is my biggest motivation,” she confides. She has even gotten to know a few popular bands along the way, going so far as to call them friends.



Taking time to address the world around us… we open our hearts, exposing our desires; the things we would love to see materialize. “When it comes to modeling,” she tells me, “I would love to see more ‘unique’ models on the runways. I would love to see more plus size, alternative, petite models walking down those runways.” In other parts of the world, where conspiracy theories abound and her mind wonders, she suppresses the need to voice these desires. “There are a lot of things that I would love to see happen in this world,” she says confidentially creating a bond between us. “But those are the things that I would prefer not to say as how quite a few people would disagree with me.”



There are two things that truly command her loyalty, the love of her life and her work. In the morning, when sleep is losing its grasp and a wakened state looms, one thought consistently prevails, “How lucky I am to have someone in my life that loves me for whom I am and doesn’t want to change anything about me,” Taylor confesses. It’s the simple and intimate company of her boyfriend and his son that constitutes her heaven on earth. However, it’s her cell phone and Mac Book Pro that commands the rest of her attention as she couldn’t live without either item.



Though it pains me to know she has a boyfriend, I am happy for her; love is important here in Angels Playpen, perhaps above all else. They recently moved in together, she moving out of her parent’s house, now living with the love of her life. Since she has a boyfriend, guys hitting probably isn’t much concern to her yet I know it happens, some guys proving intimidated by how sexy she is. “In fact, my boyfriend was very intimidated by my ‘level of sexiness’,” Taylor admits. “He thought that I was way too sexy for him.”



The Sagittarius describes herself as “fun, outgoing and spontaneous” and says everything about her sign fits her perfectly. No question she has admirers, people whom see something about her they like. “Guys are an easy one. Its either going to be my butt or my eyes,” she says affectionately. “Girls, well they are a bit harder. But most of the girls that I meet, tell me that they admire me for my confidence to have my hair cut into a Mohawk.” I love her confidence as well as her cute bottom and pretty eyes. Should we ever get close and discomfort presented itself because of me, I’d like to make it up to her with a gift. “One of two things,” thoughtfully she relays what that gift should be. “Either twelve long stem pink roses or a combination of red and white lilies and black roses.” I’m thinking I could handle such a request.



When it comes time to define beauty, Taylor reflects and discerns that beauty comes from within. “I believe it’s what’s on the inside that matters. If someone has an amazing personality then I believe that a person is beautiful.” Her outer beauty comes from being a mix of Czechoslovakian, Pennsylvania Dutch and English; her inner beauty comes from being the angel she is. And of course she knows what a great seduction entails, “It’s all about the eyes and the eye contact”. The best compliment she has ever received was something that resonated deep inside, told by a photographer; words she never forgot. “I am so glad you’re getting the recognition that you have worked so hard for,” he’d said. “Success without struggle is meaningless,” he’d uttered. “You have struggled and deserve the world.”



The world she does deserve and if I could offer just a piece, just a section for her to go to and relax, leaving all worry and strain behind, I would send her to a place of her selection. “Barbados,” she insists. She should travel to all the cities that hold the best memories for her, cities like Columbus, Ohio and Daytona Beach, Florida. Columbus us actually the city she represent now. “I was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland but was raised in Hilliard, Ohio,” Taylor explains. “The best thing about this city,” she says of where she lives, “is the people that I know and the friends I have here.”



As an art director and lover of beauty who believes in the majesty of multiplicity, the magnificence of multicultural gorgeousness, the lure of variety, I feel especially accomplished with this interview. Taylor represents ‘difference’ and as a guy who’s spent his life being different, I celebrate her uniqueness, I applaud her audacity and hope she finds an alternative home here in Angels Playpen where she can sit on a cloud, pretty legs crossed playing Xbox 360, her favorite toy. Till next time.




Photos by: J. Scott