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Jenna Bentley - An Angel's Ambition PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor In Chief   
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It would seem the sun hadn’t shined this bright in ages. My hot chocolate and homemade brownies have become the welcome centerpiece to this oddly ‘bright’ morning. Could this be some moment of clarity? The fact is it’s not just the sun that seem brighter, in effect all seem to possess a slight ethereal illumination, kind of what to expect in heaven. Now all I need is an angel. What if an angel suddenly made an appearance? What would the angel look like? “A beautiful bright woman; very nurturing and loving,” Jenna, my latest Angel encounter, interjects. I agree. But I am also hoping that this Angel has a thing for fun and childlike wonder and adventure.



Jenna Bentley; a playful, adventurous angel whom I’ve recently had the chance to speak with: her energy infectious and inviting. Whenever she spoke I wanted to come… wherever she should happen be and soak up whatever she offers. We played phone tag for a few days until time so fit to make our acquaintance. When she finally called, just seeing her name in my phone got me excited. “Hi, this is Jenna Bentley,” she said, unbeknownst to her that an introduction was without warrant. “I know,” I say, “I stored your name and number the first day I received it.” That’s when she informed me it was the same number she has had since 8th grade and promised she wouldn’t change it.



The first time I called her she happened to be filming one of my favorite TV shows; Law and Order. I was impressed. Jenna would like to be known for her acting as much as her model behavior. You can see her in the upcoming film “Just Go With It” starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Anniston and Brooklyn Decker. Being a sex symbol is not all the talent Jenna possesses. “I love music, dancing and acting. [And] also drawing,” she tells me adding, “Anything in the creative field where I can express myself.” Along with publicist Victoria Talbot, Jenna is developing a web series called “To Be Glam” where she will conduct red carpet interviews covering glamorous events around the world.


A few minutes into our conversation it becomes clear that Jenna is passionate about what she wants and extremely thankful for all that has come her way thus far. “I have worked from all ends of the spectrum,” she makes known. “From Playboy to FHM Magazine Cover Model and Maxim, Beer Magazine Cover Model ect, ect.” All this in the two short years since she was discovered at the age of nineteen during a professional basketball game. An accidental model with the ambitions of a long time dreamer, Jenna’s life couldn’t be more different. “The way I get treated,” she admits is the main change. “A lot of fake people to me.”



An FHM cover girl, Jenna has been featured in 25 magazines including Playboy. “I didn’t want to be tied down,” says Jenna about her experience with Playboy. Apparently Playboy doesn’t allow outside pursuits which turned Jenna off. Her mission is to keep networking unhindered and being “naturally progressive like a snowball effect.” “[I] work non-stop until I reach international fame.” Smart, savvy and sexy; what a powerful combination. Think I’m in love.


At 5’11, this well proportioned, sensual angel is making the world her playpen. A small town girl from Billings Montana; Jenna “was a mamma’s girl who always wanted to be the center of attention.” Jenna’s youthful exuberance enables her to touch a broad range of people. She is friendly and outgoing, her most admirable traits she readily admits. “I can talk to a brick wall [laughs].” She is now living in Los Angeles where her greatest assets will certainly work in her favor. “The opportunity,” she says as the best thing about living in LA, “and there is always something to do no matter what day it is; I never get bored.”



As is my custom, her nationality is a major interest for me. “I am a buffet,” she says. “But I am mainly Greek, German and Irish.” A blend of nationalities that has served Jenna well in modeling. “I wanted to be like Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune,” she says of her influences. “I wanted to be just like her.” I am glad she is who she is… not Vanna White. A trained dancer, “I have been in dance classes since I was two years old,” she tells me. “I can do it all from Hip-Hop to Irish Celtic.” Hopefully I can convince her at one of HTM’s events to show off some of that training.



In my mind I see Jenna and I being friends some day. She’s fun, I love cool characters and she certainly is that. But what if I were to make her mad? I’m known to give gifts when seeking an angel’s forgiveness. “A Bentley car,” she mentions with a laugh as her gift of choice. Just how close will we be? I this same vein I ask where would like to go if I offered a trip somewhere to unwind? “Anywhere warm,” Is Jenna’s energetic response; “That’s why I left Montana – Brrr too cold!”



Her sensuality and presence can prove daunting to some and I’m sure she’s noticed. “Not to sound conceited but yes,” she laughs as she confesses. “I work hard to look this way, two hours every day in the gym.” So gentlemen, if you’re blessed enough to get her on a date please keep in mind that she dreads when “the guy farts!” And remember, in an Angel’s Playpen, travel is a must. “In my opinion [New York and LA] have so much culture and so many good restaurants and shopping,” Jenna mentions thoughtfully. Her advice to women in the art of seduction: “Be confident – work that body!” Beauty defined for Jenna is “having a good personality; beauty is only skin deep.”



It’s evident that she is an angel with a message. A message only a small town girl with big dreams could administer. “No more fighting and wars,” is Jenna’s one world wish. “Life is too short to waste it mad, fighting and hating.” She is still enrolled at Montana University, a good girl with good brains who refuses to take no for an answer. In her spirit filled voice she says, “Persistence is key, to be successful you got to make it happen. I will not stop until I reach my dreams and I am successful.” Suddenly I’m inspired… Ironically the greatest compliment she’s received is “That I am an inspiration,” she says proudly.



She has every reason to be proud. “Coming from nothing and having nothing handed to me,” Jenna explains what separates her from other models. “I worked my way up the ladder to get where I am today while others try to the easy way out.” Her ascension came with sacrifices. “It is very difficult because constantly being in the public eye can strain any relationship with trust issues.” But still she manages to find time to laugh. “I laugh every day,” she offers. “I am such a dork; I am always doing silly things.” And her mother, whom she sees regularly, has been her angel throughout it all. When she says this I hear genuine love in her voice and wanted to wish her ‘Heaven on Earth.’ Angels Playpen. HTM.


Jenna Bentley appears courtesy of Hype Inc.