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Perfect Imperfections Featuring Crystal De Jesus PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor In Chief   
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It has occurred to me that… I am not perfect. And that is fine with me. In fact it’s my imperfections that make me who I am. Idiosyncrasies, eccentricities, quirks, whimsical behavior and unconventional qualities are all the things keep the world from becoming homogenous. HTM likes ‘different’ as opposed to ‘ordinary.’ I recently had the opportunity to meet a true original; Crystal De Jesus. She knows same as I that we are not perfect but there is perfection in accepting yourself for who you are. “I appreciate my faults as well as my gifts,” she says.


Crystal is “100% Puerto Rican” and proud. She considers herself a rare breed because of her undiluted lineage.  Born in Manhattan, a brief stay in Brooklyn and now “living on my own in South Amboy,” she has lived in New Jersey almost her entire life. “I've accomplished making a comfortable living on my own, it took a long time to get as stable as I am now although I still struggle everyday but it was hard enough to get here.”




When we met up for a quick lunch, I remember wondering what to look for. At our previous encounter at Amnesia Nightclub in NYC, I admit was under the influence of an expensive Long Island Iced Tea and subsequent shots of whatever was available. I was a lush that night… However inebriated I may have been it apparently didn’t scare her too much as she agreed to meet with me again. Her image eluded me as I raced to meet her at Woodbridge Mall in New Jersey; she’d suggested we meet at the Applebees. I felt a little nervous as I approached the entrance not remembering what she looked like yet I proceeded with confidence. My confidence was justified when I entered and immediately recognized the stylish, sexy girl whom I had no business forgetting in the first place. “I wanna be that first person you lay eyes on when I come through the door,” Crystal explains of her style. “And the last person you remember when you think about that night.” But what if it’s the middle of the afternoon?



After a quick but surprisingly comfortable embrace, we head over to the table, she leads; I gladly follow as well as several pairs of eyes in the room. She’s dressed in tight black jeans, has a flower in her head and looks amazing walking in heels. A sight. “I love colors; I put my personality into my outfit every day,” she explains. “I’m big on shoes; I think shoes make the outfit. I love accessories like flowers, bows, jewelry… anything that stands out.” But it’s not just her outfits that make her stand out. She admits her “honesty” is what sets her apart from other women. “I say what I think without caution. Not the best way to go about every situation but at least its real.”


Conversation came easy as we chatted about everything from love to astrology. Crystal is my soul mate. Literally. According Zodiac law our birthdays make us soul mates; it was written in the stars how could I deny it? She takes love seriously judging by the tattoo she proudly shows and provides an accompanying explaination. “[it] means love is only once in life, I’d love to be only loved by one and no matter how many you love it’s just for that one time and for that one person.” A little complicated but I get it… I actually share a similar philosophy. I believe I will only have one true love in life…


Talking makes it obvious life isn’t perfect either and for most of us we would like to change something about ourselves. “I think if there was something to change it wouldn't be physical,” Crystal tells me. “I would like to change my short fuse. I get upset quickly, [I] would crack someone over the head in 2 seconds for anything that pisses me off, but thank god I get over it even quicker!! I hold no grudge,” she says leaving me a bit frightened. Looking into her exotic eyes, my fear dissipates and once again I am at ease. She managed to get me to try some shrimp she ordered with a tangy sauce, something very few could ever do. After a Corona, we decide to end our date, well interview but I am allowed to fantasize… right? I am in no rush to leave this sexy girl but life must go on. I reluctantly bid my farewell in hopes of seeing her again… a dream is a dream.


In a perfect world there would be no need for heaven. However because life is imperfect, searching for heaven on earth has become a mission for HTM and Crystal is the type of angel I would want escorting me on my travels. She embraces the parts of life most tend to suppress. Her blunt attitude makes her the perfect companion for adventure. “I definitely am a party go'er tho.,” she admits. “I can party Monday through Friday and then go hard on Saturdays and Sundays [laughs].” That what I need… an angel that believes in having a good time. Love Life, Live Love. Angels Playpen.


Photos: Eric Motta

Words: Bless Bey