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Humble and Sexy | Vanessa O. - Toronto, Canada PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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We are back in Toronto with angel Vanessa O. She is going to tell us a little about her, well aware we hunger for this knowledge. Toronto seems to breed sexy and Vanessa is prime evidence of this. The city itself is a cultural melting pot, perfect for such an exotic beauty. “My background is a hundred percent Nigerian,” she tells me, pride choking her words. “Toronto is known as the ‘screwface capital,’” informs the statuesque model, “I still manage to keep a smile on my face and the people around me. I love the energy and I love my supporters [in] Toronto.”



It’s no secret I like to do what I want. Funny thing is all I want to do is spread love. I like to see those around me genuinely at ease or at least having a good time. It’s part of the Angels Playpen ‘Heaven on Earth’ creed. Vanessa has similar wishes when it comes to the world she lives in. “I would love for everyone to be just happy and thankful for what God blessed them with,” she tells me. “Life is too short to be always angry.”  I agree with the lovely girl who admits she’s laid back and chill. “But don’t get it twisted,” she says, “I know what sexy is.” Just by looking at her I’m sure she has a firm understanding of what sexy is. I like how she can turn it on and off though. Growing up it doesn’t look like she was so chill. “I was the type that was always playing basketball with the boys, and was always up for a challenge… I was a little rascal.”Basketball isn’t the only sport she plays. “I play almost every sport,” Vanessa says, “and well too.”




As a model who was inspired to chase the dream by her sister, Vanessa has learned a few lessons. “I learned to be more of a humble person and to always surround myself around positive people.” I’m hoping to be included company, I would like nothing more than to see her happy. It’s the Angels Playpen way. Humility, she says also helped bring balance to her life. And if we were to become close and I wanted to make-up for something I’d done, the only way she’ll forgive me is if I buy her a Bentley. “Just kidding,” she adds jokingly. “It really depends on what you did.” She herself is her lone motivation in life, influenced by the likes of Beyonce, she hopes to one day work with Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret. “She’s all I ever looked up to,” Vanessa confesses. “I love her fierceness and her strive to do great.”




A Toronto girl all the way she nevertheless loves to party in Miami and shop in LA. Since she is not a picky eater, any style restaurant will do. “I eat almost everything.” Her food sensibilities are highly pronounced; A virtual gateway to her personal paradise. “A place surrounded with my favorite dishes,” Vanessa describes. “I love food!” A place where she can laugh as much as she loves, surrounded by those who warrant laughter, somewhere in the Caribbean; her ideal getaway.



Vanessa believes fans of hers genuinely like her personality. Here I would have thought her looks but hey maybe people aren’t as superficial as I’d thought. She was once given a compliment that has stuck with her to this day. “’Your eyes are so beautiful,’” they’d said, “Loved the compliment,” she admits, “but loved who told me it the most.” She says beauty to her is “different.” Her sign is Aries, which may mean she’s a born leader. She actually feels this description fits her perfectly. “They say we’re leaders,” she says, “and I find this highly correct. We’re also problem solvers. I love to solve problems.” With her being such a problem solving leader, and sexy, I may have to put her in charge of some Angels Playpen operations.



Admitting that men are usually intimidated by how sexy she is, I am not. In fact, her looks only beg a series of questions, like what makes her smile, where she likes to shop and how she wants to live. I learned that a bad case of diarrhea, she details, is the worst thing that could happen while out on a date. Hopefully this has never happened to Vanessa. I know I call these beautiful ladies angels all the time but I wanted to know her idea of an angel. “A naturally warm-hearted person,” she answers. Last but not least, after slowly being drawn in to her world, made a  true fan and supporter, I sought her thoughts on the key to a great seduction. She answers simply and directly, “Giving… ‘The Look.’” Guess she knows how to work that ‘look’ cause I’m hooked. AP.




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