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A Lover and A Fighter featuring Raven Kay Lee | San Diego PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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You know… I feel like a lover; a lover of beauty, a lover of design, a lover of music, a lover of life, a lover of character. With so much love in me I rarely see myself as a fighter. However as of late, a conclusion has been forming like a cloud over my head; I am a fighter.  Today I have the beautiful Raven Kay Lee, who goes on record to describe an angel as “Someone with high morals, even higher standards! Take it back to Medieval times, where love, honesty, integrity, chivalry conquers all!” Raven’s words are the catalyst I need, to not feel isolated in this war I wage and press on. She reminds me that there are angels in the world, and those who believe in them. Now never would I be so quick as to call myself an angel; with sin so much a part of whom I am. A dark angel perhaps, because of this war I fight. This is Angels Playpen and love is at the heart of all we do, beauty is sought at every curve, paradise always just a decision away and Raven Lee has unwittingly joined our cause.



And why am I a fighter and a lover? Simple. I fight for my right to love. To love honestly and freely; wanting nothing more than pleasure for myself and those around me. Heaven on Earth. Heaven on earth Raven simply and adamantly defines as “alone on a tropical beach somewhere with the man of my dreams.” Hope joins love in my heart and I am momentarily excited by her declaration. Never one to be completely over run by desire, I first imagine what it would be like to have such a head turning beauty on a date. I would want nothing to go wrong. “If all is well,” says Raven, “and the two people really like each other, the worst thing that could go wrong is for the evening to end.” Again her words give false hope. What she’d said, was both amazingly realistic and dreamy, I was perplexed. Soon clarity returned, and I wanted to know if men were intimidated by her gorgeous veneer. “I do think they are intimidated by my look,” she answers. “I will catch them looking, and they will look away. Took one guy at the gym six months to come up and say ‘Hi’ to me!”




I am realistic enough to know that heaven on earth must be earned; hell must be endured, or some version of it. The hell I endure is the lack of integrity, loyalty and honor in the world. It threatens to encapsulate my very being, and so I fight. It’s the Ravens of the world that makes the fight worthy. Raven herself would like to see the lives of the less fortunate, in remotes areas of the world, blessed with the amenities we all deserve. “Clean water for everyone in third-world countries. It’s so important,” she says stressing the word so. “We are lucky to have what we have.” Blessed, as we say in Angels Playpen. I like how her mind works and I can see us getting along quite well. “Guess I’m just a Renaissance woman at heart,” she tells me.



Raven is incredibly sexy. And a body like hers, as heavenly as it is, must be maintained. “This body goes through six days of torture a week,” she admits. Beauty is so subjective that each individual has their own sense of aesthetics. To this she replies, “A beautiful person to me is not someone who is physically beautiful. If you’re beautiful on the inside, that’s all I see when I look at you.” Once again her words offer hope where there once was just imaginings. As pretty as she is she has a love – hate relationship with her very flesh confessing to having overly sensitive skin. What should have been a sign of insecurity to me was another sign of hope. I too have overly sensitive skin. Could this be a match made in heaven? I dare only to dream. Delightful humor escapes her when we talk about seduction. “Making sure the other person feels the same,” she says jokingly about the key to a great seduction, “before you go full assault on them.” A smile crosses my lips at this. Funny.



Always positive, Raven sees this as the reason people admire her. This and the fact that she has no problem actively pursuing what she knows will make her happy.  “I go after my dreams,” says the beauty motivated simply by the passing days. “Each day is motivation for me. To live another day is a chance to do something greater. Always set the bar higher than the last. Never be stagnant!” Because of this she began modeling at the age of 12 doing runway for department stores. “At age 18, I transitioned into Glamour,” then goes on to list her influences. “My biggest influences are always iconic women, such as Marilyn Monroe.” Too many companies to name, she fails to come up with a list she’d love to work with. “Wow, that list is too long. As Brain would say it, ‘Tonight Pinky, we plan to take over the WORRRLLDDD!’ she says with a laugh. When it comes to her profession, she is timely and most importantly… professional. “I don’t know,” she says attempting to identify what separates her from other models. “I don’t study the habits of other models, so I can only speak for myself.” Maybe it’s her positive attitude. “I’m very friendly and easy to get along with,” she states matter-of-factly.



Cambodian, living in San Diego, she is the quintessential Cali girl. “I love my hometown. It’s very nostalgic,” she says with pride. “The weather is perfect all year round and the beaches are amazing.” Before spreading her wings as a model, as a young girl, Raven wasn’t quite the firecracker we see today. “I was the very shy, nerd/wallflower growing up,” she confesses. “People from high school are very shocked I picked this line of profession.” Other than getting popular, few changes have come as a result of her modeling career. “I refuse to let it change me.” Her career choice has in the past strained relationships but finally balance has been achieved. “I’m at a great place in my life right now where I have support from all angles,” she says, “Cannot tell you how much that means.”



She tells me the one thing she can’t live without is her family, but only after teasing me with her original response; “air.” A bull-headed Taurus, head-strong and resilient, Raven doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. Describing herself in three words she commands, “Loyal. Trustworthy. Companionate.” Adding to this she continues, “Once I give my word, its bond.” Briefly I think of old NYC slang; My word is bond.” One of the best compliments she ever received had nothing to do with her beauty; once being told she was what other women should aspire to be.” This self-professed ‘nerd with a passion for training’ is also a graphic designer. I’m thinking her and I could make graphic magic. Intelligent Design. “I sit at a computer for hours,” she says outlining another commonality between us. With so many things on common, a close and coveted friendship would be a given meaning occasional disputes where forgiveness is sought, gift in hand. To this she says she’d take nothing. “Just say I’m sorry,” she responds. “And mean it of course.” Think that's a promise I can keep. Till next time. AP.





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