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Weathering the Storm with Jersey Shore's Dee Stacy PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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Hurricane Irene is upon us. She huffs, she puffs, she howls. She adds an air of excitement that no entertainment ever could. Strangely enough these are the nights made for spooning and movies. A night I would happily spend with… her. Instead I decide to spend time with Dee Stacy. The sliding door of my patio sits to the left in open position. Irene’s breath makes the wall length blinds dance and tickles the flame on a candle situated just to the right of my laptop. News coverage of the hurricane plays across the flat screen. Times Square is empty. I am Legend.




“I’m definitely a girly girl,” Dee Stacy, a model based out of Long Branch NJ explains. “However I have a down to earth side as well. When nobody is around I have sweatpants with no makeup on.  This has pissed off a few boyfriends to say the least.  I think they forget what I look like when I dress up.  And I always get the guys that love the dressed up high heeled look,” she says and I quickly realize I’m one of those guys but I also don’t mind the sweatpants. Originally from Cherry Hill, she loves living in Long Branch. “I live across from the beach; enough said.” She loves seafood, enjoys dining at Italian, Mexican and sushi-hibachi restaurants. “Around me in Jersey Shore, there are so many such as Sawa, Benihana, McCloons, Rooneys, Cinco de Mayo, and Tre Amici,” tells statuesque model. “I live by two locations called West End and Pier Village that have amazing shop, restaurants, bars and lounges.” Dee considers herself a Jersey Shore girl so you can catch her venues like Headliner, Martells Tiki Bar and Surf Club. “Shopping; I am a big fan of Bebe and BCBG. I buy almost all my clothes there.”



Unable to guess her nationality as I gaze upon her photos I just let her tell it. “My dad is half German and half Spanish. My mom is ¾ Russian and a quarter Romanian. So that makes me a European mutt.” No my dear that makes you one sexy exotic creature. Inspired by Victoria Secret models yet preserving her own identity she took a chance at the trade during MySpace’s social media dominance. “I was approached by photographers who saw regular photos of me from going out.  At first, I was wary, however I saw other girls I knew with nice professional looking photos. I tried it and loved it. Then, I got more work and photo shoots from there.” She is only 5’1 so modeling will have its restrictions. I have no shot as a Victoria Secret model,” she admits. However, I’d love to work with popular swimwear/lingerie companies as well. I’d love to be a Venus swimwear model!”



Indeed she has a body built for a bikini; I’m thinking she must work hard to maintain that sexy frame. At this she laughs and says “I guess I’m naturally sexy because I am the worse gym person ever. You have to drag me kicking and screaming.” Hope not. I would like to see her in some snazzy workout attire turning heads but I don’t want to force her. Guys probably get intimidated by how sexy she is already; she would kill’em at the gym. “Sometimes I get hit on a lot, others not at all,” Dee tells me. “I guess it depends on my mood and the people around me.  I would never want anyone intimidated anyway.  No one should be intimidated of anyone; we’re all just human beings.” Don’t think she’s fully aware of how she looks in certain clothing. “What is beautiful to one person is not necessarily the same to every person,” she says. “That is why inner beauty is most important.”



Ultimately she just wants to be successful, pushing herself to newfound limits in her quest to fulfill her dreams. People have treated her noticeably different since becoming a model. “There have been both positive and negative reactions,” she says. “It is amazing to get compliments and have people tell you how amazing you look and want to be your fans.  I’ve had fans make me amazing artwork as well. However, I do not like men who only want to date you because you are a model and they think dating you and having you as a trophy will make them look good.  It has also taught me who my real friends are.  I’ve definitely had experiences with women trying to buddy up to me because they see I’m  a successful model and they think hanging out with me will get them more photo shoots and work. I can see through that quickly.” When it comes to the men she meets, she does have her standards. Like for instance “A guy being a complete douchebag by being annoying and pushy.  I hate guys who don’t shut up for two seconds.  Trying too hard to impress girls does not work.  Also, bad hygiene such as body odor and bad breath as well,” says the girl who believes the key to a great seduction is “waiting as long as you can until you can’t take it anymore.” She has yet to experience true love, at least anything worth mentioning to Angels Playpen.



As a public persona and the subject of many guys’ cravings, she has characteristics both sexes admire. Dee believes this to be her “ability to tell it how it is.” She says she never sugarcoats anything and that it sometimes gets her into trouble. So many look at these sexy girls and think they know everything about them. Dee digs deep to uncover her hidden treasures. “I would say my intelligence and personality.  I have a master’s degree in counseling so I am not a typical dumb blonde.” She’s also a very caring lady. “[I] try my best to help the around me,” she confesses and I immediately want to be around her. “Also, I have a long tongue and can touch it to both my nose and chin.” She and I both find this humorous. Hoping one day we become close friends I wonder what gift would make her forgive any unforeseeable disagreement. She lets me know that no gift would bring forgiveness. “An apology and admitting to being wrong is better than any gift.”



Heaven on earth for Dee is a beach somewhere tropical. For a quick weekend getaway “Tahiti, Europe or the Caribbean. I’d also settle for Vegas, Miami or Los Angeles.” No matter where she goes she admits she can’t live without her precious iPhone and laptop. I can see that as I can’t live without my laptop but occasionally I avoid my phone. She would love to see world peace but she knows better. “The world is getting more corrupt,” she confides, “so I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I think humans will eventually die off since nobody knows how to get along.” Someone once told her she was “a beautiful person both inside and out” and it’s by far the best compliment she ever received. Well… I’m glad I had Dee Stacy here to keep me company and help me weather the storm. Hope this compliment is equally memorable. Thanks angel.



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