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Bobbi Echo | A Fun Sexy Surprise PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid Bless Bey | Editor In Chief   
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Hahaha… I can’t stop laughing. Don’t think I’ve genuinely laughed this hard since I lost my virginity but Melissa Bobbi Echo is funny. I just received a text from the beautiful Bobbi Echo and her humor is a pleasant surprise; in fact I love it. What makes her such a surprise is the unexpected nature of her remarks. Quick-witted,spunky and occasionally outlandish, she speaks with a candor I find refreshing and most amusing. I and the rest of HTM and Angels Playpen, am going to enjoy having her around.



When we finally spoke, she actually admitted to being nervous, this too surprised me.  In the midst of topic jumping, stimulating conversation, time slipped past like a mischievous child pulling a prank and when I finally caught up the damage was done. I was in love. I was further astonished at her ability to hang with my conversational ADHD. Topics ranged from porn to religion (yes that broad) and she had something of substance to say about it all. I had found a new friend. 



When the subject of S.I.N. came up; you know my ‘Sex Is Natural’ mantra, again I was surprised at how open she was especially when she admitted that having two guys servicing her body is “an overload of sensation”and anyone who says they would never is not being truthful. “Who wouldn’t like it, most just won’t admit it for fear of being labeled,” Bobbi says in the voice of a mature child: Cute with an edge. Bobbi’s advice to women who want to make their man happy; “try hardcore gaming.”



Bobbi Echo is absolutely a delight to talk to, full of advice and honesty; I felt I had met my match. When it comes time to take one of my many mini adventures, I want Bobbi with me. As my eyes take in the beauty I will undoubtedly find and my mind absorbs a wide range of new experiences, it’s her delicate voice I’d want hear whispering phrases like; “Don’t let fear limit your experiences in life” or “Learn to balance work and play.”


Good thing is I really like surprises, not the ones that cause ulcers of course but surprises that create memories which in turn become small blessings. I value my memories as one would priceless trinkets. Bobbi Echo will forever be a treasure to me simply because she came as such a surprise.  So let us welcome her to Angels Playpen..




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