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In Pursuit of All Things Heavenly with Danielle Sullivan PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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I watched as the groundhog foraged for food. Self-preservation. That’s what it’s all about. Alert and progressive, his momentum was halted by a noise. This momentary distraction could be the cause of his losing his meal. Focus. This is a necessity. The moment you lose focus you could lose everything. Some think I’m too focused on Angels Playpen and HTM but I refuse to give up my pursuit of all things heavenly and the treasures that are surely all around me. My pursuit of all things heavenly is what brought me here today. Focus sharp; I zero in on Danielle Sullivan.



My vision lay upon an angel yet there is a hint of something hard behind the eyes. “Even though I look really girly, I act like a guy,” says the Houston model, “from relationships down to watching football religiously and shoving my face with nachos. I'm not afraid to get dirty or pick up bugs and snakes!” Ok so she isn’t girly does that make her less of an angel? “I was a tomboy,” Danielle says of her childhood. “[I] always hung out with the boys.” Could I be wrong? Maybe she’s no angel at all. “I was known for beating up little boys,” she says; words charged with memory and perhaps a bit of malice.



Most of the models that say they were tomboys growing up admit they are a bit more girly now. “My lifestyle has changed but I don’t feel like I have,” Danielle tells me. “People tell me I’m still the same girl I have always been.” I wonder if that means she doesn’t mind getting dirty still. A pretty girl with boyish qualities can be… intimidating. She is sexy and that alone may make a guy hesitant. “Yes,” agrees Danielle. “And it bothers me. People always expect me to be a bitch.” How does she manage to deal with guys and keep focused on her career? “For the most part I tend to manage things pretty gracefully. In the past though my career took a major toll on my relationship because of insecurity on the guy’s part but I moved on from that.”



Danielle is not like a lot of the models I come across. “I'm a mother of two,” she explains. “I had my first child when I was 16, not something you hear often in the modeling world. I also never thought I could be a model so I feel so blessed to have the opportunities that I've keeps me grounded.” Her children are nothing if not the biggest loves in her life. “The day each of my children were born,” she opens up about unforgettable moments of love. “The first time I saw their faces.”



The sexy, oft-seen glamorous world of modeling sort of landed in her lap. “It kind of happened by accident,” she says. “I was into music, I’m a singer, and somehow it turned into a modeling career.” As a model she has been influenced by Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson and Bridgette Bardot. “They are major sex symbols,” she tells me. Her motivation? “Other people who are motivated,” admits the model who can’t live without her kids. “I am inspired by people who chase their dreams no matter what anyone else thinks! I also am motivated by my past, I look at everything I have been through and overcome and it makes me feel invincible.”



A beauty, Danielle knows what beauty means to her personally. “Confidence, security, being comfortable in your own skin and most of all having a beautiful soul and a big heart!” She then takes the time to let me know her idea of an angel. “Anyone who goes out of their way to help another person,” she says. “I'm really big on treating others how you would want someone to treat you. Good people are angels.” I like this from her; it shows a side of her that befits an angel. “We are like the best of both worlds in Houston,” she says of the city she’s from. “The big city mixed with that small town southern hospitality.” Now I see where she gets that combination sweet yet immovable. A child of Houston indeed but she loves traveling just as much. “I love LA, Miami, and Chicago the most probably… they all have different things to offer.” These cities are for shopping and partying, however for a little paradise to relax in she has another place in mind. “I really want to go to the Seychelles Islands.”



Being a sexy public figure means dealing with people and their expectations of you. Danielle says that guys and girls like her because she’s her own person. “I’m a little quirky and sometimes borderline obnoxious, but that’s just me. I don’t try to fit in anyone’s world.” Me either Danielle, I created my very own ‘Heaven on Earth;’ my Angels Playpen. “I’m a Libra and a Virgo because I am on the cusp,” she says. “I feel like Virgo is my sweet side and Libra is my stubborn side. I think my Libra side helps balance the two.” Because she is in the public eye I’m sure she receives a ton of complements. “When people tell me they admire my strength,” Danielle relays the best compliment, “and when people say they think I have a heart of gold. Really means a lot to me.”



Her angelic beauty derives from being a mix of German, Czech, Native American and Irish.  I was loving it. But this was my idea of beauty. What is hers? “Confidence,” she begins, “security, being comfortable in your own skin and most of all having a beautiful soul and a big heart.” As a mother of two and a model, staying fit is important. “Lately yes… I am becoming obsessed with fitness.” Because fitness is so important, what she eats is equally important so heaven on earth for her is “desserts that don’t make you fat,” she jokingly declares. Her photos are seductively playful, I imagine Danielle being prone to bouts of uncontrolled laughter. “I laugh every day,” she tells me. “I’m a goofball and laughter is a part of my everyday life.” She is probably an absolute joy to be around. The key to a good seduction she says is “Just being you and not trying too hard.” Once again I’m forced to agree with her. Terrible manners are a no-no if you’re lucky enough to get a date. Get your etiquette up. AP.



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