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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief   
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I won’t lie… I need an angel to watch over me. I live according to my heart and my mind fights to regulate its passionate pursuits. This gets me into trouble a lot. I love and trust the wrong people, behave in ways society views as noncompliant and sometimes radical, take risks most won’t and live everyday like it’s my last. But what angel would dare take the almost certain to be difficult job of guardian angel over a misunderstood, trouble-prone man-child? A childhood friend comes to mind. In life he taught me about honor and respect. In death he taught me the value of life. “Although my grandma is still alive,” says Brazilian treasure Jennifer Mason, “she is my angel and her mother, my great grandmother is also my angel.”



“I didn’t have a typical life growing up,” Jennifer explains bringing memories of my own storied past. “I battled a lot adversity to get where I am today. I’m an ‘old soul’ and I have a will of steel and a heart of gold.” Maybe in her own way she needed an angel too. She has come a long way since then to becoming a popular model. “There is another famous model-actress-dancer named Jennifer who I admire a lot who once said ‘No matter where I go, I know where I came from. Used to have a little, now I have a lot. I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block,’” energetically extols the beauty. “Although the places I go and things I do are very different I remain true to myself and that’s the most important thing.” With so many fake people around; her words act as reassurance that there are still some genuine characters about.



“I love expressing myself through dance and make-up artistry,” she says. A champion of self-expression, this pleases me to hear. “I was always into dance at a very young age,” says Jennifer highlighting her childhood. “I was trained in various styles of dance ranging from Hip Hop, ballet, tap, Jazz, lyrical, contemporary and much more.” Trained in the arts she nevertheless enjoyed the using her brains. “I was also very into science and even won a few science fairs while in high school.” From dance to science, she is incredibly diverse in her interests. “My whole life growing up I wanted to be a model,” admits Jennifer. “Even at a very young age playing with Barbie was a major catalyst. Ever since I owned a Barbie I want to be a muse or an inspiration to other girls to look and feel pretty.” And she does have rules to being pretty. “Sexy, not slutty. All natural, no plastic parts.”



Being the ardent guy I am; love plays a major part in all that I do. If I don’t love it chances are I won’t get involved. “As John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote; ‘All you need is LOVE’ and I find that to be very true,” Jennifer tells me of what she could never live without; that and her cell phone. “I use it to make phone calls obviously,” she says with a laugh, “as well as listen to music, go on Twitter and Facebook, send and receive emails, take pictures and videos of what I’m doing.” Laughter too is very important to me and for Jennifer every morning is an episode of genuine laughter. “Every morning when Kaya my puppy wakes me up, she plays the cutest games with me,” she states, “like hide and go seek in the blankets, peek-a-boo and many more. She is the most loving puppy.”


I am a very friendly girl,” she offers solicitously. “[I’m] very accepting of people’s differences. My ability to remain open minded and not pass judgment on people makes it very easy to get along with me.” Well I certainly am different so she’ll have to exercise that open mindedness. Sometimes I can be… assertive and may need to be forgiven. When this happens I usually come with a gift.  “I am a simple girl, and flowers are always a sure way to lighten the mood,” Jennifer relays cautiously. Lesson learned. “I am an Aries,” she says providing more insight into her character, “and I think it is a perfect fit for me! It says my compatible sign is a Gemini and lucky me, my boyfriend Josh, is a Gemini. I also view myself as a person who exhibits openness, enthusiasm and individualism. I am warm, passionate, self-expressive, impulsive, independent, pioneering and always ready for a battle. These are all things that are commonly found to be characteristics of an Aries, and something that has helped make me who I am today.”





With each answer Jennifer provides, it becomes clear she is a hopeless romantic, like me. “Anytime my boyfriend, Josh and I get a couple days at the spa it is truly a day of bliss,” she says describing an unforgettable moment of paradise.  “Last year on my birthday while we were in the spa, Josh had our room upgraded to the Penthouse Suite as a surprise to me. So after 5 hours of spa services, we went back to a different room that was filled with balloons and flowers. The room had an 1100 square foot balcony with a hot tub, the balcony over looked the entire Las Vegas strip, with a view of the recreated New York City skyline and Nevada Mountains and incredible sunset and bottle of champagne, so romantic.” Josh… you’re a lucky guy.


An angel in her own right, Jennifer would love to see more peace on earth. “I hate fights,” she says, “so I really hate war.” Peace is a worthy cause but this angel also has another dear to her heart. “Mutts 'n Models is a dog adoption advocacy campaign formed as a coalition of compassionate models showing they care,” Jennifer enlightens. “Through creative marketing concepts and thought provoking imagery, they partner with like minded organizations to offer sponsor supported marketing collateral and help promote fund raising events via social media FREE to rescue centers and shelters.”


Born in Recife, Brazil, Jennifer came to the U.S. when she was eight. “My mother is from Brazil and still lives there,” she says of her heritage. “My father is Cherokee Native American. He moved to Brazil to study agriculture and that’s when he met my mom.  After living in great cities like Dallas, TX, Tulsa, OK and Ft. Meyers, FL she eventually landed in a city she affectionately calls “The Sexiest City.” In love with its cultural diversity, she is proud to represent Miami. “I love living here!” Admittedly she enjoys hitting up other cities like New York City and Las Vegas but still parties in Miami.


She has been blessed in career and the possibilities are endless. “I feel like I have a bright future ahead of me.” Her extensive resume includes working with musicians Lady Gaga, Soulja Boy, Ray J and Swazy Styles, appearing on NBC Miami with Kiante the Sneaker Man, USA’s Burn Notice, and A&E’s The Glades. “I will also be doing some lingerie modeling for ‘Sexy Secrets’ lingerie boutique,” she further mentions, “I have already done three fashion shows for them.” One of the three fashions was actually showcased live on television.


Currently Jennifer can be found working with international talent booking agency Zhantra Entertainment. Known for supplying talent to everything from corporate parties to the most prestigious venues including restaurants and hotels around the world. “Every week is different,” says Jennifer, “we book events and travel to performances in places like Las Vegas, Koh Sumai-Thailand, the Bahamas, Marbella-Spain, Cabo San Luca-Mexico, Trinidad, Bolivia, Guadalope Islands, Honduras, Chicago and New York.” Comprised of top choreographers, event coordinators, stylists, makeup artists, and producers; Zhantra is committed to providing unique experience for employees and clients alike. “They have the best makeup artists and styling team led by the very talented group comprised of Gustavo Casanovas, Bengy Cid and Briana Castro Knigge and I look forward to more of their incredible creations.” Possessing moody blue eyes that turn green depending on her state of mind, Jennifer is a portrait of destiny. Envisioning her with dreams realized, will intact and love ever-present, Angels Playpen looks forward to seeing this angel spread her wings and soar to heights unimagined. HTM.




Photos By Fred Love


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