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Full Metal Jacket by Vollebak PDF Print E-mail
Intelligent Design - Fashion
Written by Bless Theangels   
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Entering a new reality of disease awareness, natural disasters and Global Warming, most of us are incredibly unprepared. Our survival regime must evolve. Here we have the "Full Metal Jacket" from Vollebak. The fashion brand had already been working on disease resistant clothing before Covid-19 took hold of the earth. The jacket is made with an excess of 11 kilometers of copper, one of the most advanced materials in our Solar System. It is biostatic, which means bacteria and other organisms can't reproduce and grow on it. It's antimicrobial properties kill viruses and bacteria on contact. Born in supernovas billions of years ago, copper played an integral role in the building of our civilization. However the "Full Metal Jacket" is built in Italy and Romania. Take a look.