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Powerful w. Carmen C. Camacho | Ottowa, Canada PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller Rat Bastards   
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The first thing I noticed about her is her sharp mind as I take in her answers to my litany of questions. Carmen C. Camacho is pointed and funny. "I find that men become intimidated when I start talking," she lets me know jokingly. "Most aren't usually expecting my loud and rude Canadianism." No worries here, I'm from Philly so I think I can manage. "People seem to like that I am both a very firm and loving person at the same time," she says. "I've been admired for being 'Powerful'."



I asked her what her definition of an angel is, to which she responded, "A powerful and beautiful woman with grace and wings." Carmen further admits she owns a pair of wings leftover after an older lingerie modeling project. Heaven on earth she insists is nothing short of "living on a one-acre piece of land in a large house in Norway." Oh yeah, and her boyfriend would be there as well. Carmen knew it was true love when her boyfriend finally gave up Grand Theft Auto. "He chose me over the game," she rightfully celebrates.



Originally from Hong Kong, Carmen now lives in Ottawa, Canada. She and her family traveled from China to Canada in 1990 and ultimately decided to stay. "For a city," Carmen denotes, "Ottawa is a lot more affordable to live in compared to most major cities and capitals. I moved from Toronto in 2014, so it was nice to see an affordable standard of living for once. It's nice to go from bachelor apartment to house."



"I love shopping at La Senza and online with AliExpress," Carmen says about some of her favorite places to shop and eat. "My favorite place to eat is Yang Sheng and Zak's Diner in Ottowa." She admits to not being a picky partier and will generally go wherever Dj D. Mize is spinning.



"I was a straight-up tomboy and a real-life Daria Morgendorffer," Carmen reveals about her youth. "I didn't buy my first dress until I was almost 20 years old." Today she changed quite a bit. "My life has changed entirely," she says. "Before modeling, I never dreamed I would be paid for my appearance, and I still haven't gotten used to random women and men coming up to be and getting super excited because they recognize me from my modeling work. It's all good and I love it though. The fans have been very nice. I travel a lot more too, because of modeling obviously, so that's a plus for sure."



It was after witnessing Kimora Lee Simmons donning a gold dress in a commercial for Baby Phat that Carmen saw who she wanted to be. "She has always been an inspiration for me as an Asian model," she affirms. "I remember wishing I was her." American fashion designer, Betsey Johnson is a creative Carmen would love to collab with.



A Cosplay costume and fashion designer herself, who is obsessed with world news and politics, Carmen's start in modeling came while preparing photos for an upcoming job. "I met a photographer on Kijiji who was looking for models of all types to start her portraits portfolio," she tells me. "I posted a few of the photos online after our shoot, and my modeling career went from there."



"I have both a university degree and college diploma," says our assertive angel. "I have an established career in the education sector, in addition to my modeling. I do not believe in relying on men as [a] dependent, 'Sugar Babies,' and people are often surprised at how financially independent I am." A happy and comfortable future motivates Carmen to maintain her financial independence.



"I am 4'11, yet over five years, I have walked eleven fashion runways, I have been featured on over 70 magazines, and I have appeared in multiple ads, award shows, and music videos." One thing she developed as a clever skill is her ability to land her next modeling venture. With all that she has accomplished, her personal life has not suffered much. "I am fairly good at time management, I know what I want at this point in my life and I've been very fortunate, so I make my life work how I like." However, Carmen has one major concern. "Knowing I will outlive my cat brings me a little anxiety."



Being Chinese, Carmen follows two calendars and this means she is both Dragon and Scorpio. "Both symbols are considered to represent assertiveness and passion," she explains. Despite her apparent beauty and sexiness Carmen loves being told how intelligent she is. "Looks without love and intelligence is nothing." She doesn't work out to maintain her sexy frame, Carmen is naturally fit. "My mom is a very thin and petite woman and my dad was stocky like a house," she describes. "I am their genetic middle."



As usual, I enjoyed getting to know our angel Carmen. The least I could hope is for us to one day be friends and never make her mad at me. Would she even forgive me? "It depends on what you did," she politely instructs me. "I believe in logical consequences. I once had a date, that ended with the guy pointing out the strip club he went to every weekend while bragging about knowing the strippers' real names. I declined to ever speak to him again." Nevertheless, she admits "a genuinely good connection to your partner" is the key to a good seduction and I am eager to agree.