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The Story of Shani Rose | Los Angeles, California PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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I am one of those people who believe everyone has a story. Some just have more chapters than others. But we all endure chapters in our lives that we could either let define us or simply teach us something as well as introduce us to our heroes; every story has a hero. "My kids are my heroes," the point of this story presents itself clearly. "They inspire me to live in the moment and to not be so depressed. Money can't buy you happiness; love can and my kids are living proof. I can't imagine life without my kids."


Each chapter in our lives, offers the chance to alter the story-line. Nothing needs to follow a predetermined trajectory. As I review my interview with California model, wife and mother Shani Rose, this belief is backed with the evidence presented in her words. Since becoming a mother, Shani's love and story-line has continuously revolved around her children. "That was instant love right there," she proclaims. "I never knew the amount of LOVE I had until I had my kids! My heart is full!"



Born in Los Angeles as Shani Coleman, the young lady who would eventually become Shani Rose, was raised in Southern California, in the Orange County area. "I have great memories playing with my childhood friends," Shani proudly recalls. I actually grew up Orthodox Jewish. Many Friday nights I would celebrate Sabbath with my neighbor's family and have sleepovers. A lot of people on my block were Jewiah and on Saturdays we would walk to Temple together."



Having lived in Brooklyn for some time, I have witnessed Orthodox Jewish living firsthand and I'm able to easily see her early years. Amazingly Shani is still in touch with her childhood friends, mainly through social media. Shani's story unfolds further we she talks more of her upbringing and family history. "My mom's and dad's biological family were not Jewish," she says. "My dad's side I believe are Italian and mom's side is German. I don't know too much about my family since both my mom and dad were adopted. It was an arranged marriage." Being a man of mystery, I find myself totally intrigued.



Sexy, yes. Attractive, beyond. Shani's appearance doesn't preclude anything specific. The more I learn the more I'm humbled and pleased to have her as one of our angels. I can think of a thousand complements to deliver, but I'm sure she's heard them all. "[The] best compliment I received is how great of shape I'm in," she confesses, "after giving birth to four kids." Up until now I hadn't know she was mother to four children and her pictures show no hint of this. "I definitely have my insecurities about my body," Shani admits, "so it makes me happy when I hear that." In fact its what I told her when I first laid eyes on her photos. Absolutely stunning, I thought to myself.



Shani got her start in modeling when a photographer made contact over Instagram shortly after she competed in a NPC bikini competition and posted the resulting pictures. Soon followed a photo shoot, a Model Mayhem profile and the rest is history. Of course came a few sacrifices, such as quality-time with the kids. "I feel guilty," says Shani, "when my daughter when my daughter wants to play and color with me and I'm too busy on my phone. I now try to just wait till they're in bed to talk. It's not worth missing out on those precious moments."



None of her friends have criticized her decision to model. "I don't have judgey friends," she advises. "They support me in what I do. Anyone else that judges me, I couldn't care less if they don't like it, they can unfollow me. It's my life and they don't pay my bills." Often commented on her beauty and down-to-earth persona, people and photographer alike are surprised and shocked. However, Shani Rose is a Scorpio. "That sign is very fitting for me," she warns. "You pretty much don't want to make me your enemy; I can sting!" Passionate and compassionate with a slight temper, Shani would rather not show that side of herself.



With a marine as her husband, Shani has called many cities home. As of this interview, she and her family are stationed in a city in North Carolina. "The best thing about this city is greenery, acres of land and spacious houses you get for cheap compared to California," says our angel. "I love how peaceful and less busy it is here. I like the slow life!" Myrtle Beach is her favorite city in North Carolina and I see why. It's a great hub of activity.



Palm Springs is where she would go for a  free weekend getaway sponsored by Angels Playpen of course. "My mom used to take us as kids and I love it," she recalls. "They have great spas and I love to just lay our in the sun all day, relaxing and sipping on Bloody Mary's!"  Shani is what they call in the hood, 'a whole gown ass woman' and because of this she is now a homebody. "I love to just relax in my environment and host," she states matter-of-factly. When she does venture out, it's to dine at Indochine in Wilmington, NC. "Their food and drinks are amazing," she mentions with noticeable excitement. A bit of heaven I imagine though she admits heaven on earth is her husband's "amazing apple dumpling!"



It was indeed a pleasure, absorbing her words and meanings, learning of her story. The beautiful, sexy mother of four half-Vietnamese children who lives out her life in atleisure clothing from Lululemon. I wanted to know if she had any fantasies, things that enter her dreams occasionally and excite her shadow-self. "Yes, having sister wives," she bravely declares. "I'm obsessed with the TV series 'Big Love!' I've always been been curious about the polygamy lifestyle." Again, she opens me up to something unexpected and it sounds like 'Heaven on Earth' to me!