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Perceptions - Life
Written by Jordan Michael   
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Right from our childhood's days, we have been taught many things, but sex certainly is the least taught of all. Due to lack of proper orientation towards the subject, it has been kept in the dark valleys of secrets not discussed and, like all things kept in such secrecy, it is bound to explode. Sex is a vertical force that has the ability to either populate the world or destroy it. In the hope, therefore, of revealing the tremendous use to which man can put this creative energy, I shall dare to reveal some of its secrets. On this subject, reason has long been slain and logic dumped in the maximum security prisons.

The subject of sex is still shrouded in taboos, innuendos and sacrilege that when it seeks to break free, it becomes vulgar. But just what is sex?


What Sex Represents


Sex is the source of energy of life and creation. The primal energy of the universe came as a result of movements in the creative darkness. The bible describes it as the coming out of the light. The Let there be Light command in Genesis is the sex play of the spiritual light with the creative darkness.


Sex is the primal energy of the universe. When the bible states that you are wonderful and fearfully made (Psalm 139:14), it also acknowledging what great mystery the generative organs and their sacred game that brought you into being are. Sex is the gateway to your existence. Just imagine what happened on the day of conception. Millions of your father's sperms sprouted forth into being and like inspired soldiers raced through dark corridors, climbing every mountain height possible and descending the deepest valleys, surmounting every obstacle, in a desperate search for the sacred mystery shrouded in sacred egg.


They found it but only one of the daring soldiers of spermatozoa could be allowed to enter; and when it did, the rest stood back, none else allowed to enter, uttered choruses of hallelujah in honor of their comrade who had exalted their mission mby discovering the mysterious egg. What explosive moment but automatically exact surgical hands of nature, saw to the perfection of your body which, at the appointed time, came forth full of creative intelligence. What a mysterious being you are; but now, look back and dare not defy those sacred fountains of your being. Look upon it with respect and, if you will engage in this act, bless firth that force that brought you into being.


Sex is the energy of life ceaselessly seeking to express itself. It is the magnetic attraction of the male and female and the creative chance of cosmos - the dance of the Spirit and Nature. The sex energy is explosive; it can bring warmth to your house or burn it. Any attempt to suppress it raises its pressure and thus heightens the risks of its explosion. When regarded as forbidden, sex becomes more seductive. 'By only a careless glance', a sex-backed advert can sell any product for you with maximum profits. All you need to do is to color any product with a sexual innuendo and the world will crave for it.


When sex becomes a taboo, it becomes irresistibly attractive. Suppress sex and you are opening the doors of this sacred food to vulgarity and pornography of all sorts.


The more it lives in darkness, the more distorted and evil it becomes. And when our source becomes evil, we face the danger of extreme worthlessness in the communication process constitutes a break in relationships. Sex-unity is the unity of society; its disintegration or desecration is the shame and degeneration of society and the world community.


Uncontrolled sex, on the other hand, results in the desecration of the holy ritual sex and succeeds in making it a meaningless act performed for its own sake. This has dangerously created vacuum yet to fill in many lives. Unrestrained sex unfettered has led to pornography and, if no proper guidance is made available, will destroy the sacredness of our source of creation.


Sexual energy is the temple of life. It must be empty of guilt or repression. It must satisfy the heart and uplift the soul to visions of immeasurable possibilities.


Your body is the temple of the living God, therefore respect it and, in the sex act, recognize that you are engaged in the sacred rite that results in cosmic unity. You grow from the special and sacred union with you partner into the union with all of life. Love is good and lovemaking is God-making and, of course, you are with the right mind, it produces good health and a sense of spiritual well being. But sex must be the preserve of only mature and responsible partners.


Remember that your present incarnation is sexual in origin. Sex is sacred and must be understood as such to make it a heart-warming and soul-lifting experience.





This is an area of great problems in many lives. It is responsible for many depression, psychotic problems and failures. Sexual injuries are deep because they are forbidden from being discussed. There are some areas of your sex life you fear to discuss for the fear that others will think you are vulgar, so you keep your pains to yourself. Why do many girls refuse to scream for help even when they are being raped? They fear people will think they are 'bad' or that they led the men into the act. They will rather use feeble strengths to fight the rapist and, when exhausted, lie there with a sense of guilt and shame while the rapist grins with satisfaction at his onslaught.


Which of the following best described you?


(i) I'm afraid, really scared to love. Yes/No
(ii) I'm afraid my marriage will be like that of my parents Yes/No
(iii) I feel trapped Yes/No
(iv) All my love affairs don't last Yes/No
(v) I'm afraid to love for fear of being rejected at the end Yes/No
(vi) I just don't always there just to hurt me Yes/No
(vii) Love is always there just to hurt me Yes/No
(viii) I'm not good enough to love or to be loved Yes/No
(ix) Nobody will love or appreciate me Yes/No
(x) To love is to be a slave to other person and do everything his or her way Yes/No
(xi) I'm very jealous Yes/No
(xii) I fear to love because I'll be controlled Yes/No
(xiii) I fear t love because I'll love my independence Yes/Not


To get out of all these traps, take a look at how you received loved when you were a child. It is most likely that you are only doing to yourself what others have done to you. If you have been loved, you will love yourself and know how to love others; if you were not loved adequately, you will be deficient in loving as well as receiving love.


As you were treated in the past, so you are treating yourself at present. Close your eyes and run your thoughts through the ways in which love has reached you all along and you will see why you are doing justice to the burning frees of love in your being. You will simply let go as you relive each incident until you arrive at a constructive learning. Everything that happened to you was life's way of stimulating your God powers and lifting them to a pinnacle of your potentials. They were opportunities to master and demonstrate patience, love and resilience of spirit. Freeing yourself in this second immortality drive frees a tremendous amount of your psychic energy for other constructive uses. Observe closely anyone who feels that people don't love themselves. You don't love yourself because you either did not receive the love you expected to come your way as a child or you were abused, humiliated or ridiculed. These forces create a sense of self-dejection.


If you have been in relationships that have ended at the present time, then do yourself the one great good to identify all past relationships and how they ended.


How did your past relationships end? List all your relationships, starting from the first person that primed your virginity or chastity, through to the very last relationship that ended recently. Add more lines where necessary and re-live any of the incidents, scan briefly how it started.


Your life becomes miserable as you project psychic powers outwards. Like a radio-transmitting -and - receiving station, we are already communicating with our environment. What we are inside, whether spoken or unspoken, is instinctively felt outside. Often, people go into relationships with the painful pictures of past relationships. You past relationships stared from childhood relationships with parents, aunts, uncles etc. have a quick check on the following and write your comments.


Is your favorite or not favorite boss like one of your good or bad family members.


Another area of problems with sex and relationships are the decisions we make about these two forces. Must all male and female relationships end with sex?


Should sex with any person mean a marriage or commitment? Sex is for two mature and responsible persons. The words here are mature and responsible. When you decide that sex is equal to marriage, every sex that does not end in marriage is open to limitless pain. Sex is spiritual and must be understood as the energizing of our spirituality and the sharing of our creative energies. You must then have sex with just the person who attracts and stimulates in you the deepest of respect, sense of responsibility, spirituality and love. It does not really matter if you are married or not. This does not advocated promiscuity.


When sex is understood for what it is, as a divine and spiritual energy, it will never become a playing. No one will throw his or her jewels to the swine, your decisions come from your belief system, and your belief system designs and creates your world. It is, therefore, important that you scan yourself and your belief systems.


Most of your beliefs are borrowed from other people. By knowing who share your belief, you will know the source of your belief. How tenable is the belief to the present time? How beneficial is the belief to you? As you analyze and challenge your belief system, you will open your inner doors of right discernment.


Seeking meaningful relationships


When sex becomes a part of a relationship, the relationship instantly becomes a worshipful one and a ceremony of God discovery. Any one seeking a meaningful relationship with God must empty himself of all concepts except the desire to experience God. In many relationship that involve sex, as in marriages today, this one most important requirement is missing. We go to marriage with our baggage of concepts and expectations inherited from our families, friends and past relationships.


These become the unwritten laws of the sex life as well as the written laws of the relationship. What is bound to happen to this holy relationship when each party has carries his or her role model and heroes, fantasies and anxieties into it can well be imagined. And when these are made complex by the expectation of your partner, you lose track. Lost to your own self, you are lost to your partner and right from the beginning the relationship is doomed to fail or, at best, become martyrdom With our loads like sheath of garment around us, we fail to be naked, and yet without our nakedness, there is no love and without love there will be no lovemaking.


The Bible, in Genesis 2:24-25, said, "To this end shall a man leave his mother and father and leave to his wife and the two shall become one. And they were naked and did not feel ashamed."this means 'to this end of being the embodiment of Godhood, shall a man leave his parents (past concepts of parent, uncles, lovers etc.,)'and come into holy union with his wife and both must become naked, transparent and vulnerable to each other, capable of tolerating your weaknesses and delighting in the others strengths and also be free of any inhibitions or shame whatsoever.' You need the courage to let go and vulnerable. This is easily said, but it only becomes a reality when you use our technology to off-load your baggage. You have lived in families, clans, tribes and nations and your vision is cast through the veil of your past and present associations.


Civilization and its powerful communication technologies have succeeded in shattering, to a great extent, the dogma of the tribe and its related groupings, but have also succeeded in producing tensions and emptiness.


Simply identify each load you carry and ask yourself why. A single why and a recall of the incident that led you to make that decision simply blows it out of orbit and sets you free.


In relationship, the woman traditionally controls the sex and the man controls the money. In the ideal holy relationship, there are no controls but simple responsibilities based on each person's capabilities. In love making, there are no losers each partner is a winner. But in sex making, each partner is a loser.


The Secrets And Importance of Sex In Our Life
By Jordan Michael


Jordan Michael writes on a variety of subjects and recommends Sex And Relationship Terrain

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