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Change is Good with Helena | Cancun, Mexico PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Aurora and I's interactions are always genuine. This isn't our first time. I love what I do. She loves being who she is. So this works effortlessly. These days, she prefers to be called Helena and I am happy to oblige and to have her with us again. As I plan to watch Game of Thrones, I am sliding in her dm as we talk via Instagram. "Right now I just woke up and while I am thinking of my answers I'm applying makeup and brushing my hair for my webcam show today," she tells me, "also in the background I have a Netflix movie... multitasking." It's easy for me to picture the scene she describes, for at this moment she has my full attention.


Anyone who knows me knows I love making breakfast, so I imagine a morning with Helena at the table and I can feel her eyes on my back as I methodically prepare my offering. "My favorite breakfast item is Mimosas," she says with a little excitement and a smile. "I try not to eat meat so my regular breakfast is vegetable soup, egg whites with spinach or a protein shake." Spinach and eggs made a variety of ways just happen to be my specialty.



Change is good. It leads to growth and expansion that otherwise would not happen. A few things have changed for our angel Helena since we last exchanged words. "I've been through a lot of things these years," she informs me, "maybe the one that changed me the most is moving away from my family and friends to another city. I had to build my life from zero, bring all my stuff and meet people who weren't a very good influence. Just trying to discover myself is a challenge." I, too, am on a journey of self-discovery and agree it is a challenge; perhaps the only true challenge.


As we live, life gives us the opportunity to discover new things about ourselves everyday; some good, some bad. "The bad that that I discovered about myself," Helena admits, "is that I procrastinate too much... I'm too lazy to do the things I have to do in the moment and that has brought me a lot of troubles." I'm briefly upset when she tells me how she forgot to renew her car insurance, something I will remind her of from now on, got into a car accident and had to pay out-of-pocket.


"The good thing," Helena continues, "is that I can handle a lot of stress and I'm independent. Even though I have my friends and lovely people around me, I can handle my own problems and be empathic with them, helping them grow and make them show the best version of themselves. Sometimes we are too focused on how others think about us and that we forget our own value and I like to remind people around me that they aren't ordinary; that they are special and great." No longer can I be upset after these lovely words. Such an angel.



With a heart that easily considers the condition of her friends and company, Helena is someone I would love to spend my time with, being empathic myself. I am a person who finds pleasure in simple things and would do these simple things with someone like Helena. "The simple things that make me happy are," begins our undeniably sexy angel, "going for a run with my dog, swimming in the ocean or just being lazy at home watching horror movies, drinking some wine while I cook. Nothing more stressful than going to a fancy parties, dressing up or trying to be the perfect host."


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Watching a movie, fresh-popped popcorn and a little whiskey in great company is an awesome Saturday night for me. For Helena, heaven on earth on a Saturday night goes as follows, "Netflix and chill with my friends in pajamas, white wine and having a good laugh. Also, being on my webcam with my favorite followers having fun and dancing in my apartment." Her favorite movies are Sin City and Fight Club, two of my favorite films as well. Not the one for just chic flics, her taste in films go beyond mere entertainment. "I love movies that make you think about something else and makes you aware of the way that we are living and that there is something more...," states Helena. "Not just love and romance but a life that is there waiting for you."



Helena has been busy amassing over one hundred thousand Instagram followers and has laid out plans for future. "I am opening my own webcam studio in Cancun," the Mexican and Italian model announces, "and I have to take care of other webcam models who work with me. It's a project that I'm doing with the biggest webcam site in Europe." Including Helena's, there are only three webcam studios in Mexico. Outside of modeling she would like to earn a masters degree in International Business. "I've always wanted to study something like that and now I have the possibilities to do so..."



When I look at Helena today, I see change. Two very noticeable changes in fact. Our angel has increased her bust by a few cups and they look good on her. I wanted to know if the people closest to her felt the same. "Well I always wanted to look a certain way," she tells me and my family totally supports me." Though her eighty-year-old parents are conservative and sometimes worry about her lifestyle, constant traveling and changing her look, they nonetheless trust their daughter. "They say they admire my lifestyle and how I can just go to live in another country or state by myself and that's the best compliment that I have received."



As human beings we mature to match the demands of the world and for so many of us life diminishes our inner-child. "I try as much as I can to be in touch with my inner-child," confesses a thoughtful Helena, "adulthood sucks so I try to have fun with the simple things life has to offer, for example I'm roller skating again, I play with my puppy all day and try not to lose the wonder that we all have when we are kids." Despite having a dog, she actually loves felines and would adopt some exotic creature like a tiger or a panther if given the chance.



Yes, it's true, I used to fall in love easy and hard. I've always had female friends who were there to advise me of my choice in women. "Well...," Helena says, "I would not interfere because I know how it is to be in love with the wrong person, each of us has to realize by ourselves that he or she isn't the one for us. If I interfere, you will be against me and if you are my friend, I will support you, whatever it is until you realize that the relationship is over, and then I will continue to support you. Also I may think that you are with the wrong person but I really don't know if that person makes you really happy and I'm only seeing the bad stuff."


You never know what something or someone is worth until your freedom is in jeopardy. I love my freedom, but for my son's well being I know I would go to jail for him. Helena says she would go to jail to protect her family if they committed a crime. We live in a world where anything can become a crime. "I think that I am strong enough to take the bullet for them," she admits. "Also, to protect my beliefs and speak my mind on some of the absurd laws that are being created."



We both agree there are things in the world that require charity. "I'm in a project with my friends to clean the beaches here in Cancun where I live," Helena details, "we paddle board every week and clean the lagoon of plastics and things stupid people throw, also we go to the beach to clean them from beer cans, etc... so my charities will always be about nature and protecting the environment, recycling and of course protecting the animals." Helena's other charities would include raising awareness about product testing on animals and she has personally decided to eat less meat. Helena even is concerned with her hometown of Mexico City where air pollution has risen to match that of China, a city with the most air pollution on the planet. "It makes me sad that we are hurting the planet in this way  for our ambition and selfishness," a very considerate Helena explains. "So I'm trying to make a contribution little by little."


As my time with this angel comes to an end, I make note that the sexy self-expressive model and businesswoman who listens to A$AP Rocky, Cartel de Santa and skrillex while doing her squats, referring to it as tough love, has some advice and words for us all to live by. "Learn as much as you can and never stop being curious about life," Helena offers. "We only have this opportunity to create something great and help others. Don't damage the beautiful nature and earth, have fun and don't take others opinions about you seriously. Each of us are going through the same path, we all have our problems and issues [and] if you do good, you will feel great and you can change someone else's day or life!"