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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Heroes are sources of inspiration that come in many forms, play many roles and sometimes from an unexpected source. A professional acquaintance can become a hero to a recent graduate looking to enter a similar field, a family member who encouraged you to live out dreams or even a school teacher who motivated you to create the future you want. "I look up to anyone that follows their dreams and does not listen to doubters in life," offers the lovely Alexandria Irizarry. "They inspire me to keep going."



“It was nice because everybody knew who I was,” our latest angel says regarding her childhood where she grew up right next door to her best friend. “We had a lot of fun getting into trouble!” Alexandra is from the small town of Rio Grande City, Texas. She still talks to a few of her childhood friends, others she comes across on social media from time to time.

Alexandria’s friends have a hard time accepting the more provocative modeling she occasionally partakes in but are nevertheless supportive of her dreams. “I would say I sacrificed those who did not support me,” she states. “Those who did not enjoy my sexy work would always start drama about it. I started ignoring it and continued doing what made me happy. Life is too short to do anything but.”


Deciding to model began with a popular modeling website. “I created a profile on Model Mayhem,” Alexandria explains. She freelanced at first, trading time for print, a very common thing for an up-and-coming model. “Once I felt comfortable enough I started doing paid shoots,” she recalls. “My portfolio continues to grow and I am very proud of it.” In fact, the best compliments she receives remark on her body of work. “Photographers on Model Mayhem have watched my work grow and improve,” she relays. “It makes me so happy to see the quality of my work today.”


Rio Grande City is still home today, however, Washington State has become a second home. In true small-town folklore, the best thing about living in Rio Grande City is its movie theatre. “It is a small town without much really,” Alexandria admits. “I would love to move to a bigger city eventually.” There is a place in Texas she adores shopping and dining in named McAllen. “It may not be a big city but I love to go there to eat and shop.” For a bit of partying no place is better than her hometown. “I don’t know of many nightclubs, it’s been a while since I have been to them,” she pauses to think, “but my favorite restaurants would be a tie between Chipotle and Olive Garden.”


Alexandria is an attached angel, married to a man who was part of an unforgettable moment of love; her honeymoon. “It was only one night but it was beautiful.” As a gift, I would love to send her to a destination of her choice for a weekend. Our angel chose Hawaii. “I would love to get away with my husband for a weekend,” she instructs. She loves her husband as much as she loves coffee, well maybe more, but coffee is a problem. "


At the time of this interview, our angel isn’t feeling so well. The Leo, who is fierce and a lioness much as her sign suggests enjoys a good laugh. She hopes to find a reason to laugh while battling her illness the same way a recent meme cracked her up. When she gets better, I'm sure she continue living out her dream as a model. Many models enter the industry based on their unique look and ability to show emotion in two-dimensional format but many have other talents. "Not many people know I can sing," she announces. "I may not be the best singer in the world but I can do a mean vibrato!"


A model that can sing is indeed a threat, now add in a few other talents and the industry is looking at a potential powerhouse. Alexandria is what they call a triple threat in entertainment because not only is she a model and singer, but she is also an actress. The Puerto Rican, Irish and Russian beauty has, not long ago, came to know another talent of hers; "I have a big heart but I do not let other people take advantage of me." That big heart would love nothing more, as her heaven on earth, relax on a beach with the people she loves... "listening to music and walking on the shimmering sand."



Photography: Toby Miller


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