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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Dreams are important in ways most would not consider and shouldn’t be ignored. Dreams ought to be given more credit for the part that they play in the realization of so many of society’s greatest feats. Dreams rise from the depths of our subconscious, which is responsible for over 95% of our actions, with the knowledge of who we truly are, guiding us towards our ultimate self. Our angel, Houston’s own Shianne Bernae knows a lot about dreams as she lives out hers as a model. “I want to believe that if I dare to dream anything, it will happen,” declares our angel. “I’m going to always work hard and make my dreams come true."


Growing up in Houston, Texas, Shianne admits she was raised in a normal household and had a great childhood. “My parents made sure we lived in a safe environment,” she says. From this great childhood, a few close friends remain. “We are all focusing on our lives and trying to accomplish our dreams.” I hear so often stories of lost friendships to career choices but not for Shianne. “They love it,” she says to my surprise, “and encourage me to follow my dreams.” Sounds like good friends to me.


“I always loved being in front of a camera even as a very young kid,” Shianne recalls. “I convinced my parents to take me to an audition in the local mall during the summer of my sixth-grade year. I was not only selected but I won 1st place and a one year contract with Model Productions. I knew from that moment moving forward it was something I was born to do.” Since then, she has made the necessary sacrifices in order to achieve her dream of modeling. “There are times I want to sleep in but I have a photo shoot and I have to always be aware of what I’m eating to maintain my figure.”



Shianne still resides in Houston today, staying very close to one of the most important people in the world; her mother. “My mom is my ‘Shero’, she explains. “She keeps me humble, grounded and inspired to follow my dreams in modeling.” When she isn’t modeling, Shianne is likely to head to the Galleria Mall because, like most girls, she loves to shop. When time for a little food and dancing, Miami sets the perfect stage. Seafood is her favorite; therefore anyplace serving it is likely to get a visit. Laid out on a beach in Hawaii for a weekend is an offer she would never refuse; I will certainly keep this in mind.



We all have a guilty pleasure and Hot Cheetos brings the devil out in this angel. “I know they are no good for me but I love them,” Shianne confesses. She also confesses to being addicted to every app on her phone. “I fall asleep with the phone in my hand every night.” A recent moment of self-discovery and experience taught her a valuable lesson. “I recently discovered I dislike working with unprofessional people in unprofessional environments.” Often mistaken as being shy and introverted, her talent proves otherwise. “When it comes to modeling I am very outspoken, super excited and full of energy,” she makes known to all who expected less.



“I was recently told that I should model always with my gift in mind and heart,” Shianne says repeating one of her latest compliments. “Beauty is a gift from God, you shine your light with this gift, you model also ‘His’ beauty to others.” She is willing to work harder than any other model with the knowledge of what she has in store for the world to see. “My idea of heaven on earth,” she offers, “is truly being able to accomplish my dreams of becoming a well-known model and leaving a legacy in the industry.”


A beautiful girl indeed, you all know I believe in angels and she fits the description. As a model she gets to play dress-up, so a Sunday morning in pajamas is quite appealing. Shianne admits to being pretty goofy at times, something I’d love to see for myself. To me, she seems a little more on the serious side. A Virgo, she says that sign fit her perfectly. “They say the Virgo woman is the ultimate combination of brains and beauty,” she says rather proudly. “Need I say more?”  Oh there is that humor she spoke about. Since she is an admitted occasional goofball, then she will bring life to her favorite feature on a man; his smile. “I love a pretty smile on a man,” Shainne reveals. Speaking of love, a subject dear to Angels Playpen, further reveals her most unforgettable moment of love being the day she graduated from high school. “I was so happy to see my family proud of me.”



Photography: Perfect Touch | Donnie Jackson | New Burns

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