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Angels - Playpen
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Thinking of a moment of undeniable love for most of us involves the opposite sex or the birth of a child. However for this angel, someone else comes to mind; “My mom sacrificing not eating so I can have sandwiches for summer camp in elementary,” a reminiscent Kookie states. With examples of love like this, I can only wonder the kind of woman she turned out to be. “Most people think I’m always loud and hyper but really I stay to myself and enjoy complete silence,” says Kookie.

Kookie was born in California where she admits she was very shy. As a young girl who was not so outgoing, she found herself being picked on. However, when high school came around, the shy girl transformed, broke out of her shell and never turned back. She now lives Miami, where along with St. Lucia, The Virgin Islands, St. Croix and South Carolina she has family or her family comes from.


When it comes to modeling she admits it’s her personality that separates her from the pack. “Everyone will tell you I’m definitely one of a kind,” she proudly proclaims. People now look at her differently since she became a model and with her career choice came greater expectations. “Tyra Banks first got me into modeling but after seeing the standards of her show America’s Next Top Model when it came out,” says Kookie. “I started doing my own thing when it came to modeling; it’s called ‘Being Myself.’”


When she isn’t modeling, you can find Kookie learning about business management, however, she is also interested in acting and vlogging. She doesn’t find it difficult to balance her personal life with her career. “Not really,” she admits, “but I know as my fan base grows it will be harder to keep my private life from my career.” And let’s not forget her love of pizza shops! “My favorite food is pizza so why not?” she declares. Pizza is so loved by her that she'd gladly take it or some Mary Jane as a peace offering if I were to ever make her angry especially after we’d become friends.


Kookie’s recreational time isn’t spent partying and in nightclubs. The only time she’s in a club is if she is a host for the evening. According to her, there is never a good time for shaving. “I hate to get it done,” she says, “but when it’s done I feel like a pre-Madonna!” A good time, actually a little heaven on earth for Kookie is, “Silence and meditation in a white candlelit room next to Mary Jane.” I like how her mind works. Bahamas is a place she’d go if I offered a free weekend getaway.


There are moments, Kookie says, where she has noticed that men are actually intimidated by how sexy she is, however it doesn’t bother too much. Clearly, it has more to do with them than her. Eventually, they come to know the side of her where she admits she would be super embarrassed if she ever farted loudly while on a romantic date. Most people that meet her admire her honesty and carefree personality. The best compliment she remembers receiving as that she had a beautiful face.


Beautiful and sexy, keeping in shape is all about stretching from time to time and nature provides the rest. I’m sure men are helplessly seduced. The key to a good seduction is all in the eyes Kookie explains. She says it’s all about confidence. She likes poking at people minds and considers herself quite clever at it. Her sign is Leo, and she admits she is definitely quick to take control of a situation. In any situation, she will only smile or laugh when it’s genuine which means if she is serious then she is genuinely serious.


It was a pleasure learning about this lovely angel. She loves pizza, loves where she lives in Miami; “We’re the city that never sleeps,” she proudly proclaims. Hopefully when I visit she can show me around. I’m just not sure how much pizza I can stand. Ha. One thing we both agree on is World Peace; so maybe when can travel the world raising the vibrations of the planet. I think we would make a great team.



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