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Jammie Leong is Such a Girly Girl | Las Vegas, Nevada PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid Bless Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Jammie is such a girly girl; pretty and witty with a certain innocence I find adorable. I usually like my girls to be a bit of a princess and I think she would fit the bill. However I’m sure I wouldn’t fit her bill as she likes the “classic tall dark handsome” type and I’m more on the shorter side, haha. As a Pisces, she is a hopeless romantic and a dreamer. “I am def in love with the idea of being in the ocean like a mermaid,” she adds regarding her Zodiac sign.



“I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,” our angel declares. “My parents are from Hong Kong.” Jammie is the name she regularly uses but her Chinese name is pronounced Yeen-Yeen which translates to Swallow Bird. Growing up in Calgary she says was nothing short of amazing. ”I never knew of racism,” Jammie exclaims. “We lived on the 18th hole of a private golf course so I was always watching golfers putt.” Today she lives a very different life, with new friends who are very supportive of what she does. “However,” she says, “family not so much. My family is very traditional and don’t approve of my revealing photos.” Even though, because of her culture and her choice of career, she and her family don’t see eye-to-eye, Jammie says her father will always be her hero.



Today Jammie is fortunate enough to call two cities home. “One in Calgary, Canada and also my second home in Las Vegas,” she tells me. “It’s terrible when one of my Chanel bags or Loubies is in the other country and I want to use it that day,” she laments with a little laugh. “Vegas is definitely the sexiest city in the world,” she says describing the latter of her two homes. “Everyone is so friendly also! The best thing about the city is the energy of the strip hands down." Las Vegas even tops her list of favorite places to party, shop and eat. With restaurants like Cheesecake Factory, STK, Sugar Factory, and nightclubs; Marquee, Hakkasan, and Omnia being her favorites I kind of get the feeling she would be a lot of fun to hang out with.



She admits to loving a night out in a short sexy black dress and feeling her sexiest when she dons a little lingerie and I certainly love a girl who likes to play dress up. “I actually appreciate a good conversation,” Jammie says she recently discovered about herself. “I am witty and have lots of charisma, which doesn’t reflect from photos,” she suggests. I may have to disagree with her here as I see plenty charisma oozing from her photos.



Jammie’s heaven on earth, she says is, “being intimate with my man that is in love with me, anywhere, anytime.” Once again I think she fits the profile a girl’s girl where her existence is centered on her being a female. I like it. I like her. The best compliment she’s ever received was that she is “beautiful inside and out.” I did get nervous when she confessed to fantasies of “being handcuffed and choked!” however she quickly put this to rest. “Take notes,” she jokingly directs. “I think men are afraid to break me in half cause I’m under 100lbs.” I smile at this.



The Canadian born Chinese model, who jokingly refers to herself as “a banana or Twinkie” has a secret to share; “I am super flexible and double-jointed,” she confesses. No wonder she isn’t worried about being broken in half, I think to myself. A love-hate relationship with Taro Bubble Tea troubles her little heart but nothing makes her heart flutter is the “first kiss” with a love interest.



“I started with promo modeling and acting,” Jammie says thoughtfully. “My confidence grew stronger as I found my look to be quite unique and it works!” In order to be the model she is today, there were some things she would have to forgo. “I have made sacrifices of daily pints of ice-cream,” she says. The sacrifices have paid off; her modeling career is blossoming as evidenced by this feature as one of our angels. After a day of work or just hanging with friends and family, decompressing is important. Some watch TV, others just lay down and turn out the light. “I don’t watch TV,” Jammie says, “but I always light a candle on a Himalayan salt rock beside my bed every night to set the mood. I love sleeping and laying in bed so my pillow is feather with silk.” Such a girl.



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