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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid Bless "Theangels" Bey | As seen in the New York Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Good morning. May you wake with a fire that burns in your heart, a purpose that motivates you to move, a passion that is both all consuming and liberating. It is most important to be driven, to find that which draws you in like a self portrait, seeing yourself for who you are and who you you want to be. You usually don't get to know a person until you discover their passion which leads us to the questioning of an angel. "My name is Tifne Lynn," says our newest angel, "and I am currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio." Since we have been properly introduced, let us see what passions she harbors.



"My passion," begins Tifne, "[is] to always be happy. We are only given so much time in our lives and I intend on loving every moment." Unfortunately the world isn't always a happy place and heaven on earth has to be of a more personal nature. "Oceanside, surrounded by loved ones on a nice sunny day," envisions our angel as we discuss heaven on earth. Admitting she is a tomboy, Tifne shows us exactly how she makes the best of her time when she's not modeling. "I love spending time outdoors," she says passionately. "I enjoy climbing, hiking and biking. I am kind of an adrenaline junkie. I love rollercoasters!"


With girl-next-door looks mixed with tantalizing appeal, she manages to capture the imagination of many; male and female. "I would hope my confidence," she says about what people most admire about her. "I would hope it would encourage others to have more confidence." For many, it's her confidence, seen clearly when you look into her pretty eyes, that make her beautiful. Tifne believes 'Self-Confidence' is the definition of beauty. "Always be true to who you are." In fact, for her, confidence in oneself is a universal concept. "I wish more people were confident in themselves," Tifne explains. "People are too modest nowadays, where they do not shine their own strengths. Strut what you got people!"



Who is Tifne Lynn? "I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio," she says. "My family consists of many cultures and nationalities and I love it," she continues excitedly. "I believe it has molded me into being a very open minded individual." Growing up, "I loved to dress up, run and dance around the house," she recalls. "I loved being in fron the camera; not much has changed I guess, haha!" Not much has changed with her personally since becoming a model, however she cannot say the same for others. "Some family members have been extremely supportive and others may not see eye to eye and that is okay," she says. "I will continue to do what I love and be happy. The funniest part are the people from my past who seem to know my every move."


Where she lives out her days now, in Cleveland, Tifne has discovered what she loves most about the city. "I would have to say how genuinely passionate everyone is about our city," she ponders. "I'm a total foodie," she further admits and goes on to name her favorite place to eat. "I would have to say Barrio's in Cleveland," she says, "gotta have myself some dirty tacos! I love all different types of food and trying new things. My ultimate favorite would have to be Mexican." Beyond city limits, shopping rarely happens as Tifne is most comfortable supporting local establishments in her birthplace of Cincinnati and her current home of Cleveland. "I love shopping local."


"It would definitely be with the booty," Tifne is considering her biggest love, hate relationship. "It's one of my greatest features, however, it isn't easy to find pants and shorts that fit very well because I have a smaller waist." Perhaps that small waist and booty controversy could prove intimidating to some. "Maybe at first, but once people get to know my personality they would know how down to earth I truly am," she offers. "I have always gotten along with most people."  And why wouldn't she... When I look at her I see an angel. "A woman with the complete package," she says with a slight pause as she gives her idea of an angel; "radiating confidence, kindness, having inner and outer beauty." Sounds as if she is describing herself. "I've been told several times in my life that I am a chill, cool and confident person."

As a model, Tifne has talents that extend beyond the typical eye candy. "I've been on the other side of the camera and used to have a small photography business," she politely points out what makes her just a little different than most models. "With that said I am pretty knowledgeable with the camera and know what the photographer is looking for." Tifne has been fortunate to not have modeling get in the way of having a personal life. "I have the most amazing and supportive fiance who helps make things easy. I find it pretty simple to keep things where they need to be," she says thoughtfully. "There is always a time and place for everything."

Maintaining a fit body is status quo when you choose to be a model, essentially modeling is an extension of the health and beauty industry. "I am extremely active," says Tifne. "I enjoy spending time outdoors, being in the gym and doing yoga." There are a few companies that the fit model would love to lend her curves to. "Victoria Secret, Pas Sun [and] Urban Outfitters," she says, "just to name a few."

Somehow through this interview, Tifne has become transparent. We can see what motivates and empowers her. Her insistence that confidence is essential to everything including the art of winning her heart. "A man with confidence who pays attention," says our angel explaining the key to a good seduction. Calm down demons, she is taken and there is a memory your devilish charms could never erase. "The day my fiance proposed to me while we were beach-side in Jamaica," she vividly recalls. "The day was perfect, the suns was shining, the ocean felt amazing; there wasn't a worry in the world."

Tifne is a Scorpio, which she says fits her perfectly for a few reasons. "Being intuitive and seeking answers to life's essential questions," she offers. "We seek intense connections with others that match our passion and power." She finds the time to genuinely laugh, especially since most times this happens in the company of her mother and brothers. "There is never a dull moment when we're together," she points out. As a trip to getaway, if I offered a free vacation, Tifne says she would have to choose Hawaii.

I want to be honest, I like her. Tifne is super cool, incredibly attractive with a sense of purpose that is hard to deny. "I have always been pretty good at detecting whether someone is lying," she tells me, "so watch yourself!" No worries here I will always be honest. Should we ever actually become friends and I accidentally made her upset, there is only one thing I could give as a gift of forgiveness. "Tacos!" See... every reason to like her.