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The Travels of Solveiga Mykolaityte | Vilnius, Lithuania - New York, NY PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Oooh! There’s a cockroach…  Of course I am just kidding in an attempt at humor, toying around with our current angel’s biggest fear in life. I know I have failed, however, my ploy works as an introduction to Solveiga Mykolaityte. A Lithuanian angel with high-fashion looks, couture aesthetics and glamorous poses, whose story is one of mystery and obvious ambition. “I come from Lithuania,” she says, repeating the  well-known fact, “but now live in New York.” Both of her parents are Lithuanian. “I am 100% Lithuanian,” she announces proudly. “So I am [a] real Baltic girl.”



She tells me she is always traveling, always on the road, destiny unknown, goals well-defined. She doesn’t live in one place too long; however my hopes lie in the wish that she stay here in New York City. “Maybe next week I will move to live in Milan as I used to live before,” she says, “so who knows, I can survive anywhere.” She loves New York; at least there are things about it that she loves. “The best thing about the city is that [it] never sleeps, it [has] very good energy for work, action and the best places to go out and meet new people, but after that kind of style I just love to go back to my country where life is going more slow; I am enjoying all the cities and all places I have ever been because all of them are so different and unique.” She also loves New York for the shopping.



“Mostly,” Solveiga continues, “I like exotic, wild places with beautiful nature. Not only big cities; I was impressed by nature in North Dakota, Malaysia, Haiti, Seychelles, St. Bart’s Island [and] the Mediterranean Islands. I love [the] beauty of Norway and Italy. On my list what I would like to see is Vietnam, India, South Africa, Cambodia, Mexico, Peru, Iceland, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, and Madagascar. Oh, I have long list of my dreams.”


With all the traveling she has done, I wanted to know where she was at this moment, for this interview and what it is she sees. “I am at my apartment in New York,” she politely answers. “Through my window I see the towers of Manhattan, it’s quite late; it’s very nice lights, I love Manhattan by night. I have a Brazilian girlfriend from Milan; she is visiting me for three days, so I see her sitting on a couch and drinking tea.” This is her life now, international friends and locales. “My lifestyle has become very fast,” the model concludes.



Going back to her home country where life is admittedly slower, Solveiga’s idea of heaven on earth doesn’t stray much further. “Nice weather, nice nature and happy people around,” she ponders. A hot bath, a good movie and some chocolate is perfect after a long day of artist expression. Models work hard too you know, but they also have their reasons to love doing it. “It gives you good opportunity to see new places, to know new cultures, to meet interesting people when you change the place, city and country it starts over and over again; new place, new culture, new people,” the Lithuanian beauty explains; “Its school of life.”



There is a side to Solveiga that most won’t be familiar with unless you happen to be someone she shares personal time with. “I am [a] good dancer,” she says playfully. “With good music I can become wild.” People have the tendency to judge models, assuming they are less intelligent and lack substance, but time and time again I have discovered otherwise. For instance, Solveiga interests outside of modeling include philosophy, psychology, science, technologies, health and fitness and that’s not all. “Also, I like to design clothes,” she says. “Maybe in the future I will have my own line.”


A closeted fashion-designer with hopes of coming out, Solveiga has an ever-changing fashion sense and style that would probably be reflected in her own designs. Her style, she says, usually transforms with her mood. “You can see me in all kinds of styles,” she says. “One day I can be a rock girl; another one [an] elegant lady.” A ‘good watch’ is the go-to-accessory for our angel and I would have to agree.



She finds beauty in uncommon places like good manners and urbanity, style and elegance. A person’s swag or charisma is a thing of beauty to our angel; sexuality has its beauty as well. It becomes clear that Solveiga is a different kind of lady; a bit of a romantic like me. Education is beautiful, we both agree being mentally intrigued is pure pleasure and the beauty of kindness is undeniable. “That’s [what] I would call real beauty,” she affirms.



As a professional model, there is always the question of how does one succeed. “There are no only one right answers for this question,” Solveiga ventures, her English sexy and broken but effective. “Sometimes your future depends on someone’s mood or just right time; right place. But of course first you have to [have] personality, strong character, to know how to represent yourself and be confident.” On a model’s journey to success, a history develops, memories form. “I had many memorable experiences on my modeling [journey] but I would like to mention one; the cutest one I had. I did shoot with wild puma Kendi,” she recalls. “I adore wild cats so it was great experience to hold this wild cat in my arms, she was so sweet, relaxed. With calm but loud purring; she was a real super model,” she finishes jokingly.



“Beauty can be as an advantage in the real world,” says Solveiga as we discuss the impact beauty has on society. “Every person should bring beauty to the world. As much beauty we will have in this world, [the] more happy we will be. I like beautiful places, beauty of nature and art and I like beautiful people around me.” Beauty is subjective, meaning every person has their idea of what beauty is. “To be a beautiful person,” she offers, “it’s not only physically when you see the person and say ‘wow!’ and after five minutes conversation you don’t want to meet this person anymore, so that kind of beauty I call five minute effect and after beauty just disappears. [A] smart person will be always beautiful because that kind of person will know how to express his beauty.”



Her English is admittedly not so great but I’m weird and like exotic women with accents and broken English. “I would like to improve, to speak other languages more fluently,” confesses Solveiga. Subjects she would readily discuss in any language include philosophy of life and a healthy lifestyle. Her healthy lifestyle begins every morning with a tall glass of water and a genuine smile. I like this. In fact I like everything I have learned about the Lithuanian angel. An angel with a passion for traveling and can interact with people from all over the world despite her lack of ability to speak other languages with any real articulation. It is her own brand of intelligent beauty that enable her to communicate so well with others of differing backgrounds, no place is above another as long there is something to celebrate and good food to enjoy. The world needs more angels like her.