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Puns Intended featuring Kara Cooper | Okanagan, BC, Canada PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | As Seen in the New York Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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“My name is Kara Cooper, I’m a model from the Okanagan, BC area,” is her opening statement, beginning a tour of words that will ultimately show much of what we need to know about the angel. “I’m at home and I see a lovely view from my window,” she says being open and mysterious in the same breath. Growing up, “I was pretty shy actually,” confesses Kara. “I was often quiet when first meeting people, but would open up once getting to know them better.”



Modeling came when she was just eighteen years old. “I was constantly being told that I have great potential to be a successful model,” Kara Cooper details her start in the industry. “I’ve had plenty of offers to work with both freelance photographers and modeling agencies, but I figured that was just people being nice or agencies wanting to make money. I didn’t take any of the offers I was given, but instead I entered a Canadian modeling contest online and won first place. The prize was a photo shoot with Tonino Guzzo ub Vancouver. The photo shoot went really well and those images are still some of my favorites. My modeling career really took off after that.”



For the upstart angel, there is much to love about modeling. “I love seeing the images that a photographer and I create together,” she says with a palpable enthusiasm. “Whether it be the clothes I wear to a photo shoot or the different makeup. I really love seeing how diverse I can be.” Cover Girl, Revlon, Sephora, Mac, Elle Magazine are just a few brands Kara would one day love to work with. “Since becoming a model and public figure, I am definitely not shy anymore. I meet new people often and I enjoy making conversation with people from all over.”



“To be a successful model you need to be beautiful, diverse, punctual and dedicated,” says our angel. “With the industry so saturated, a successful model also needs to business oriented, it’s not just about being pretty.” There is one aspect of her career she would like to ultimately achieve. “I would love to be a makeup model. I love doing makeup and I think my eyes and face are my best features. To be a makeup model for a major brand is my dream.” Up until now, modeling has indeed been exciting, however, there is one past experience that will always hold a special place in her heart. “My most memorable experience modeling was my first body paint photo shoot, which also resulted in my first publication. The makeup artist painted a gorgeous pinup inspired one-piece on me,” she notes about the memorable experience. “The photographer was easy to work with; the photos were amazing!”



“I went to high school and college in Vernon, BC and [am] now living in the Edmonton, AB area,” she tells me. “My background is a mix of Swedish and English origin, but my parents and grandparents have lived in Canada for generations.” A Canadian through and through, she has a true love for the area she lives in. “Since I live in Canada, I like to visit anywhere that’s warm all year round. I love to meet new people and see the world’s diversity, so I’m hoping to travel to Europe in the future.”



Kara says her personal style is very girly. “I enjoy shoes and accessories,” she declares. “I have a whole room in my house dedicated to be my closet. I’d say my style is glamorous; I like to dress up every day.” Her favorite accessories of all are because of their practicality. “I love wearing earrings, but since I don’t wear them everyday,” she admits cautiously, “I’d have to say my favorite fashion accessory would be shoes.” She never leaves home her cell phone and chap stick, but wherever she goes you can be sure she is drinking water, her healthiest habit. “I always stay hydrated.”



Beautiful though she is, Kara is the first angel I can recall confessing the ills of being so. Being beautiful is usually looked at as being a blessing. “I would like to say no in my case,” surprisingly she asserts. “Some people often mistake me for a diva or someone who is ‘too good’ because of the way I look. I constantly have people tell me things like, ‘You are so nice considering how pretty you are’. It’s just another stereotype.”



Cute and adorable, her sense of humor and relaxed state can transform regular conversations into a play on words. “This isn’t really a topic of conversation,” Kara explains, “but I love puns. I could go on and on with a group of people and just make up puns all day long. I love people with a good sense of humor.” Sounds like we would have a great time if we ever hung out. “I love a guy who is tall, handsome and can offer good conversation.” Handsome and awesome conversation I can offer but I do fall short of being tall. “I find it unattractive when men are very forward and boisterous.” As she should.



Photography by Michael Jonathan

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