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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Life is about choices. We have all heard this before. The model before us is known just as much for the choices she makes as for the breathtaking beauty she is. One major choice she made was a vegan lifestyle forged out of her love of our planet. “I know for a fact that I am on the correct path that I’ve always wanted to be in,” Creestaaal says of her choice to go Vegan. I myself, am a struggling humanitarian so angels like Creestaaal become beacons of inspiration, idealism and consciousness. “I would love to inspire many to make the compassionate choice and go Vegan,” she continues, “I would love to be a role model for everything Vegan.”



“It has always been my dream to be a model,” Creestaaal explains. “When I was five I remember telling my mother I want to be a vet and a model but not the regular models, I want to be different because I am different.” Her mother calmly tells her to follow her dreams and Crystal did exactly that. It was a chance meeting with popular photographer Hugo V that further brought her dreams closer to reality. “Kelly Eden did my makeup,” she recalls. “To meet Kelly Eden… no joke… I was nervous! I couldn't really speak! But to meet her has changed my life in the right direction where only my dreams had been dreams.” Sincerity peppers her words like an emotional spice. “Thank you for inspiring me, Kelly Eden to follow my dreams.”



“I love that I can be myself in photo shoots,” she says, “showing emotions through pose or through my eyes.” As you can tell Crystal is much more than a gorgeous veneer, piercing eyes, long slender legs and perfectly timed curves. “I am an Animal Rights Activist, a belly dancer and a guardian to furbabies,” she jokingly deadpans. “Since becoming a public figure I’ve learned to be more understanding of others and way more compassionate but mostly nothing has changed me. I am me; will always be me.”



As her career develops, so too has the strength of Crystal’s ideals. “I would love to be the voice of the voiceless,” admits our earth angel, “one of the loudest ones in social media through my entire self; body, mind, heart and soul to be the change [and] to spread awareness, be a role model and continue to fight for what I stand for!” She looks to one day have her clothing and accessory line established and a non-profit animal sanctuary. “It takes passion, courage and to believe in yourself always,” offers Crystal, outlining what it takes to make it in the industry. Also, “After a long day my Furbabies relax me with their love and affection.”


Crystal was born Montebello, California as Crystal Sanchez, a city outside Los Angeles with a name that is Italian for beautiful mountain. She now calls Moreno Valley home where she is happy that there are “still patches of nature here and there” but secretly wishes there were more. “My mother is from Halpa, Zacatecas and my father is from Guadalajara, Mexico,” Creestaaal says of her Mexican heritage. “I am very proud of being a Latina!” Proud as she is of her heritage, she surprisingly struggles to this day with her image. “I would really love to improve on my body and being comfortable in it,” she confesses. “Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder,” says Crystal. “Everyone is beautiful in their own way and different humans have different perspectives. Everything. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.”



Traveling is a must for Crystal. She loves to visit the place of her father’s birth, Guadalajara, Mexico and would one day love to visit Egypt. “I love traveling,” she says, “would love to travel all around the world and always find my vegan community.” It becomes increasingly clear as we progress with the interview that Crystal loves being vegan. From vegan makeup to vegan clothes, Crystal “could talk on and on about anything vegan.” Her guilty pleasure is vegan junk food, but its vegan so how bad can it be?  “What makes me, me is that I am me,” she says about her vegan ways. “I decide what I like, what I wear, what I buy, what I support everyone can be what they want to become, I am Creestaaal from California, cruelty-free, Vegana, straight edge Latina!”



Embracing individuality is what powers us, at least those of us with our own thoughts. “I am the edgy, colorful, high-fashion, glam-punk compassionate version of Lady Gaga,” laughs Crystal. Part of her individuality can be seen in the art that adorns her flesh. I ask about her first tattoo. “My first tattoo wasn’t what I thought it was going to be,” she says as the memory comes back to her. “I got my ex name tattooed, [or] should I say signature on my hip. Even before I got to show him he had left me for another girl after four years! I quickly found James Spooner and we started on my rib piece; all vegan ink. Hopefully I can finish this amazing piece so I can get my fur-babies tattooed soon.”




With all that she has divulged there is still more to discover about Crystal. “My hidden treasure is my neck birth mark,” she answers when asked one of my favorite questions. “I’ve been bullied about it for so long but its part of my physical beauty.” Heaven on Earth to Crystal is much more than the culmination of personal desires; it’s the realization of newly-established norms. “Our planet is our heaven and we need to protect mother earth because she is the only one we have,” she says, “also for there to be equality and justice for all living organisms.” Her biggest fear in life stems from her love of all things living. “[My] biggest fear just happened… for all eight fur-babies to get sick one after the other and to see them fight so hard and yet loose the battle to a new strain of Parvo. R.I.P Lil’ Runt. R.I.P Lil’ Nala. I love you…” Sad way to end this interview but it shows we have a true angel among us. May heaven be with us.




Photography: Amanda Gift | Samantha Studio | Snaps