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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Hawaii was amazing! A trip to remember. Tanny Marie has just listed the tropical island as one of her favorite destinations. Thoughts of the trip flash in her mind as she sees her image smile back at her through a mirror in her bedroom. Miami and New York City also make the list; both are great for dining and partying. Choices made with future decisions certain to increase her list, the world need beware. Being a model will aid in her traveling, it’s one of the perks of the profession. Born in Houston, Texas and raised in sun-filled Florida, Tanny admits she’s a “total” beach bunny. Spaniard, German, French and Irish, the multi-national beauty lives conveniently by a beach. To her delight there is also a nature trail and track for her to indulge. “I love [the] outdoors,” she says.



A smile is expected, Tanny is in her favorite room in the house, her bedroom. “My bed is so soft and comfy. “[I’m] in it now,” she says jokingly. Beyond her bed, Tanny is a girl who dreams, her main passion in life is to make her dreams come true. Her biggest fear is of not being able to accomplish the goals she has set for herself. “I know I will because I keep on working on them,” she admits confidently. “I am in charge and good at what I do and that makes me… me!” Her confidence is intoxicating but she knows at times she can be a bit bossy and wants to work on that. I applaud her honesty. She was a handful growing up and with a little laughter admits that today she still is.



“Shooting in Hawaii,” Tanny describes a very memorable modeling experience, “and a Hawaiian Monk Seal swam up and got on a rock and stayed there three-feet behind me in my photo shoot; that was pretty cool…” If given the chance, Tanny admits she would happily talk about modeling for hours, along with makeup tips and hair. So it’s fair too and definitely isn’t hard to guess, Tanny loves modeling. “I love the traveling and learning more about the business every day,” she says. “I started as a Budweiser model years ago it was so fun getting paid to have fun so I had to pursue it full-time,” adds our angel, “I’ve been modeling full time seven years now.”



Every model worth her weight in jeans has brands that she adores and therefore would love to work with. Tanny likes the fashion brand Guess. She even goes so far as to call it a dream job. Those dreams she spoke of earlier in the interview include owning her own studio. “I’m licensed to do hair and makeup,” she says. Tanny also would love to teach models to pose and run workshops. “As Playboy told me they were blown away by me [and] that I should be teaching girls to modelHmmm maybe someday I will.”



Once the decision has been made to become a model, changes usually occur; some good, some bad. “Everyone wants your help to get where you are so you have to be careful,” Tanny realizes. “They see your success and suddenly want to befriend you but there is nothing good in it for you just a stepping stool for them and most of the time they don’t have what it truly takes.” But what does it take? “Determination,” answers the sex symbol and public figure. “The look; body and face, not just one; both… and knowing how to learn and capture the right look for the shoot or mood for the project at hand. It’s not easy [it] takes practice and dedication! Lots of it!”



Well modeling certainly isn’t all that interests Tanny, there is more to this angel than makeup and cameras. “Sweet wine,” is her ‘hidden treasure.’ “And lots of it,” she announces with a fit of laughter.  I myself have recently gotten into drinking wine; red preferably. We all have moments when we feel like heaven on earth has been achieved or is within reach. For Tanny, it’s a culmination of feelings, all senses being satisfied equaling total paradise. She loves boating, traveling and physical fitness. Her guilty pleasure is shopping with her favorite places to shop being Bebe, Guess and Gucci. A recently purchased pink Chanel bag has become her favorite fashion accessory. Daily joy is provided by her kittens, they help with the negativity that is surely part of the world we live in as nature. “I love them oh so much,” she says proudly. “They are so sweet and loveable.”



A beautiful girl with a style she calls trendy and sexy yet very girl-next-store; Tanny admits to receiving special treatment due to her beauty. “All the time,” she denotes. “Daily.” Because of her own unique experiences with beauty and it’s ‘consequences’, she has come to her own conclusion as to its definition. “Beauty,” she says, “is confidence and the shine that someone has that makes them beautiful!” For us in Angels Playpen, being healthy is being beautiful and good habits form the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Tanny’s healthiest habit is to drink a lot of water. Good choice.



Tattoos are cool… for some. I have none and neither does Tanny. The difference between the two of us is that she hates tattoos but I don’t, I think its great art. Through this interview we have learned a lot about Ms. Marie, all adding the impression we’d already formed about her; beautiful and determined. She is indeed in charge of her life and loves what she does because she is good at it. We see her making all her dreams materialize, creating the future she desires. From a Budweiser girl to a world class model, there should not be anything to stop her ascension and you better believe we will be there to witness her success. Best wishes. Angels Playpen.





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