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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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It’s early morning, though it’s quiet now, this is New York City and things could change in a flash. I take the time to ponder life, love and the pursuit of happiness; three things that mean the world to me. Sometime we forget that we are living a certain life that has a meaning and a purpose, so many never get to discover this about themselves so they remain in a kind of purgatory, unable to progress and mature. For those of us like this I would make a simple suggestion; do something you love and keep doing it. Through doing what you love you will find meaning and purpose. For Brittany Pennington, her decision to become a model brought positive changes, gave her life substance and reason. “I am more confident in myself and for once I really have a passion and love for what I do,” says the dark haired, tatted-up beauty.



“To me heaven on earth is having true happiness with yourself, who you’re with and what you do.” Happiness with one’s self should never be a purely cosmetic. One must find the beauty that is them, search within to ascertain what truly makes you, you. Brittany says what makes her who she is, are; “My looks, tattoos and personality,” knowing that it’s about more than what is on the outside. It’s the beauty of knowing who you are; internally and externally. “Beauty is who you are on the inside not just what you look like on the outside,” Brittany offers. “I think there are some advantages,” she says of having outer beauty, “but there also some disadvantages. Some people get special treatment if they are beautiful but then you have people who are jealous and won’t want to help you because they are jealous.”



Marilyn Monroe now covers the zodiac sign for Capricorn, the first of many tattoos to come. “I am very into astrology,” Brittany explains what her first tattoo signifies. “A few years later I covered it with a Marilyn Monroe portrait.” With the look and style of undeterred rock-star, Brittany was perfect for a short-lived stint working with MTV. “I have a little bit of an edgy style,” she says. “I don’t stick to one style because I don’t like to limit myself. I love shorts with studs and torn tank-tops.” Modeling for MTV’s Spring Break parties was such fun that nothing else has since compared. “I met so many wonderful people and worked with some of my favorite celebrities. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.”



MTV was the start of a budding career in the modeling industry. “I was doing makeup for an MTV show and the producer pulled me aside and said I would much rather you model for the show,” recalls a nostalgic Brittany. “I was very hesitant because I never thought about modeling before. I decided to do it and had so much fun with it that I never stopped modeling. Modeling has become my escape and I am so thankful for that TV show because it showed me a side to myself that I didn’t know about.” Discovering her modeling capabilities turned into a great love. “I love the human body and I love showing it through modeling. I also love being able to escape from life and focus on what you are trying to portray at that very moment.”



In order to be successful in the modeling industry, “it takes someone who doesn’t care what other people think,” Brittany instructs, “because you will come across people who will try to make you feel insecure because they are jealous of the work you have done.” Success she says also depends on where your passions lie. “If you don’t love it then it will show in your pictures.” She has a few designs of her own when it comes to her career. “I would like to continue modeling and doing professional makeup. I am not sure where I see it going yet but I know I want to continue down the path I’m on.” Makeup company MAC is a notable brand she’d like to work with. Betsey Johnson is a fashion brand Brittany expresses a desire to work with as well. “I would live to be a Sullen Angel or be a part of a brand that shows off tattoo work also.”



Brittany loves modeling, yes but she also has other interests. Besides doing makeup which she does because she is an aesthetician, she loves to travel and enjoys writing. After a long day of work, a massage from the loving hands of her girlfriend graciously rubs away all the tension. “I love my dogs and spending time with my girlfriends,” she says of her daily joys. Love impassions her. Fashion fascinates her so you can find her shopping at Steve Madden, Aldo, Victoria Secret, MAC, Nasty Gal and Forever 21.  Of course modeling is heart, and her guilty pleasure is ‘cheese and bread’. “I can never get enough,” she declares proudly. After learning about so much that she loves, we touch on her fears, well at least her biggest fear. “My biggest fear in life is being unhappy.”



Seattle is home to the tatted angel though she is originally from Tempe, Arizona. “I love the music and art vibe here and the scenery is so beautiful,” says Brittany of Seattle. “I am Irish, Italian and French Canadian,” her heritage  the topic. “My family all grew up in the U.S. My dad is from the West Coast and my mom is from the East Coast. I grew up in Arizona.” Growing up she admits she was adventurous and outgoing. “I loved to try new things.” Today she admits to new changes she’d like to make in her life. “I would like to become healthier in my eating habits and exercise more.” She never leaves home without her lipstick, cellphone or purse especially when partying in her two favorite cities; her home of Seattle and Las Vegas. “I love Las Vegas,” she says, “It’s my playground.” We rather call it her ‘Playpen.’



Photography: Michael Jonathan