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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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The rain brought with it a measure of relief, the last few days the sun acted as if it had a score to settle with New York. New developments in life added to the heat, firing me up over possibilities of the future. I was certainly at a point in my life of immense consideration and contemplation, facing life-changing decisions that up till recently didn’t exist. Nevertheless I am joyful; apprehension at the unknown only feeds my daring spirit. I am joined by an angel who, by all accounts is excited about the future as well. “I am in a happy place,” our current angel Vendella states. “I feel fulfilled with my career and I feel like I am making all the right choices to ensure my success in the future.”



“I am originally from Stockholm Sweden,” she points out. Vendella now lives in Vancouver, Canada, but there is something permanently Swedish about her. “My favorite places to visit are tropical,” a quick shift in climate underlines her most beloved locations to travel and visit. “I really love the sunshine! I especially enjoyed my trip to Cabo for my birthday.” Still, for the Scandinavian beauty home is home. “The best thing about living in Vancouver,” she says, “is that it is very multicultural and has everything from mountains to beaches.” She is 100% Scandinavian; pure Swedish like Hasbeens shoes. “My family moved to Canada from Sweden when I was twelve years old. Now Canada is where I call home but I’m still a true Viking at heart.” She is the last image that comes to mind when thinking of a Viking, but I get it.



The Vikings were known explorers in history, so I picture Vendella to be somewhat of an explorer herself. Truth is fashion is where her adventure lies. Though she has many interests, such as fitness and dance, and like many a woman, she thoroughly enjoys shopping. “I know I am a shopaholic,” she emphasizes. “I really like fashion; I feel like it helps showcase your personality.” Her love of fashion extends to her modeling career. “Although there are several brands that I would love to work with such as Guess and Victoria’s Secret, VS are my initials so I think that’s an angelic sign and what girl wouldn’t want to be a Victoria’s Secret angel; Chanel is definitely my ultimate dream job,” she details. “I’ve been a huge fan of designer Karl Lagerfeld since I was old enough to carry a purse; it would be a fantasy come true to work with the iconic designer and luxury label.” She proudly describes her personal style as “Sheik Glam”. “Even if I am wearing workout wear or jeans,” she says, “I give my outfit what my friends like to call the Vendelicious style flare.”



“Ultimately I would like to take my career to an international level with branding,” Vendella envisions. “As I am also an actress and TV host I would like to incorporate that as well into a multimedia Vendella experience. I am thinking large scale like Kimora Lee Simmons. I really admire what she has been able to her modeling career into.” Full steam ahead, her career is on track like a cross-country train with some memorable stops along the way. “Although there has been several memorable moments in my modeling career,” she says, “I would have to say my most memorable moment was when RTNP hired me to the face on their t-shirts. I felt like I was getting my Kate Moss moment and it made me feel proud that people were going to be wearing my image.” Drive and ambition she says are the keys to success in modeling. “Never letting anyone tell you [that you] can’t do anything,” she adds. “I am a person who doesn’t believe in limitations in life. If you never stop trying than you can never fail. If you want something you work hard and go after it. That’s my mantra.”



A fail-proof reasoning propels her state-of-mind. “What makes me, me is that I’m always myself and I say whatever I actually think all time,” confesses Vendella. I envy her; my mind and tongue frequently gets me into trouble so I have to often exercise self-imposed censorship. “I feel like I could talk forever about relationships,” here she speaks of when censorship is not needed. “I have so many friends and family members who ask me for advice. Sometimes it’s hard to say something that is both helpful and supportive but it definitely feels great that I can be the voice of reason when need be.” From helping foster positive relationships to providing inspiration to be motivated, Vendella is an exceptional angel. “I am most passionate about being a loyal and true friend,” she says… passionately. “I feel that if you focus on making those relationships strong then there is nothing that you cannot achieve.”



Creating perfect relationships doesn’t that she herself is perfect. “I am always so busy that it is sometimes hard to get everything I need to do completed, so I would definitely say my time management needs a little improving. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day.” Here she sounds like me; these are my sentiments as well. “What brings me joy daily is knowing that I have people in my life who truly love and appreciate me,” she says bringing me into accord. It’s her inner beauty that attracts me the most though her outer beauty is how she ended up in Angels Playpen; it is certainly an advantage in life. “I would definitely say that yes being beautiful has its advantages in the real world and sometimes you do get special treatment. I also believe that real beauty comes from being true to yourself and who you are and if you’re aesthetically beautiful on the outside only, then that isn’t true beauty,” she says energy infused in every word. “I always treat people as I would want them to treat me. So yes I have had people treat me with special treatment but I have also had times when someone has prejudged me because of what I look like on the outside and treated me unjustly.”



As far as modeling goes, it’s not a choice she made all of a sudden. “I always wanted to be a model when I was a kid, I thought it was glamorous” Vendella admits. “My parents were strict and never allowed me to pursue modeling as a career. So when I was old enough to make my own decisions, I decided to give modeling a chance and that is what I have been doing ever since.” These days she is works full-time as an actress and television host as well. “What I love most about modeling is all the different creative people I meet. I have a lot of friends in the same industry and it’s great to collaborate and network.” When she uses these words, I will admit to being inspired, same as I expect any other in this industry who comes across her thoughtful words ought to be.



A bit of an overachiever growing up, Vendella attended a boarding school, was into sports and musical theater and was the second oldest in a family that consisted of seven children. “Since I have become a model and public figure, I have become more aware of who I am as a person and how I can showcase certain facets of my personality,” she says. “It brings out my inner chameleon and I enjoy transforming into different characters and personas for modeling.” With her beauty being showcased along with her multifaceted personality, she has developed a true understanding of beauty. “My definition of beauty,” she says, “is a respect of one’s self and others. Everyone has something beautiful about them.”



“My hidden treasure is that I’m a domestic diva,” Vendella explains, delving a little deeper into her inner beauty. “I’m really into baking.” Her favorite room in her house should be the kitchen then right? “I would have to say my bedroom is my favorite,” she responds. “I love to sleep. I even have a bed that massages you and satin sheets.” Sounds like heaven, however ‘heaven on earth’ for the blonde beauty is extra-special. “My idea of ‘heaven on earth’,” says our angel, “Valhalla in Swedish is a world where people say what they actually mean instead of hiding their true feelings. I always say what I really mean and it’s sometimes disheartening that most people don’t.” Well put.


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