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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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A young angel, still maturing, adulthood a new phenomena admits to us that she still has some growing up to do. Here in Angels Playpen, growth is essential, understanding and enlightenment are almost mutually exclusive for us which definitively leads to nirvana. “Wanna hear my name?” she asks proudly. “It’s Wild Pony,” she answers with a laugh. There is a story to the name, a history more importantly. “My mom gave me that [name] because I was so wild when I was little, which hasn’t changed; and Pony, for my love of animals.” At the age of eighteen, she is still developing as a young woman, “but them past eighteen years,” she says, “I was the wild-child out of my parent’s three kids.”



“Well,” she offers a glimpse of her current surroundings, “I’m at my house right now, so I see my laptop, for this interview [laughs], I see some beef jerky in front of me along with a bull to keep me awake.” Peppered with giggles, she describes her peripheral which include her little puppy and cell phone. “I’m from a small town called Jackson, Ohio, its Southeast of Columbus, Ohio,” Sydney tells us. “That’s my hometown I’m representing!”



After discovering the story behind her name, we come to an impasse where we must now explain the history.  “My family origins as far as I know are mostly American Indian, I even have an Indian name and card,” she delivers with a slight laugh. This explains the name Wild Pony, a cultural significant gesture by her parents that pointed to a much deeper reasoning other than Sydney’s wild ways. “I also have a little Italian, Irish and Dutch; I guess you could say I’m a mixed breed.”



“Something most people don’t know unless you’re from my hometown and most of them don’t even believe it,” Sydney talks of her ‘Hidden Treasure.’ “…and when I had her she was nine pounds and one ounce. Talk about some pain! Most people don’t believe it because of how skinny I am.” Though she is thin, a usual sign of a healthy lifestyle, Sydney admits she is anything but. “Ha!” she announces, “I’m definitely not a very healthy person, all I eat is junk food.” With no healthy habits to speak of, still she looks amazing. “Oohhh my guilty pleasure would be chocolate,” she says jokingly. “I feel guilty after I eat something chocolate, but it’s oh so pleasuring!” We suggest she never feels guilty about pleasuring herself. Ha.



Sydney confesses she’s always wanted to be a model. “Well it’s something I’ve always wanted since I can remember and found out about a company called P!nk Elite, so I put in an application and they wanted me,” she recalls with a measured excitement. “And that’s all how it started!”  Meeting new people comes first as one of the reasons she loves modeling. Being educated at photo shoots and shopping for outfits round out the top three. “I absolutely love modeling but other than that my interests are my animals; they’re my babies, I enjoy photography, music and spending my time with my little one.” She’d love to one day work with Victoria’s Secret of course. “Isn’t that every girl’s dream?” A successful run at modeling requires plenty of opportunity and time plus effort. “Gotta have the right attitude and determination,” is Sydney’s advice. It was her very first shoot that sticks out most among her memories. “I was nervous but my photographer was great and he got me out of that nervousness!” In the end she wants to take her modeling career as far as she can, the sky’s the limit.



After a long day of work, Sydney prefers to go home, slip into some comfortable clothes and perhaps chill in her favorite room in the house; her bedroom. And because she is from a small town and only eighteen, her modeling is what led her to discover Columbus, Ohio’s vibrant club scene. On the scene she can be seen in her signature diverse style, which is pretty much anything she likes but she loves “anything with lace and bright colors!” Being surrounded by family and friends, would be ideal in overcoming a particularly hellish day, week or anytime. Add in a beach and close friends and that heaven on earth to an angel.



Sydney credits her attitude as the core of who she is, very simple. “I’ve got one and know how to use it,” she says. Her biggest fear in life is of dying; however she lives life to the fullest; the tattoos that appear intermittently across her flesh are a testament to this. “Oh gosh,” she says thinking back to the beginning. “I got my first tattoo on my 14th birthday. My mom, sister and I all got matching one on the worst part you could get one; our foot! Let’s just say it was painful and I cried [laughs]. But my artist is someone from my hometown, as they say an ‘underground artist’ [that] goes by the name Jables Logan; he’s the best,” she says powerfully. “I will never go to anyone else.”   The art only enhances her beauty, which she defines as “anything or anyone that is pleasant to look at but not only from the outside, inner beauty is by far the best asset a person can have.”



Beauty, the ever subject of perception, Sydney has had to come to terms with its implications in society and everyday living. “I do see beauty as an advantage,” she admits, “I’ve experienced myself. Yes, I have been given special treatments for my looks but again not just the outer looks.” Two subjects she loves to talk about are her daughter and modeling. “Most of the time when I talk to people, it’s about one of them two things or both,” she delivers with a laugh. It’s her daughter that helps balance out all the negativity we deal with regularly. “My daughter gives me joy 24/7!” she exclaims. “She’s so smart and very crazy!” Her daughter isn’t the only thing that makes her happy; receiving fresh new images from photo shoots boosts her spirits as well. Still… “I’m passionate about many things but most passionate about my daughter! I love her with everything in me!”



Photography: Epphects Media