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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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As I sit in my newest hideout, a coffee shop that literally rocks, Rock n Joe’s; my laptop suspended above and to the right of my lap, sitting on the arm of my chair and the slightly weakened table next to me. Sarah Lowry, a Grove City, Ohio model and our current angel of subject joins me to talk of life, passion and career. These things are important in the telling of her story, how she came to be an angel sharing with us intimate details of her heavenly nature; beauty and ambition.



Sarah is originally from Toronto, Canada, uprooted to Ohio where Grove City captured her in its charm. “I love my city because it is a small town and I’m not very fond of big cities.” Her location for this interview is her bedroom, computer in sight, a slither of light peaking through her window, her clock reflecting on the ceiling above. She takes the time to answer my questions, each designed to bring her story closer. “I was always the wild child,” she says of her youth, “even when I was young I was rocking my Barbie Corvette.”



Modeling seems like a natural progression for Sarah. “I used to do pageants when I was younger,” she says, “and I always loved being in front of the camera, my friend asked me to do a shoot with her a couple years ago and I haven’t stopped since.” Since then a love has developed. “I love seeing [the] after effect, I love looking at my pictures and thinking ‘Wow is that really me?’” Modeling has made her grow up a lot in its wake. “I’ve noticed that people tend to pay more attention to my actions and sometimes even look up to me, I don’t want little girls thinking its okay to do bad things because they see me doing [it].”



Ambercrombie and Fitch, controversial though they are at times, is among the brands she would love to work with. Bebe and Michael Kors also make the list. “Anything,” she says of what brands to work with, “where I can have fun.” Whatever companies she works with, Sarah looks to take her career “straight to the top!” with “hard work and confidence.” “Without confidence,” she says, “you won’t get anywhere, modeling isn’t simply sitting in front of a camera, it’s actually working poses and being confident enough to do anything. You can see confidence in pictures.” She will forever remember the moment taking pictures became much more. “Working with a photographer and later being published in my first magazine,” she states, “I will never forget that moment of accomplishment.”



As a published model, becoming a figure of public consumption and a role model are loosely tied together; the latter usually follows the former. Thankfully, Sarah has a responsible soul; her passion is in the positive influence she can be to others. Being a healthy example by working out daily and eating healthy is just one of the ways she carries out her innate duties as a role model. Being a role model isn’t about perfection, Sarah has no problem discussing her shortcomings; mainly her timeliness. “I’m always late!” she exclaims. She doesn’t let her beauty and the fact that she is also a model go to her head. “Unfortunately beauty is something people take advantage of and gets many people special treatment,” she offers, “I wouldn’t say it gets me special treatment, I work hard for what I earn and I don’t take shorts.”


Sarah works hard, letting her outer-beauty be a bonus, her inner-beauty the true treasure. “I would consider my ‘hidden treasure’ [to be] ballroom dancing,” she says of an unexpected tidbit about herself. “I used to teach at an academy in Columbus and I love it.” It’s her distinct personality that is the core of makings. “I kind of have an ‘I don’t give an eff’ personality,” she says with a rebellious pride. “I love doing crazy things that others may consider stupid, like jumping into a freezing cold lake for fun.” Her biggest fear is of living forever which would help explain adventurous spirit. Across her ribs, the word ‘VERITAS’ is emblazoned as a sign of commitment to trust, a tattoo she wanted for so long. “My old youth group name was VERITAS and it has a lot of meaning behind it for me.”



“I see ‘Heaven on Earth’ as being something out of this world,” she says, “something so truly amazing that people describe it as heaven; something or someone so beautiful that it is considered an angel.” Beauty, she says is definable yet indescribable. “When you see beautiful, you can’t pick one thing about the person so you simply describe it as beautiful because you’re at a loss for words.” A man’s most beautiful attribute, according to Sarah, is his personality followed closely by his smile and eyes.


Earth can be a dark and challenging place, moving us to better appreciate the goodness we find when we look for it. “My baby sister,” Sarah cites her source of daily joy. “She’s six and just seeing how innocently happy she is, makes me so happy.”  After a long arduous day has come to an end, a little rest is in order. “I work a fulltime job,” she says, “and I love going home to a relaxing bath and then curling up in bed with a good movie and eventually falling asleep.” Her bedroom is a haven, a reprieve from the harsh realities of the outside world. “It’s my place of rest and where I know I am safe.”



When modeling isn’t the activity of choice, other worthwhile interests slide into focus. “I love dancing, I love my job and siblings,” Sarah denotes, “every chance I get I love to spend time with them.” Her guilty pleasure doesn’t surprise me as much as it should, I rather like it. “My guilty pleasure is racing and watching car races.” She can talk about her family for hours, any day, any time. “I never run out of things to talk about when talking about them.” Sounds like a family with many stories to share, very much like my own. “My family is mainly Irish,” she says of her family heritage, “there is a little bit of German but that’s all.”


Sarah’s mishandling of time is of no consequence here. Time was suspended briefly as we talked of timeless concepts; passion and purpose, love and honor. Her dislike of selfish men is noted, it’s an understandable immediate deal-breaker. The ballroom dancer who loves to spend time with her siblings, enjoys watching a good car chase or race and wants to be a good role model, gave to us a time-tested tale that I am sure will continue its course to ultimate discovery and the realizing of one’s desires. Thanks for being an angel.



Photography: Chris Epp | Epphects Media