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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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How does one forget an angel as pretty as Chelsie Aryn Miller? I don’t know how but I did. Blame it on my ADHD; blame it on my crazy schedule, blame it on whatever reason comes to mind but there is no real excuse for forgetting the chance to get to know a beauty like Chelsie. I feel like a fool… still here we are. But the interview is of a Christmas past, but who she is hasn’t changed. It is my fault for telling this tale after so much time has passed. I suspect the essence of an angel rarely changes.



Visiting her parents for the holidays, Chelsie sits in the living room after the tree has been taken down, packed away with all the decorations that previously adorned it. Taken down means exactly that in this particular case. “We hang our Christmas Tree from the ceiling,” she says. “I grew up in a an A-frame and since floor space was limited my dad, who built the house, had installed a pulley in the ceiling so he can hoist the tree up and get it off the floor to save space.” CSI is on the television, a rather large, comfortable green plaid sofa threatens to swallow her. A psychotic kitten, “I am pretty sure has ADHD”, keeps her company as she manages to answer my questions.



“My culture origins would be German and Japanese,” she says answering one of my favorite questions. “My dad’s side is full German and my grandma on my mom’s side is from Okinawa and Grandpa is German-Dutch. My dad’s side of the family is part of the original settlers who started the town I grew up in.” The town she speaks of is in Albany County, New York. “I am from a small rural town tucked up in the Helderberg Mountains just outside of Albany called Berne.” Being a trouble maker in a town as small as Berne, especially as kid meant coming home after the news. “If you did something wrong growing up,” she recalls, “your parents would know what it was before you even got home.” The town may produce ‘snitches’ but it also is a place where help is always a few steps away, where neighbors routinely lend a hand to one another when needed.



Chelsie was a very quiet, “kind of awkward” girl growing up. A cheerleader flyer in high school, she didn’t belong to any particular definable group. “Being from a small school,” she says, “it wasn’t really “cliqued” like you see on TV or like most schools. Everyone pretty much intertwined really well in my class. At least that’s how I remember.” I’m sure she remembers well, well enough to notice the changes that modeling has brought. “Well one thing that has changes me since becoming a model and public figure is I am not shy anymore. Being out in public I have learned to talk to people, accept my flaws and go with it. It has definitely helped me become more confident and sometimes a bit outspoken.”



An amateur photographer for a mother initiated Chelsie’s modeling career. “She had always done photography as a hobby,” she recollects. “When I was born I became her favorite subject. She would dress me up and pose me with things like stuffed animals, tricycles, and etcetera. When I was a teen I found it a good way to get clothes.” She would beg her mother to by her a desired outfit with the promise of posing in it for mom’s camera. “Little did we know this was all training for modeling; everything from styling, finding locations, posing and expressions. Needless to say when I did my first on location ‘real professional photo shoot’ I was not overly impressed; we had been doing that for years.”



After becoming a model and learning that playing dress up and pretending to be someone else for a time can be an incredible creative outlet, she couldn’t quite figure out her direction. Her style is so diverse that choosing brands to work with became a chore. “I would have to say Guess would be my top pick. They always have something for all my personalities.” A schizophrenic fashion sense, she describes as “comfy, smexy with a touch of badass” includes “soft clothing” and “lots of layering of clothing and jewelry.” Still, she wants to work as much as she can and take her career as far as possible. “I would like to be that girl who breaks the rules as a petite model to make it past the stereotype that all fashion models have to be tall.”



To make it in the modeling industry, she says, will require a lot of luck. “Everyone seems to be a model today and with photoshop everyone can be and look like a million bucks at the same time with perfect bodies.” With each photo shoot, a new memory was forged, friends were made, connections established. “I find that you work so closely with photographers, mua’s, hairstylist that you share so much with them and them with you that by the end of the long day you know everything about one another and they become a part of your extended modeling family. A shoot never ends with a hand shake, it ends with hugs, not with a goodbye but hoping to see you again soon.”



Chelsie seems to know what she is talking about, modeling being an influential part of her life since being a young child. “I like to do crafts and make things but pretty much everything in my life has always revolved around modeling in some way,” she offers delicately. “I got my motorcycle license last year and hope to get some use out of that this summer.” Passion is engrained into her actions, she moves not-a-step without it. “I never do anything I am not passionate about,” she says. “I have to give whatever I am working on my full attention.” The Jets get a lot of her passion and attention also. “They always give me something to talk about for hours,” she says of the NY football franchise. They weren’t giving her much good to talk about this past season but she still loves them.



Beauty, she says is in the eye of the beholder and occasionally whoever sees her for the beauty she is, treats her differently. “Sometimes I do get special treatment. Free lunches or trinkets from random people I just met. It can also be a disadvantage when people don’t see past your looks or they judge you without knowing you.” Judge all that you want, Chelsie knows she isn’t perfect no matter how pretty she is. “I wish I didn’t procrastinate so much on things,” she admits. “I get that trait from my dad; according to my mom.” She further admits she is as stubborn as a mule. “I know what I like. If I don’t like it there isn’t much you are going to do to get me to change my mind.” Apparently she has been this way since she was just a toddler. “When I crossed my arms, shook my head no when I was one year old… that was it. The discussion was over. I am still this way.”



Chelsie got her first tattoo when she was fifteen and unbelievably her parents were all for it. Her mother actually joined her. “It’s a fancy little goldfish in pink and purple on my left hip,” she tells the tale of the tatt. “The fish goes along with a love story my grandma had told us about how she and grandpa would go to ‘Mud Hole Pond’ to make out when they were courting back in the 1930’s. One Easter they got stuck up there in the mud, lucky for them some friends had come along that were able to help them out the mud.” Yes, very lucky indeed, or as I like to say blessed.



Chelsie is everything we expect in our angels. Smart, daring and caring, precisely what we need in today’s unstable environment, where negativity is just part of life. Here in Angels Playpen, because we seek pleasure and joy at every turn, we rarely fall hostage to the clutches if chaos. Chelsie fits in perfectly. “I am just one of those people who can find the positive in most situations,” she says thoughtfully. “You can’t control what others do you can only control what you do. There are many things that bring me joy but mostly doing something nice for others; from baking brownies for someone I love or dancing with a guy no one else will.” Awww… she is indeed an angel.