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It’s My Birthday ft. Taylor Noelle | Syracuse, New York PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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With her birthday fast approaching, this interview feels a bit harried, her request to have it complete before it arrives adds an element of suspense. Taylor Noelle is a Dutch, German and Irish angel from Syracuse, New York. So this is a celebration of all that she is, the experiences that made her, the thoughts that consume her, and the desires that drive her. Her birthday is April 9th, perhaps a day that could one day become a holiday to us all. If I could treat her to a trip anywhere of her choosing, I would. Maybe I should find out where she’d choose first…  “Lake Hillier,” she responds, “the famous pink lake in Australia.”



Travel still remains a mission; it’s something she hasn’t done much of yet. Atlanta is a city she has discovered for herself despite the limited treks to different locations, experiencing good food, sights and perhaps a little dancing. Her favorite restaurant as-it-stands is a place in Syracuse called Pastabilites, the title pretty cool if you ask me. Nightclubs aren’t really her thing, especially the local ones but… “If I have to choose one, it would have to be this rooftop club/bar that I went to while I was in ATL.”



Taylor admits to some interesting things; being incredibly open about her past. “I live in a small town right on the border of the city line so it was not as crazy as the city but definitely not as quiet as being in the country,” her tale begins. “Everyone pretty much knows everyone around. All of my neighbors were usually adorable little elderly couples.” The city she speaks of course is Syracuse. “All of my family lives in my area which is very important to me.” Family is important for many reasons, some reasons harder to appreciate at first.



“When I was fifteen,” Taylor offers in remembrance, “my mother had a lot on her hands with me and decided to put me in a program where hopefully I would realize the self destruction I was causing.” Being placed in a ‘program’ of course didn’t sit well with Taylor. “At first I hated her for it and thought she was the worst mother in the world and just wanted to get rid of me,” she says, “but within a year I started to mature and learn where my life was headed if I didn’t change… after two years of being at this program I had become staff and also was a mentor for other young girls that came in which led to me knowing what I wanted to go to college for, so that one day I could become a social worker and help young teens. I had learned that what she did was really out of love and that she was willing to give up anything for me. I will always be grateful to my mother and never forget how much she truly loves me.”



Taylor’s storied past reminds me that we all have childhood issues that, though for some of us these issues are rooted in pain and discomfort, directly contribute to the person we eventually become. Today she is a model, an example that past experiences doesn’t always prevent one from achieving personal goals. “A couple that I used to work with told me about a local photographer who did a trade shoot for them,” she says of how she started, “so I looked into it and ended up having a shoot with this photographer and from there I got involved with the social networking sites like Model Mayhem and just started networking with local photographers in my area.”



Thankfully, Taylor didn’t have to lose much in the pursuit of a modeling career. “I can’t think of any significant sacrifices I have made for modeling unless you count sleep or putting miles on my car as one,” she jokingly declares. She is very blessed to also have good friends in her corner. “They are all very supportive,” she says of how they feel about her career choice. “[They] think it’s awesome how much I have I have done and are always very encouraging.”



“I am not your typical ‘model’ type,” Taylor advises. “I do not meet the standard requirements that most people think of when you say model. But I am very passionate about it and also with my modeling I like to keep a respectable, classy representation of my name and image.” She looks to be a mentor of sorts, presenting young girls with an alternative to what popular media enforces as the status-quo. “You don’t have to be what all the media says we are supposed to look like or bare it all basically to be ‘sexy’. While I have nothing against with women who do model in that manner, I just want to try to be who I am and show girls that there is nothing wrong with who they are and that they can do whatever they put their minds to while still keeping their personal values and morals intact.”



A true Aries, Taylor clues me in as to why this is so. “Aries,” she commands, “are known to be generous people. They give of their time, effort, money and sympathies. They have both moral and physical courage and will give support to anyone being treated unfairly or to any cause they deem worthy.” She further mentions that Aries are usually creative, open hearted and high spirited.



A beautiful girl, I’m sure compliments arrive at her ears like mail to an address. “While receiving physical compliments are always flattering, the best kind of compliment I have ever received is being praised for what’s on the inside,” Taylor thoughtfully explains, “being told that I am a sweet and kind hearted person, because if that’s the type of person someone sees you as, it will radiate on the outside as well.”



A deeply regimented girl, Taylor studied Martial Arts for six years, developing strength of mind and body which shows in her answers to my questioning.  She finds time to genuinely laugh every day, at the time of this interview her most recent involved the man in her life, cuddle on the couch being tickled tirelessly, she admits she is incredibly ticklish. A love-hate relationship with chocolate is a real condition for our angel, though it appears to be manageable. Never mind this ‘affliction’ she both suffers and relishes, I am simply blessed to have the Irish-German-Dutch angel share so much with us. May everyday be a birthday! Thanks for being an angel.