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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Edita Rink. High fashion looks draw you in with cartoon-like wonder; she is a striking Eastern European beauty indeed. Born in Lithuania where she admits she had a very ‘fun’ childhood, Edita was a tomboy who played sports like baseball and basketball. It’s hard to see the sporty past in her images, all one sees is a determined angel who has sacrificed so much to become a model, yet here she is.



Full name Edita Rinkeviciute, she now resides in the U.S., in a village called Downers Grove outside of Chicago. She says where she lives is perfect because it’s not a densely populated urban landscape. Instead it’s far from crowded and accessible to major highways. Despite her current residence, Edita still affectionately calls Lithuania home.


There is a place on this planet for each of us we’d surely visit any chance we got. In my big little heart, I would love to send an angel, as a gift of appreciation; to a place she desires to unwind, if only to see her smile. Edita’s choice would be Brazil, for reasons both obvious and personal. For shopping, dining and partying she chooses St. Barts Island and many places spread throughout Europe. Her favorite venue being the Yacht Club.


In an unexpected turn in conversation, Edita confesses to having a love, hate relationship with her own self. This surprises me, so I’m hopeful to get the opportunity bring this up at sometime in the future. Oh then another surprise follows, this angel, this delicate beauty with the lithe but curvy frame used to work in construction. “I can do anything,” she says unknowingly repeating my thoughts. Yes she can.



Edita undoubtedly has had to endure countless compliments; they probably come incessantly in this beauty crazed world. I ask what the best compliment she remembers receiving is, she laughs as she answers “not sure.” Did she find this question humorous or has she received so many random compliments that none stick out? This mystery taunts me like a good pair of jeans.



I have always had a side interest in astrology and its many implications. I am an Aquarius and haven’t figured if anything about it actually applies. Edita is an Aries and admits there are characteristics that apply. “I always say what I think, sometimes it’s not really good,” says our angel with a smiley face, “but that’s how I am.” Bluntness aside, Edita can also be quite the sweetheart. “I’m very friendly and generous sometimes too much,” she says jokingly.


Weekend spent with her girls, genuine laughter; a good time. This took place prior to this interview. Love, a moment in a person life that is defined by it comes rare and is usually unforgettable. For Edita, it was the day her daughter was born. Heaven on earth; having Edita as an angel with us, telling us this tender moment. I have one final question I pose, what makes her a ‘hidden treasure’ in modeling? “Unique look with a strong personality,” she answers with appropriate finality. Thanks for being an angel.





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