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The Heavenly Imprint of Claudia Rivarelli | Punto Ballena, Uruguay PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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In Punto Ballena, Uruguay, amongst the lush nature and fresh air, an angel watches as people go about enjoying themselves, playing sports, children playing on the beach. The world-renown Casapueblo Hotel sits majestically in sight. “That building is all white,” says our angel, “big with special architecture.” The scene described belong to the very statuesque Claudia Rivarelli. Born on Uruguay, she lived in Brazil also, establishing a home and career in both countries. California beckons her now, the state a place she looks forward to establishing in as well. “I’m a professional bikini fit model,” Claudia announces proudly. Fit she is physically, mentally however we have yet to discover.



There is a vulnerability to her, perhaps isolated to her stare, which belies the obvious strength seen throughout her photos. I’m still certain she could kick my ass though, not that I would fight back. I’m so much more a lover than anything else. Her name is Claudia Rivarelli, utterly South American, uncompromisingly sexy. The vulnerability I see may only be recognizable to me and my writer’s eyes. Claudia actually admits she possesses an aggressive character, a sometimes problematic condition. “But my good side,” she offers in contrast, “I’m very generous with the people who deserve it.”



Claudia loves the countries she represents. “Good weather, nice beaches,” she says are the best things about living in Uruguay and Brazil. It’s quite a place where she has all her good and real friends. It’s summer there now so she is enjoying the beach and fresh air. “Here we have beautiful places like Punta Ballena and Punta del Este. People from all over the world come here to visit the amazing place.” She also loves Rio de Janeiro, where she spent some time. “Wow, the beaches are totally amazing, weather is extremely hot,” she recalls, “music on the beach is very relaxing.” No words adequately describe the atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro. “The mix between buildings and living in the jungle; that combination is perfect.”



Yes she is from South America; however her beauty traveled in from Europe. “My grandpa was Portuguese and my grandma Italian,” she says. “My parents were born in Uruguay. I was born on Uruguay and lived in Brazil too; half-half.” Growing up, our little angel was always smart, her interests spanning a number of topics. Claudia went to the University to study communication and publicity, still her mind was drawn to so many things. Today she is a model, a translator and writer for several American publications, a fashion designer and personal trainer. She even worked in the marketing department of a few American companies.



Her aggressive personality shows in the sheer amount of things she’s tackled. Since becoming a model, Claudia has noticed a few unexpected changes, some appreciated, some not so much. She had met some good people of different cultures and backgrounds, along with the bad guys who just wanted a piece of your fame. “I hate that kind of people,” she says, “but it’s the life.” She insists on keeping only her ‘real’ friends around. “Money is good for a lot of stuff but it’s awful to buy friends. Real friends will always [be] with you even [if] you have a name or not.” She warns us to be real at all times and be wary of the interests of those around you. You have to be careful to make real contacts in the industry also. “Check all info to be true,” she says. “Some agencies are fakes and guys try to introduce porn or prostitution.”



A friend told Claudia she could make money because of her looks, so being the aggressive girl she is she took on the challenge. At the time she was at school studying, slim and trimmer than she is today, she hit the runway, did hair parades and more… “Now I’m more curvy,” she admits. “I can do sportswear, fight-wear and all that stuff.” The money making and traveling parts of modeling are most appealing to our statuesque beauty but she also loves all the amazing and talented photographers she gets to work with. “I have had the luck to work for some photographers [in] the U.S.A., Russia, Brazil and my country of course.”



So much more than a model, Claudia uses the power of her beauty to achieve grander goals. “Having a name opens a lot of doors,” she says. Maybe one day her beauty will land her on the silver screen as an actress or as a personality simply being herself. She is willing to work with any brand that will have her, their interest in her automatically sealing the deal. Becoming an international cover girl, gracing the covers of magazines in Miami, Canada, Italy and Brazil are the brighter highlights of her career. Outside of her modeling career, beauty has aided her in everyday life. “I see that a little bad,” she confesses. “People are more than a beauty outside.”



Claudia’s words pack a stern truth, warning of hidden dangers in the industry, advising on how best to live one’s life; knowledge is always appreciated here in Angels Playpen. Besides the unyielding beauty we have with us, there is a thoughtful, sincere angel that loves to talk about Italian art, cuisine, zoology, ornithology, poetry, good books and culture in general. Her favorite television shows often consume her, wild animals and criminal investigations typically on the screen when she finds the time. During these times when she isn’t busy modeling or translating, she likes to learn new languages, train and spend time with family and friends.



We all have our ‘guilty pleasures’, things that are good ‘to’ us but not always good ‘for’ us. Claudia’s happen to be Coke and chocolates, with her heaven on earth being a world with no war, envy, crime, animal cruelty, child abuse and labor or human trafficking. “[I] hate all the bad stuff,” she declares altruistically. “I know it’s impossible, just a utopia but I would like this to someday happen.” Me too, I think to myself in accordance with her ideals. Listening to trance music calms her after a long day of work; going to the beach or a glass of orange juice accomplishes the same. If it’s really late, she turns to taking a relaxing bath with creams for the face and body. “I like to use nice creams for my skin,” she says, “I have good skin but always it’s nice to [take] care of it.”



A beautiful girl, strong where she needs, vulnerable when necessary but always smart and determined, she is the perfect balance a beauty should be. “[A] beautiful face, healthy body and having brains,” she agrees is the; “Total package. Total Harmony.” Claudia isn’t a big fan of those who rely on plastic surgery to be beautiful. “Some people is exaggerated with that.” There is an exotic eloquence to her delivery I adore; I could exchange words with her endlessly. She and I both share a disdain for morose individuals, a plague to happiness. “I hate negative people,” she spews, “[I] don’t care for their thoughts. Always must be positive. Life is hard.” I concede, which is why my only mission is to discover as much beauty in the ugliness that surely exists.



Claudia is passionate about making a good name for her and her brand. “When you have a name all is more easy for you,” she says with an obviously cute accent. “Trust me, it’s true.” She trains everyday to stay healthy and fit. Martial arts, eating good, drinking lots of water all help keep a youthful bounce to her step. “You will feel young and more with more energy.” More than anything else, she desires to leave her indelible mark on the world, her “finger print” as she likes to say. Now that she is an angel, not that she ever wasn’t, Claudia has certainly left her prints on our hearts and minds. Thank you for being an angel.



Photography: Shey Nanette | Miss Gong



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