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Margaret Wood - The Occassional Diva | Pontotoc, Mississippi PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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Margaret Wood is a diva. At times… She knows this about herself and  wants to learn how not to be so demanding at those critical moments when she will have nothing short of what she wants… then and there. She is out-of-shape when it comes to exercising her patience. “I wish I could be more like my mom,” she laments. “She is so easy going.” We all have something about ourselves we wish to improve on; it’s the mark who is honest with themselves and therefore much more likely to be honest with others. We’ll see just how honest this angel is.



“I am Margaret Wood.” Her introduction is polite, direct but respectful. “I am from a very small town in North Mississippi called Pontotoc.” Because she is a model, Margaret travels a lot. “I currently attend the University of Mississippi and reside in Oxford, MS for the majority of the year. However, this upcoming semester I will be living in Los Angeles for work,” she says, excitement punctuating her statement. “The best thing about Oxford,” she details, “is definitely the Ole Miss Rebels!! Oxford is a small town with great Southern Traditions.”



Traveling isn’t restricted to her modeling pursuits. Being a “HUGE” St. Louis Cardinals fan, Margaret travels to see baseball games at Busch whenever she can. “Any time I can see a game at Busch I am a happy girl.” Atlanta is another city she loves; she has family there that makes it all the better. “Anywhere there is sand,” she says of her travels, “and sun I am also super excited to visit because I love the beach! I really liked Chicago too. I had a lot of fun when I was there for work.” Working as a model is not as easy as it looks, however there are some wonderful benefits that most career choices don’t offer. “I like that I get to travel and I never know where I am going to end up next,” our angel Margaret opines. “I also love that I am still learning new things with every photo shoot. I like to hear what different photographers like and it is amazing to work with these amazing people I meet.”



“Modeling has changed my life in so many ways,” she imparts thoughtfully. “It has taught me a lot too. It is by far the best decision I have ever made. It has not only made me grow as a person, but has taught me who really cares about me and who my true friends are.” Margaret admits that her life has been fundamentally changed for the better. “I am blessed to have been given so many wonderful opportunities.” She started modeling by “pure accident” and “absolute luck”, she says. “I was talked into going in for an interview with Playboy Magazine to be featured in the ‘Girls of the SEC’ edition and I was one of the few selected out of the hundreds that auditioned. The rest is history.” It was this one decision that permanently altered her life in ways that she will always be grateful for.



Some of the amazing people that she spoke of meeting include Adam Sandler, B.O.B. LMFAO and Shaquille O’Neal. Margaret’s most memorable experience to date is the moment she was selected to attend a Playboy Super Bowl party in Indianapolis. “It was amazing,” she remembers vividly. To be successful, Margaret has outlined the following. “I think it takes a very determined and motivated person to succeed in the modeling industry,” says the beautifully composed angel. “You have to be prepared for anything and to expect to hear a million people say ‘No’ before you hear one ‘Yes I want you’. A successful model is a quick learner, listens and always takes advice; good and bad. But most importantly she never gives up and believes they can make it.”



Powerful words from such an angelic figure but then again angels are pretty powerful to begin with. Beauty itself power as confirmed by the ‘special treatment’ beautiful people receive. “Well it doesn’t hurt,” Margaret says of being beautiful and its advantages. “It does help me get noticed which is nice but there are ups and downs like anything in life. People stereotype me a lot and judge me often which sucks but being pretty definitely has its advantages. Overall it depends on where I am if I get special treatment. For instance I never have to wait in line at clubs but I will always wait in line at the grocery store.” And also we need to remember that everyone defines beauty differently. “My definition of beauty is a girl who is comfortable in her own skin and has the confidence to rock any outfit she throws on. A girl with a good heart and sweet soul is always beautiful because being pretty is only skin deep but to be beautiful a girl had to have a good attitude and a positive outlook on life.”



Being beautiful certainly aides her career and hopefully it will take Margaret as far as she can go. “I would love for modeling to take me beyond my wildest dreams,” she says. “I want people to recognize me and remember me for being successful. I hope I can make a good name for myself in this industry and let my career take me to another level of success and happiness. My goal is to give back to my family for all they have sacrificed for me but no matter what happens I want to be happy.”  She mentions Victoria’s Secret as an “ultimate dream” to work with. “I think it would be amazing to model for a jewelry line like David Yurman too,” adds the ambitious model. “Of course it would be awesome to work with any big clothing line like Bebe or Guess.”



She has grown up with the characteristics required for a successful run at modeling. “My mother says I was very outgoing as a child. Definitely a leader. My parents call me ‘The Princess’ even to this day.” Obviously she comes from a loving family. “They are my biggest support system and helps put a smile on my face even when all I want to do is cry.” Her family and her faith complete her life’s passion list. “I am a Christian. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church. Although many of the people I attend church with criticize my career choices and my decisions with modeling, I still love what I do and I know how blessed I am.” All she knows is that there is a plan for her life and prays modeling is a part of it.



A surprise is encountered when she tells me her ‘hidden treasure’. She has a daughter. “She just turned two and her dad left me before she was born but she is my favorite person in the world.” While she is at school or traveling for work her daughter, Hatleigh stays with Margaret’s mother. Her family and her education are very important to the pretty blonde. “I love sports and adore shopping,” she says of her other interests. “I like hanging out with my friends and going on spontaneous road trips with the girls.” Tory Burch, Express, Bebe, True Religion and Forever 21 are some of her favorite places to shop. “And of course I love to shop on the square in Oxford.” Shoes are her favorite fashion accessory. “They make the entire outfit.”



Margaret tries to exercise when she can and eat healthy to stay beautiful. “I am a freak about my teeth and I brush them a lot. I always keep my nails done to.” No tattoos and proud, she describes her fashion sense as susceptible to mood and occasion. Her tastes in men include athletes because of her love of sports. “I always told my mom I wish I could order a guy like I order my pizza,” she says. “I would have a 6’4, dark haired, blue eyed, athletic Christian with extra abs and a great smile.” After a hard day of work, she either soaks in a hot bubble bath listening to 90’s music or Just Bieber with the kitchen being her favorite room in the house. “I love to eat.” Another treasure is her laugh; it is very distinctive. “I snort sometimes,” she says ironically with laugh.



A true sports fanatic, Margaret admits she could talk about baseball for hours. “My heaven on earth would be a baseball game,” she confesses as I prepare to end our interview. “You could put me at a ball park watching some super fine guys in baseball pants playing ball with the weather about 70 degrees. Give me a beer and some shades and I would be the happiest chic on the planet.” If it's heaven to her, then that's all that matters!. Till next time. Keep exploring. You can catch our angel on CMT's Redneck Island.