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Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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She mentions that she suffers from Thanatophobia, a phobia that almost everyone deals with at some point in their lives. Thanatophobia is the understandable fear of death. “I’m not sure why I am so scared of it,” she explains, “but I guess I just am scared of dying young and not being able to fulfill my lifelong goals.” Death is an inescapable part of life, which is why here in Angels Playpen we live like every day is our last, because it very well can be. We urge each individual to discover their ‘heaven on earth’, a place of unmitigated pleasure or a combination of all the little things that make life worth living. Our newest angel admits she has yet to discover hers. “I’ll let you know when I find it,” says Luccia Cafiero, a model from Boulder Colorado whom we hope to help lead to her very own personal paradise.



Sitting in her living room, she patiently answers my questions, the task being a bit tedious I know, but well worth it to learn about her and then presenting her story. Question after question, as the Anaheim Cross splays across her television screen; she sits in thought thanks to Angels Playpen. She is asked to think back on her childhood. “I was and still am a huge tomboy,” Luccia admits. “I loved competing with the boys and always aspired to be better than them in sports.” Reminds me of my big sis, anyways, her competitive spirit came in handy when she became a model. “I have always been a competitive person,” she says, “and I take modeling like I would any sport.”



Luccia competes differently than most models. Rather than hoping another model fails, she wishes them the best. “I like when other models do great things because it makes me aspire to be, do better,” she says before adding, “I also believe that since I am on the shorter side of the spectrum, I have wanted to become a sort of idol to shorter. I want them to be able to look at my work and me and aspire to be able to do what I have.” Loving her attitude, I imagine she knows what it takes to succeed at modeling. “A thick skin,” she reaffirms what I’ve heard from many models. “You need to learn that it’s a dog-eat-dog industry and no one is going to help you get ahead. You have to be able to take harsh criticism and be able to push yourself to be the best that you can.”



Being told you can’t accomplish anything does something to a person. It can either cause you to give in to your doubts or deepen your resolve. Luccia began modeling because someone tried to tell her she couldn’t. “I took it as a challenge and pursued it.” Once she took the challenge, a love developed. “Modeling is an out-of-body experience for me and I love being able to act as someone that I am not in front of the camera.” Taking on characters outside of her own has become a most loved endeavor, an endeavor that has and will continue to elevate her career. “I have already gone further in my career that I ever thought I would,” she says, “so for now I am just going with the flow and just taking it easy. If I am meant to go places then I will.”



Some companies Luccia says she would love to work with if the chance ever came include MAC, Smash Box, Steve Madden, and the irreverent Jeffrey Campbell. “Being asked to shoot with a photographer that I really loved,” says our angel of her best modeling memories. “I always get excited when big time photographers shoot with me and then say that I am the shortest model they have ever shot.” Like me, she sees her shortness as a plus at times. Yes I too am a bit vertically challenged but not for the reasons she is, I’m just literally a short guy. Ha.



Fifth generation Italian; Luccia longs for the day when she can take a trip to visit Italy and meet her relatives. “I haven’t really been able to travel the world,” she confesses. “The only place I have traveled outside of the states is Costa Rica. Otherwise I travel to Arizona a lot and always look forward to spending time there.” She loves the city she is from, Boulder, because of the wonderful sunsets, something I have always been a fan of. I may have to visit Boulder for other reasons other than the recent change in leisure laws. “No other state has beautiful sunsets as Colorado,” she proclaims. For partying she says Boulder, Miami and Scottsdale are her three cities of choice at the moment. “I hope to be able to travel the world and experience new cultures.”



Clearly passion runs through her veins, perhaps due to her 100% Italian lineage. Most Italians I know are passionate people. “I want to be acknowledged for what I do,” Luccia says of her greatest passion. “I have a large dedication for my passions.” After hearing things like “You’re too short to model” and “You’re a girl, you can’t drive” she made a decision. “These are the things I have a passion to fight against and prove people wrong.” Besides modeling, cars, especially hers, draw on her passion and bring a level of joy needed in a world fraught with negativity. “When I have a rough day I go out and wash my car, which is soothing to me,” she opens up. “Modeling also really brings me happiness. I remember when I had broken up with my long term boyfriend; I hit up one of my favorite photographers and told him I needed to shoot right away. We set something up and I modeled my heart out.”



Jokingly she makes another admission, stating her propensity for talking about cars; what modifications to make, picking the right enhancements for her car and checking to see what others have done to theirs. “I love learning new thing that I never knew about and expanding my knowledge within the car community.” Cars even play an integral role in how she chooses a guy. But it’s his personality that matters most. “I really hate pompous, fake and portentous men,” professes the spritely beauty. “I like men who are themselves and don’t put on a fake façade.”



Luccia has what I like to call a “clean beauty”, almost pure. She doesn’t even have a tattoo which adds to this idea of her being a “clean beauty”. Stay beautiful means staying healthy, so she stays active with tennis” and maintaining a pretty strict diet. “Besides playing a lot of tennis,” she says, “eating right is a must. I eat a lot of veggies and fruit. Three top favorite snacks are black bean with chips, vinegar while dipping romaine lettuce and my hot chili peppers, which no one seems to be able to eat as many as me.” Beauty, she describes, is personified by women like Karelea Mazzola, Korrina Rico and CCC. “If you don’t know who any of these girls are then Google them; they’re the definition of flawless beauty.”



Does being beautiful provide this delicate angel an unfair advantage over us mere mortals? “Honestly,” Luccia responds, “yes, but it’s those who are beautiful inside and out are the ones that really get ahead.” She knows that beaing beautiful doesn’t mean being perfect. There is always something we can work on ourselves. Luccia wants to control her habit of taking thing too personally. “I am an emotional person and I feed off of my emotions. I like to blame it on being Italian a lot,” she says with a laugh. With all that she has said, her words were definitely hearty and much appreciated. We started this interview discussing her biggest fear in life and we end on mine; my biggest fear is that the words of others that so often I absorb be false. She assures me this is not the case with her at all. “I always mean what I say and say what I mean,” she asserts. And for this I am thankful. Till next time. Bless.



Photography: Chris Sewell | Brett Seely | John S. Miller | Mike Larremore | Kassia Meinholdt

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