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All We Ask of an Angel - Jessie Shannon | Detroit, Michigan PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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In Las Vegas at the moment, our angel engages us as she looks out her hotel window, thoughtfully watching the scene below. The legendary Las Vegas Strip provides the view and here our interview commences. “My name is Jessie Shannon,” she begins, “and I am from the Metro Detroit area in Michigan.” She is certainly a striking woman to say the least, almost impossible to ignore and easily one of the sexiest models in the game. We in Angels Playpen welcome her, and appreciate the chance to learn a little bit about the heavenly beauty.



“I hate to say it but yes,” she says, solemnly answering my question about beauty; “I believe it is an advantage. I’ve gotten out of a ticket a few times I’m sure I deserved.” Jessie’s persuasive beauty is a seductive mix of Serbian, Irish and Cherokee Native American influences.



Unexpectedly, we come to learn about a most endearing, down-to-earth quality that just makes her all the more beautiful. Watching football with the fellas, with a style she calls “very casual and cute”; she seems the classic image of a hot but super cool girl.  After a long day of work a nice hot shower and a little television is the simple effective way she relaxes. “I love my shows,” she says. “I even have The Sunday Ticket so I can see every [football] game.” Jessie does want to improve one particular area in her life that’s a real stickler. “I need to get more organized! Or hire someone to do it for me,” she says jokingly. “No seriously, I’m bad.”



Though she describes her style as “casual and cute”, she admits that when it’s time to go out, “I dress to impress”.  Chicago, she says has great steakhouses, with Los Angeles having “some amazing restaurants” as well. “But for a party Miami and Vegas are where it’s at.” And to keep up her relaxed but adorable style, “Burberry and basically, any mall will do” when it comes to shopping, especially for her beloved favorite accessory; handbags.



Passionate about her career; which is expected since your career choice becomes your livelihood, Jessie models ardently; her images both poignant and provocative.  It was a day at the gym that started her modeling career off. “A photographer approached me,” she recalls, “for a small project he was working on. It was very fun and I immediately fell in love with it.” She can remember clearly the ruckus that can take place when modeling outdoors, especially in lingerie. “That many guys together can start saying some raunchy stuff,” she says in memory. “It’s happened to me a few times.”  Still, she loves what she does. “I love seeing the finished result, how our effort as a team paid off. A lot of time and effort goes into making a shoot a success and I’m always anxious to see.”



Every model has a general idea of where they want to go with their career and whom they want to work with. “Guess would be ultimate,” Jessie says speaking of the brands she’d love to work with, “Burberry, Prada, Dior, etc… I could go on forever.”  The right look and an inexhaustible supply of perseverance is what it takes to make it in such a cutthroat, competitive industry. “The look cannot be explained,” she explains a bit more, “you just need to have ‘it’”. Modeling isn’t where she intends to settle. “I am actually getting into fitness competitions which I am currently training for. I am also working with an acting coach [and] hopefully will start auditioning for roles soon,” she says with a smiley face. “Ultimately I want to be an actress in top movies and see my face in international ad campaigns.”



Coming from the Detroit area in Michigan, Jessie grew up as a tomboy. “I played a lot of sports,” says the voluptuous model. “Running track was my favorite hobby.” Since becoming a model she has found little time for much else and is always on the road it would seem. “I travel so much it seems like I live everywhere but at home sometimes. I get to do things and go places I never even dreamed of growing up.” Hanging out with fabulous people she would have never imagined, in places never before thought makes up her life now. “I love to travel to Chicago, LA and Las Vegas most frequently and Miami ever so often,” she says. “If I had to pick a favorite it would be Las Vegas.”



“I actually grew up in a very small town named Whittemore in Northern Michigan,” she says. “We have amazing lakes that I basically live on during the summer months.” With scenery like the Great Lakes, it’s no wonder that ‘heaven on earth’ for Jessie is something very similar. “White sand… bright blue skies, a secluded beach with my closest friends, just relaxing… maybe with a couple glasses of Riesling,” she envisions, inadvertently drawing me in, I see it clear. These people so dear and close would crush her if she should lose any of them; it’s her biggest fear in life. Her family, close friends and her dogs all bring her joy each day she has to deal with such a negative world.



Jessie admits that she could sit and talk about fashion for hours probably indulging her guilty pleasure; pizza. “It will destroy me,” jokingly she says of pizza. She trains every day, the gym an intrinsic daily part of her routine. “I actually go through withdrawal if I can’t make it one day.” Working out is her healthiest habit, preserving and enhancing her beauty. She also loves to sleep, her bedroom is her favorite room, and we all know what a good night’s rest means to beauty.  Well rested and out the door, she always has her cell phone, credit card, iPod and iPad, her survival kit. And wherever she is, wherever she goes, there is one thing about her that we hope never changes, that special thing that makes her who she is… “My attitude on life!” Yes angel, it’s all we ask.



Photography: Philp'E | Keeling | Julian Wilde | Nodak Photo | Photo Highlights