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Inner Peace and Beauty w. Aurora Luna | Mexico City, Mexico PDF Print E-mail
Angels - Interviews
Written by Khalid "Bless Theangels" Bey | Editor in Chief | As Seen in the NY Times Bestseller: Rat Bastards   
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As she watches Two and a Half Men in her apartment, Aurora takes the time to answer some questions for what she affectionately calls an “interesting interview.” This helps paint a picture of the type of mood she is in as she tells us a little about herself. “Is this what you meant?” she asks teasingly when she describes her current surroundings. Yes. It’s exactly what I meant. I wanted to be sure she was as focused on this exchange of words as I. For me, End of Watch, a frenetic film with Jake Gyllenhal, playing as I finish off this “interesting interview”.



Aurora is from Spring Break destination, Cancun Mexico, but she now lives in the legendary Mexico City. “Here in Mexico City is where all the exciting things happen from all of Mexico,” she reports, “concerts, theatre, museums, a lot of foreign people who wants to learn from our culture. A thought arises that she would like to also be a tourist guide, citing the sheer amount of history and knowledge there is to learn. “And Mexicans, in general, are very warm.” As warm as the beaches of Mexico she loves so much; her favorites being Cancun, Acapulco, and Puerto Vallarta.



A well-versed beauty, she tells me the story of her family origins. “My dad is Italian, he is from a small town called Reggio Emilia,” she says then adds. “This town is well known for creating [the] Italian tricolor flag.” Aurora’s mother is from Mexico City, her father moved to Mexico to live after meeting her there. “I love having both cultures but I consider myself more Mexican than Italian because I’ve lived here most of my life.” A common tale among our angels, Aurora admits she was nothing like she is now as a little Italian-Mexican girl growing up. “I’ve always been very shy and kind of a nerd,” she laughs and delivers. “I was always getting good grades at school and reading and very curious. I have two older sisters so I learned everything I know from them.”



“I’m more confident now,” she says about what has changed since becoming a model. “You get to cherish the important people in your life. You know we can meet a lot of people but only a few ones really care about you. I’m still a nerd though.” Ending this with another angelic laugh, I wonder about her start in modeling. “Seven years ago,” she begins, “I got into a pageant called Miss Tourism Mexico and I won. Since then some model agencies contacted me and here I am. I took some modeling classes and I’m still improving myself.” She admits she signed up to the pageant because the first place prize was great, so she saw something she like and went for it. It’s all about the passion. “I think that you need to be passionate for modeling,” she says, “it’s not easy even if looks like it is.”


“When I first started,” Aurora says in memory, “everything looked magical. I was very naïve and everything used to surprise me. I know experience makes us be less surprised every time but sometimes I wish I had that sense of wonder and that passion again…” I love when she says this. It shows a level of depth that I find as attractive as she. “It’s a full time job,” she says before telling me what she thinks it takes to make it in modeling. “You have to watch what you eat, don’t go out to parties a lot so you can sleep well and don’t abuse alcohol or cigarettes.” Knowing nature acts against modeling longtime, she is always prepare for business. “Always carry your book or composite.” You never know who you may run into. “Some good jobs don’t pay with money but they pay with contacts.” She takes great care of every inch of her lovely frame, preserving her youthful beauty as long as possible because she knows she can’t model for the rest of her life. “So passion is the first thing a model can have and of course the look that brands and designers are looking for.”



For Aurora, there are plenty of brands she wouldn’t mind working with; however, she has developed a special liking for three particular individuals. “There are so many brands I’d love to work with like Chanel, Agua Bendita, Louis Vuitton, D&G but mostly I’d love to work with three people: Russel James, Patrick Demarchelier, and Adriana Lima.” Regardless, as a commercial model as opposed to a fashion model, she hopes to appear internationally in magazines and garnish worldwide publicity. She is currently studying acting, looking to get into commercials and become a spokesmodel. “I have to learn a lot of things first.”



When it comes to defining her very own style, she uses the terms “classy and elegant”. She doesn’t follow trends, same as I, and she favors her little black dresses. “I don’t like to change my style as the designers want us to,” she says, “I maintain my own until it bores me and then I change.” I ask where she likes to shop and she answers, “I don’t have just one [place]. “ If I see something I like, I buy even if it’s of a well known brand or not.” Her favorite fashion accessory is bags. “I have lots of them. I like them very big.” And it’s common for her to keep certain items with her wherever she goes. “Well, I try but sometimes forget [my] lip gloss, composite, keys, cell phone, a bunch of almonds in a plastic bag and a pen. You never know when you will need to write in a hunk’s hand your phone number,” she says ending with a cute laugh. Everything she does is cute.


Aurora likes confident men with a sense of humor to match hers. She seeks a guy who “honestly smiles about the silly things you say and who can be your partner in crime.” She says it okay for a man to cry. I only ask because I am prone to tears depending on what’s going on. “It’s not only ok,” she asserts, “it’s healthy for him as well. I don’t trust in guys who don’t cry in public. Makes me wonder how dark and restricted their subconscious can be…”



Even though she is a self-admitted “health-freak” who loves running, bike riding, cooking, reading and learning new languages, she knows she is still a wonderful work in progress. “I want to be a better daughter-sister-friend,” confesses our angel. “I want to learn other languages, learn how to act, improve my health and how my body looks. I want to be a better model and learn something different each day.” But what is she most passionate about? Life. “I like to find passion every day in nature and I try to enjoy every part of it. I think that when you are ok with your body and mind then you can have inner peace.” And we in Angels Playpen live by this code.



In a world that can be dangerous and negative, it’s important to embrace as much positivity as a person can. “I think that it’s sometimes difficult to maintain a smile when people are rude or you get to know there are a lot of horrible situations in the world. I just heard a quote that says, ‘I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that then realized I am somebody’. Being able to change the situations brings me joy even if it is with little things like being kind, respectful and honest with people even if they are not, or bigger [things] like helping some charity center. Faith that everything can change is what gives me joy.” Her biggest fears are losing the people she loves the most, her loved ones suffering or having an accident that will alter the rest of her life. “And Elephants too…” There is a secret item that helps when things are a bit dark for our angel. “I have a notebook with inspirational quotes and pictures that I look at when I don’t feel motivated. Nobody’s ever seen that.”


A few guilty pleasures help ensure her personal happiness. After a hard day of work; “I love to just go home, put my pajamas on, take off my makeup and watch funny or horror movies (which she loves) eating caramel popcorn. I don’t need massages or a long bath with candles; I like simplicity.” Well, I guess she won’t want one of my world famous massages. Ha. Anyways she also enjoys long deep slumber. “When I don’t work I sleep twelve plus hours in a row and only wake up because I’m hungry,” she says letting loose another adorable laugh. “I [also] enjoy earning Britney Spears choreographies and I know I don’t dance as good as she does.” Funny.



We talked about a lot in this interview. If Aurora had a choice of topics to discuss, it would be psychology and human behavior. “I have a major in Psychology and how people act and react always makes me think and debate. Especially the criminology area; I’m a big fan of Investigation Discovery.” Human behavior worth noting is people obsession with beauty and if perceived beautiful people receive special treatment. “Well,” she starts, “even if I sound conceited I would definitely say yes. Of course, beauty is nothing without knowing how to use it but it’s a fact, even little children feel more attracted to beautiful people. It is something natural in human beings. I’ve always had special treatment for being attractive from guys but women are really mean sometimes, it’s the opposite and sometimes it’s not that easy so that’s when you have to show you are more than a pretty face.”


“I totally believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; very subjective,” Aurora explains, thoughtfully bringing our interview to a close. “But there is something that is always beautiful: confidence and feeling good in your own skin, the ability to laugh off your mistakes and [a] good sense of humor.” And what makes Aurora much more than a pretty face and sexy body? “I can look like a diva-don’t-talk-to-me on the runway but drink beer and burp like a guy in sweatpants at home,” she says of herself. “[And] not taking life, nor myself seriously is my mark.”